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If you want to save money on travel expenses, look no further than the Off Season. Timing is everything. You can find great deals on accommodations and airfare - you just have to know where and when to look.

What exactly are the seasons?

  • Off season: When destinations have fewer visitors, but plenty of fantastic deals.
  • Shoulder season: Near the end of spring or fall, destinations offer fewer crowds and more savings opportunities.
  • Peak season: Prepare for crowded sites and high rates. Summer and holiday season tend to be peak season for most destinations.

Top Off Season Destinations

  • Las Vegas: Head here in winter if you don't like sharing the strip with tourists. Daytime temp: 55 to 60 degrees.
  • comfortable and the fall foliage is a visual treat.
  • New York City: Brave the cold and visit the Big Apple for post-holiday shopping after the new year. There's plenty of indoor activities here.
  • Canyonlands National Park, Moab: Visit in December and you may be surprised by the silence! Crowds diminish and there is plenty of solitude.
  • Boston: While it's no stranger to intense winter weather, this city has plenty of indoor historical hot spots to visit.


  • Austin: Vacation spots in the South known for miserable heat are pretty enjoyable in the spring.
  • California coast: Warm days, cool evenings, and less congested beaches await you in spring. Surf's up! Consider staying central, north, or in the San Diego or Los Angeles area.


  • Killington: Famous for its long ski season, it is also a great area for a round of golf in the summer!
  • Vail: Activities are plentiful - hiking, fishing, camping - and this ski town offers great accommodation deals in the summer.


  • Asheville: This quaint Appalachian city is far enough south to still be comfortable and the fall foliage is a visual treat.
  • Orlando: Crowds in this resort city are smalle rin the fall because kids are in school. Great golfing is an added bonus!

More Off Season Travel Insights

Penny pinching goes a long way in the off season! According to a recent survey, a majority of vacationers budget how much money they plan to spend on their trip.

  • Who sets  a vacation budget? 81% of travelers (76% of men, however, and 86% of women)
  • Who sticks to a budget? 55%
  • Who spend smore than budgeted? 36%
  • Who spends under budget? 9%
  • Who splurges on vacations? 93%
  • What do vacationers splurge on? 71% said meals!


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