Oceanfront Cottage Rentals

Oceanfront Cottage RentalsWhen you just want to get away from it all, sometimes a quaint cottage on the ocean is the perfect escape for a little rest and relaxation. Oceanfront cottage rentals can give you the relaxing atmosphere you need to rejuvenate whether you’re planning a romantic trip for two, a family escape, or even a little time for yourself.

You can find beachside abodes on both sides of the coast and across the globe, from historic bungalows in Maine to chic retreats in California’s wine country, or even sunny villas in Mexico and Europe where you can find yourself just steps from the sea. Oceanfront cottage rentals offers the privacy and amenities you can only find with a vacation home.

Atlantic Cottage Rentals

Cottages along the Atlantic coast give a flavor of American history that beckons an era of simpler times, allowing you to relax without worries in your Cape Cod bungalow with only the sound of the waves outside your window. Collect sea shells, try sailing or even kayaking in the cool Atlantic water. If a little warmth is what you crave, explore a beachside cottage in the tradition-rich South, where you can also take advantage of some of the greatest golf courses in the country or enjoy some of the nation's best shopping malls. You can even try a little Southern cooking in your cottage kitchen.

Pacific Cottage Rentals

Whether you’re looking to be surrounded by nature among the green isles of Washington or experience the hip culture of California in a Los Angeles oceanfront cottage rental, VacationRentals.Com offers beachside homes for every taste. Wake up to the calm of a morning in the Pacific Northwest, enjoy the beauty of wine country in your own Bodega Bay abode, or scope the Hollywood scene on a girls' retreat with your own oceanfront rental. No matter what scene you seek, a private cottage can help you make the most of your vacation time with friends or family.

Oceanfront Cottage Rentals

International Cottage Rentals

For those seeking a little adventure, a getaway to a foreign country could satisfy the urge to explore someplace new. Experience the lush coasts of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or even St. Andrews in Scotland, where a hike through the countryside may bring unexpected sights. For a little sun, lounge on the beaches of Mexico or the Caribbean before retreating to your cool beachside villa. You can even find oceanfront cottage rentals in Costa Rica, New Zealand and countries across South America. A front-row view of the ocean may await you no matter what part of the world you're yearning to see.

Why a Vacation Rental

Vacation homes offer many advantages compared to hotels when you’re looking to get the most out of your precious vacation time. Vacation rentals offer greater space, privacy and value, with many amenities like a kitchen and private laundry not available in hotels. Vacation rentals also allow you to explore your destination more fully, with a place to call home that blends with the atmosphere. With an oceanfront cottage rental, you can cook a romantic dinner for two, relax in front of the fire, or simply enjoy your own stretch of sand in front of the beach. VacationRentals.Com can help you find the ideal beachside cottage in the perfect destination for you.