Last-Minute Beach Vacation Deals

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beach vacation dealsWith the summer season upon us, most people have already booked their vacations and are ready to soak up the sun. But what if you haven't had the opportunity to plan your vacation yet? If you're operating on a tight schedule, you've only just gotten extra vacation days, or you're a chronic procrastinator, don't give up hope. You can still find great last-minute beach vacation deals even after summer starts.

If you want to travel last-minute and catch the best to-the-beach vacation deals on flights, you will almost definitely have to be flexible with your time and your date. Direct flights are perfect, but they'll often run you a whole lot more. If you're willing to stopover and deal with the hassle of a connection, you can sometimes even cut the price almost in half! For the absolute best flying vacation deals to the beach, take advantage of websites that let you compare prices from different days and different times. In general, you will find better summer beach vacation deals in the middle of the week (try Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and away from prime traveling times, like late afternoon or at night. Of course, if you're traveling with kids, coordinating around these beach vacation deals may not be worth the money they save, but it's a good idea to look into your options.

Finding last-minute beach vacation deals on accommodations, on the other hand, is a whole lot easier no matter who's traveling with you. You'll still have to look around, but instead of trying to work the system, you will find that beach vacation deals almost come to you! Because the beach is such a popular summer vacation destination, owners of vacation rentals want to keep their homes full as often as possible. If their choices are between having an empty home or letting you stay for cheap, they'll almost always be willing to cut you great deals on beach accommodations. It never hurts to ask if you find a vacation rental you really love, because if there's been a last-minute cancellation, that can mean dirt-cheap beach accommodations for you.

And best of all, if you stay away from huge tourist-trap beaches with amusement parks and expensive resorts, you don't even have to find beach vacation deals on actually swimming by the shore. You might have to pay for parking, or you might have to pay entry fees, but if you look around ahead of time you can probably find the cheapest beaches (or even totally free beaches) and take public transportation to cut down on travel costs. Sunshine and fresh salty air are both free, and with a little careful planning, swimming can be too!

So before you start panicking about planning a vacation so late, stop worrying and start relaxing. Rest assured that whether you're renting a condo in Florida or a cottage along Cape Cod, you can find affordable beach vacation deals even at the absolute last minute!

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