Packing Checklist

packing checklistArriving at your destination and discovering you forgot something can be annoying or even dangerous. Don't let that happen! Keep a packing checklist handy so you never forget something important before leaving on vacation again.

A packing checklist is a foolproof way to protect yourself from forgetting something you'll need. When you're packing, you probably remember to pack clothes, socks, and maybe even something to read on the plane. But a packing list will make sure you don't forget the small stuff; your toothbrush, floss, or even important medicine that might slip your mind when packing.

Crafting the Perfect Packing Checklist

The simple act of making a packing list might help you remember something you may need on your next vacation. Making a list forces you to think things through and improves your planning skills. Maybe you already knew you have to bring a cell phone charger with you, but writing it down on a packing checklist made you remember that you also need a power converter or a charger for your other electronic devices. Planning your packing checklist out in advance might also make you realize that you need more luggage.

Make your packing list even more productive by breaking it up into sections. Make a section in your packing checklist for clothes, both casual and formal. Add a section for your toiletries and travel aids, your personal documents, and any adapters or computer accessories you might bring along as well. Check off items when you pack them; that way you'll be sure that everything you've put on your packing checklist is safely packed and ready to go.

Include the Kiddos

If you have kids, you should have them plan their own packing lists and then look them over. Not only will it help to make sure they don't forget anything either, but it can also be an important exercise in responsibility for them. Everyone is excited before going on vacation, children more so, and they're more apt to forget something they might need. Having them prepare a packing list can help ensure that there will be no upset children crying over forgetting their favorite toy or electronic gadget.

Proper preparation is paramount in planning your vacation. There's no such thing as planning too much, especially before going on a trip, and a preparing a well-made packing checklist is just another step you should take so you can have the best vacation possible.