Presidents Day Weekend

Presidents Day WeekendPresidents Day, or officially George Washington’s Birthday, is a federal holiday honoring the legacies of all US presidents. While it doesn’t guarantee a day off from work, there’s no shortage of Presidents Day weekend activities, parades, and parties you can participate in – especially if you’ve got an itch to travel.

Why do We Celebrate Presidents Day?

The Presidents Day holiday was born because America’s first president – George Washington – was born. His birthday, February 22nd, was the original Presidents Day date in 1885. However, after citizens wanted to then honor Lincoln’s birthday, too, things got a little complicated. It was eventually moved to the third Monday of February and although it still maintains the official title of Washington’s Birthday, in practice all US presidents are commemorated.

The entire country, for the most part, celebrates Presidents Day weekend, but cities like Victoria and Williamsburg (in Virginia) and not surprisingly, Washington DC, really kick it up a notch – often featuring Presidents Day activities all month long.

There’s still more cause for celebration. Many retailers boast Presidents Day sales, making shopping a top Presidents Day activities.

What Day is Presidents Day?

Presidents Day falls on the third Monday of every February. Presidents Day in 2010 will be on February 15th.

Presidents Weekend Vacation Rentals

If your hometown doesn’t do anything terrible interesting for the Presidents Day holiday, why not leave it behind for Presidents Day weekend? From Williamsburg to DC vacation rentals, we’ve got plenty of affordable accommodations to help you save money and still enjoy a vacation during Presidents Weekend.