November Beach Vacations

november beach vacationsVacation has the skinny on the best November beach vacations. Read on and then book your vacation!

Finding the Best Beaches for November Fun

There are so many possible November beach vacations for people to choose from that sometimes it can be difficult to choose amongst the resorts and sprawling golden sands, and the quainter private beaches that are only equipped with vacation homes. Families tend to enjoy the beaches that are near enough to amusement parks and family-style dining for quick trips, like Cocoa Beach, Florida. Whereas, for couples, the penultimate destination might be one that is so secluded and romantic that the nearest diner or grocer might be an hour away. No matter which kind of November beach vacations you are considering, you can find the right accommodations for your next trip on

Everyone would enjoy a trip to San Diego in November, because the crowds have thinned-out and yet the attractions are just as much fun as ever! The San Diego Zoo, San Diego Aerospace Museum, and Balboa Park are just three reasons why a trip to this sunny city in the month of November is a good idea. The beaches of San Diego, and nearby beaches, like Mission Beach and Pacific Beach, are nearly empty in late fall, so you and your group can enjoy endless expanses of golden sand without the clutter of spread-out beach blankets.

Warm up Your Winter with Waikiki or Acapulco

Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial and The Aquarium in Waikiki on your next November beach vacation. Oahu Island in Hawaii is a place to visit again, and again, on your November beach vacations because you will never run out of fun things to do! People love horseback riding on the beaches and at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. They also like visiting the beaches to watch professional surfers carving into the huge waves. Hawaii in November is a great choice if you want to visit a wonderful destination that is often crawling with tourists during the height of the traveling season in summer. Avoid the crowds and save money on your luxurious lodging accommodations on your next trip to Hawaii, simply by visiting in November.

november beach vacation

For anyone who needs to re-live the heat of the summer months with November beach vacations, Acapulco and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo on the Pacific Coast of Mexico are great options. Couples enjoy strolling through the lush greenery of the Botanical Garden in Acapulco, and dining in tiny restaurants. For a fun-filled day in Acapulco, city tours are available, with groups of tourists, or with private guides. Learn about the upbeat city from a native, and also discover the best restaurants from your informative Acapulco guide!

An Exotic Excursion for Fall

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo is the place to visit during the Fiesta Mexicana, but it’s also a great choice for November trips, too! People enjoy the quaint diners and unique accommodations in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo almost as much as they enjoy the photogenic landscapes that have been featured in numerous calendars and tourism advertisements. Also on the Pacific Coast of Mexico is Manzanillo, a great place for volcano tours and jungle excursions. The waterfalls of Manzanillo are an attraction that you would remember for years, and perhaps want to visit on other November beach vacations.

Another wonderful November beach vacations spot is the Caribbean, with its charming islands, like St. Lucia, and its exciting destinations like Aruba. Couples enjoy the quiet ambiance of laid-back Barbados in November, and the great shopping of the US Virgin Islands. Jamaica is a favorite November destination for younger people who want to stay out all night dancing, as is St. Martin. With so many great islands to choose from, and readily available island-hoppers, you could visit the Caribbean this November and see more than one of the gorgeous, golden islands. Your November beach vacations can save you money, if you travel to cooler climates like California, or spare you the chill of winter, if you go south to Mexico.