March Family Vacations

March is a great time for a family vacation. The kids get time off from school. The holidays are a distant memory and actual summer seems like a glimmering hope that will never come, especially for people who live in cold climates. As such, March is a great time to get away, enjoy some family bonding, and get some much needed time away from the daily grind.

Here is a list of some of the best March family vacations. We'll also pass along some great money-saving tips as we go through the list. Have fun dreaming of your March vacation, and then have even more fun enjoying it!

march family vacations

Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai, Hawaii is a great choice for families because it is a great way to experience Hawaii without being bothered by college kids going wild on Spring Break. This is because groups of college students usually stick to Oahu, which is nearly thirty miles away. It may be just half an hour away, but Molokai is a whole different world. Mountain biking and snorkeling are some of the favorite activities in this location that we are listing as one of the top March family vacations.

Salida, Colorada

Salida, Colorado (outside Colorado Springs) is on our list of great March family vacations because it is home to one of our favorite family vacation sports: zip lining! This is a really fun way to get out into nature and see some absolutely stunning sights.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Take your kids to one of the most magnificent natural sculptures on earth. There are lots of great activities for both parents and kids. You can also beat the summer tourist crowds, which makes this one of our favorite spots for March family vacations.

Boone, North Carolina

Another great spot for zip lining! Also, be sure to check out the vacation rental options in Boone. Vacation rentals are a great way to save money on overall lodging costs, especially for big families, or families traveling in groups. They are also a great way to save money on food because you can cook all of your own meals in the fully-equipped kitchens.

march family vacation

Washington, D.C.

For March family vacations that begin later in the month, Washington D.C. is a wonderful choice. The city is rich in history but, in March, the beautiful cherry blossoms begin to bloom. Visit Washington as the city bursts into a chorus of pale pink. Be sure to check out the vacation rentals in D. C.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are a great place to get some sun and enjoy some lovely weather. There is so much to see and do in the Florida Keys, but there is one reason why this destination is on our list of best March family vacations: the Marathon Seafood Festival. This is not to be missed by families who are seafood lovers. After filling up on lobster and shrimp, you can flop down in your vacation rental and fall into a much-deserved food coma.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Another great destination for March family vacations. Like the Florida Keys, this is also a great destination for foodies, especially chocolate lovers. Don’t miss the Kona chocolate festival that takes place near the end of March. Of course, even if you miss the chocolate festival, you and your little ones can enjoy all that beautiful Hawaii has to offer.

Park City, Utah

Take the kids to the Olympic Park in Park City where they can see the actual ski jumps and bobsled runs that were a part of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Your future olympians will love the Olympic Park almost as much as they will love having an entire vacation rental to romp about in, which is much better than a cramped hotel room.