Oktoberfest Museum

oktoberfestIf you love a good ale, appreciate a light lager, are a brew master, have a sparked interest in the history of brewing, or simply wish to witness an exhibit that pays tribute to beer, visit the Oktoberfest Museum in Munich. Home to approximately 56 million bottles of beer a year, Munich is in an ideal place to pay homage to a world favorite beverage with this museum that has drawn visitors from around the world.

Displayed in one of Munich's oldest houses that was built in 1340, and is rumored to contain a wall dating back to Roman times, the Oktoberfest Museum is more than just a showcase of beer memorabilia and brewing history. It is also a chance to partake in a mug of unique, local spirits in the on-site Museumsstüberl tavern and restaurant, with beers such as Edelstoff, Dunkel, Pils, Hell, and seasonal lagers such as the Doppelbock.

With an inexpensive entry price, the Oktoberfest Museum allows you to spend a perfect day in Munich wandering through it with leisure as you peruse historical information about the origins of brewing, and view antique beer mugs and Oktoberfest memorabilia. You can also relax and watch a wonderful film detailing the Germany's Beer Purity Law, circa 1516, and how it relates to the history of brewing and its current state.

Quaint and charming in front of a cobblestone street and with an archaic white-wash stone front and low hanging door frames throughout, the Oktoberfest Museum will appeal to your aesthetic senses as well as your intellectual ones, and of course, your taste buds. Open Tuesday through Saturday, with operating hours from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., make it a point to check out the Oktoberfest Museum if you are in Munich, or plan a trip especially to see it. You will not be disappointed.

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