Last Minute Rentals

Phone Call Last Minute Rentals

Your friend from out of town has just come down with the flu and is reluctantly handing over his tickets to a music festival that kicks off this weekend – the music festival you couldn’t afford tickets to! Problem is all the hotels near the venue are sold-out. There’s no way you’re going to miss out on seeing your five favorite bands perform, so you’ve decided to camp out in your car, which requires no reservations. Wait! You can find an accommodation that’s just as comfy and luxurious as a hotel, but a whole lot cheaper… don’t underestimate last minute rentals.

Last minute rentals come in handy in all sorts of situations. When it comes to off-season travel, last minute rentals are stupendously cheap. For example, lake rentals that see lots of tenants in the summer can often be booked with only a few days notice in the winter.

Ditch the water skiing and opt for some downhill skiing instead; no loss of fun there! From Manhattan to Disney, last minute rentals mean bargain prices, privacy, and one-of-a-kind adventures.

Last minute rentals are ideal for...

  • Well-organized vacationers whose vacation rental reservations have fallen through
  • Absentminded vacationers who neglected to book a vacation rental in the first place
  • Thrifty tourists looking for the next fabulous deal
  • Impulsive jet setters who suddenly have the urge to vamoose
  •  Emergencies and events that require you to leave town quickly
  • There’s a decent chance that at some point in your life, you’ll need last minute rentals.

Surprise your honey with last minute rentals in Paris, Hawaii, or a small town that’s only a short drive away; discover the price that’s right for your tight vacation budget by vacationing in the off-season and relying on last minute rentals for a good deal; and avoid panicking your vacationing party with news that there’s no rental waiting for them in the Caribbean, which they’ve been looking forward to visiting for months – there’s almost always a great last minute rental to save the day.

But how can you find a last minute rental? Availability calendars and special offers are a good guide. Also, because it’s so easy to inquire about a vacation rental, it never hurts to ask the owner of a seemingly booked vacation rental about new cancellations/openings. If email’s not triggering a fast enough response for you, try giving the owner a ring!


From Disney vacation rentals to New York condos, we've got plenty of last minute rentals that will make your vacation a dream-come-true. Read more about inexpensive vacation ideas by clicking here.



Photos by Kevin Iapetus and Miss Gong.