Pet Friendly Summer Rentals

dog vacationsDon't go on vacation without your best friend by your side. For many of us, our pets are not only our friends but part of the family. Why shouldn't they go on vacation with you?

Thankfully, the country is littered with pet friendly summer rentals.

1. The Florida Keys

Here, pets and family members alike can live like kings. It is common to see owners and pets running along the beach or splashing around in the surfs.

Key Largo is home to many props from movies such as the Humphrey Bogart films The African Queen and Key Largo. Divers and fishing enthusiasts will be happy to stay at any of the pet friendly summer rentals in the area. Some of the islands in the keys actually have dog-friendly beaches where people and pets can roam freely.

2. Catskill, New York

This historic town offers a lot to its visitors, both the two-footed and four-footed kind. Established in 1788, the area is known for the Catskill Mountains where you can easily become lost in the sheer beauty of nature. The area has beckoned visitors for centuries and it still calls them to explore what IT has to offer. Be enthralled by fantastic vistas, nature trails, and fly-fishing like nowhere else. The Catskill offers alternatives when it comes to pet friendly summer rentals.

3. Hawaii

This island paradise offers the perfect summer vacation for the entire family. The tropical beauty is enough to snag the heart of any visitor. Formed by volcanic eruptions, the formations and natural outcroppings can keep you occupied all day. It's a great opportunity to go running with your dog and explore what nature has to offer. And what pet friendly summer rental would be complete without the great beaches that Hawaii is known for?

4. Colorado

This state may bring thoughts of winter fun, but it is also a great place to vacation during the summer months. When it comes to things to see and do, Colorado has it all. Natural beauty with its red cliffs and lush green vegetation, and historic sites such as Dinosaur Ridge are just a sampling of its offerings. Whatever you want to do, it can be done in Colorado, from hiking to plain old relaxation.

5. St. Mary and Montego Bay, Jamaica

The aptly named "land of wood and water" offers perfect pet friendly summer rentals. Year round sunshine, tropical climate bathed with soothing sea breezes—what more could anyone ask for from a summer vacation? The lush tropical beauty of the country is enough to satisfy almost anyone. St. Mary is virgin territory, while Montego Bay is the tourism capital of the island. They both offer opportunities to glimpse a bit of the history of the island while enjoying it unique cultural offerings.


If vacationing abroad, a pet friendly summer rental can be found in most regions, including the Caribbean and South and Central America. Next time you plan a summer getaway, don't leave your pet behind. Take them along and stay in one of the many pet friendly summer rentals across the globe.