Last Minute Vacation Deals

last minute vacation dealsMaybe you've been putting off making travel reservations for your next vacation. Maybe you've suddenly been given some time off and are scrambling to find a great deal. Whatever the case, you'll find some great last minute vacation deals at Whether you're looking for a house, apartment, condo, villa, cabin, chalet or houseboat, you'll discover it right here.

At Vacation, we're dedicated to connecting you with the best available vacation home, no matter where it may be or how crunched for time you are. What's important is that you don't spend it in a hotel. Even if you're making last minute travel plans, you can do better than an impersonal, cramped box of stress. Don't bother with the indifferent hotel staff. Talk to a real home owner who understands your pressing time schedule and wants you to enjoy their home. Not to mention that you'll have more room for your belongings, a real kitchen to make real food and tons more privacy than you'd get in a hotel with paper-thin walls.

Good Deals Come to Those Who Wait

Thankfully, procrastinating can actually help you find a fantastic last minute deal on a luxurious vacation rental home. When a vacation home owner isn't getting enough good deals on their home, they'll significantly lower the price as prime vacation season approaches. This is where you swoop in and grab one of the available last minute vacation deals!

So start by browsing the listings we have. After you have a pretty good idea of where you'd like to stay, trying playing around with the options to find the best spot for you. Depending on what your priorities are, finding the best place for you is simple...if you know how to look for it.

last minute vacation deals

How To Navigate Our Deals

If you're trying to find a house that can suit a certain amount of people, there's an easy way to search for that. When you're looking the listings for a certain area, you'll see a horizontal menu with different options for sorting the listings. Click on "sleeps." Many users make the mistake of just looking at the rooms, which can be deceiving as many two bedroom homes can sleep as many as six people when couches, cots and pull-out sleepers are taken into account. The houses with the least number of spaces to sleep will be listed at the top.

If you're more concerned with the pricing, click on "rates." This will place all the cheapest homes at the top and rank them in ascending order. This is a great way to find out if an area is outside your price range or not. If you're trying to find a certain type of lodging, like a cabin near a ski resort, select "cabin" from the pulldown menu underneath property type. This will show only the type you've selected, which you can then sort further by price or size.

There are some other simple, effective ways to maximize your dollar when booking a vacation home. If they area you're focused on is a little outside your price range, look at some towns just outside and you'll see prices drop dramatically. Location is important when booking a place to stay. It'd be nice to stay right on the beach, but you'd save a ton more by booking a place that's a little bit of a walk from the shore.

While procrastinating usually ends up with harmful effects in the end, finding a great vacation home is a rare example of rewarding those who do their best work at the last possible second. Even if you're in a time crunch, you can still find a high quality, affordable home to spend your next vacation in. Start searching today!