March Honeymoon Destinations

March is a wonderful time for a honeymoon. You can beat the summer crowds and the holiday crowds and experience romantic destinations without battling through swarms of tourists. Some of the March honeymoon destinations on our list are in places that are warm in sunny in the month of March. Others are a in places where you might have to pack a sweater or a parka, but it will be well worth it for all that the destinations have to offer.

After spending a pretty penny on a wedding, it’s a great idea to try and save a few bucks on a honeymoon. A great way to experience one of our March honeymoon destinations without breaking the bank is by staying in a vacation rental. Vacation rentals rival and often beat hotels in terms of price. Also, they are more intimate and offer much more privacy than hotel rooms.

As you browse our list of best March honeymoon destinations, consider looking into vacation rentals in these areas. Now for the list. Drum roll please...

march honeymoon destinations

Paris, France

Paris is magical in the springtime. In fact, songs have even been written about how beautiful the city is in the spring. Spend your honeymoon watching Paris as it begins to bloom. Be sure to bring a scarf and beret as the weather can still be a bit chilly in March. As such, there are fewer tourists than at other times of the year, making Paris one of our favorite March honeymoon destinations. Consider staying in one of the charming vacation rentals to make the experience complete.

Venice, Italy

For some people, a vacation without a single second of traffic sounds like the most relaxing thing in the world. So go to a city without cars: Venice! Get lost in the twisting paths of this city. Enjoy travel by gondola and treat yourself to delicious, authentic Italian dinners.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of our favorite March honeymoon destinations for newlyweds looking for sun, sand and warm weather. The temperatures in March are quite pleasing, so outdoor activities both in the water and on the land can be part of a romantic Maui vacation. You can even go snorkeling and snap your first family photograph under water with the fishies.

Barbados, Caribbean

Another great March honeymoon destination for people looking for a romantic land of sun and beaches. Consider making the experience complete by staying in one of the many available vacation rentals in Barbados.

march honeymoon destinations

Key West, Florida

Key West is not only beautiful and romantic, but it is also a good choice for people who want a Caribbean-esque experience but don’t want to leave the country. Enjoy everything that the Florida Keys have to offer and even live like a local by staying in one of the available vacation rentals in the area.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This, out of all of the options, is the March honeymoon destination for people looking to have a really good time. Shows that start at midnight. Seventy-course buffets. Magic. Fireworks. Cool desert winds. And you can even get vacation rentals right on the strip!

Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York is one of our favorite March honeymoon destinations because it is a beautiful and very dramatic place that is usually pretty empty of tourists in March. Stay in one of the beautiful vacation rentals at off-season rates and take long walks down the gorgeous beaches when they are uninhabited except for the sea gulls. It may be a bit chilly, but lots of the vacation rentals come equipped with fireplaces.