Last Minute Travel Tips

last minute travel tipsLast minute travel tips are something everyone should be aware of. Despite having the best laid plans, sometimes things happen. A long planned for vacation may come up even before you get things totally in place. There are also times when you may need to travel at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, the last minute traveler can find themselves paying hefty prices because they generally have to take what is available. All is not lost however, as these last minute travel tips can reduce the risk of you having to pay steep prices. Five great tips that can save the day are:

1. Find Cheaper Tickets

The internet is a traveler's best friend when it comes to finding last minute travel tips, even when you're in a hurry. Some sites worth knowing for just those times are:

  •, which is possibly the best known travel site online for getting great deals. With this site you name your price, so you should be careful not to quote too high.
  • Expedia should also not be overlooked when it comes to finding good rates for airfare.

Internet fares from airlines are one last minute travel tip that is worth exploring. Passengers who book online will generally get a better rate than those who book over the counter.

2. Look For Good Vacation Rental Rates

When it comes to good deals on accommodation, start your search by looking specifically for vacation rental properties, as these are generally cheaper than hotels. They are great alternatives to hotels and offer many pluses, such as privacy and more flexibility. Even if traveling with family, vacation rental properties exists that cater to any size group.

3. Find Car Rental Discounts

It is sometimes necessary to have transportation when vacationing, and it is possible to get taken to the cleaners with car rental charges. There are internet sites that allow you to compare car rental rates, so check them out to find the best deal. This is probably best last minute travel tip when it comes to transportation.

4. Package Deals

Craft your own vacation package! Buy an airfare and car rental bundle and then tag on your vacation rental and you've got a great deal.

5. Forum Subscriptions and Email Lists

If you like to keep abreast of travel deals, it makes sense to sign up for a few good subscription lists. Many of these sites send out daily or weekly information concerning deals on airfare and other travel products. is worth exploring as an option.

There many more last minute travel tips that the savvy traveler should be aware of. Building a relationship with a travel agent is one last minute travel tip frequent travelers should keep in mind. They generally know how and where to find bargains for their clients.

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