Rent FRBO and Skip the Middleman (And the Cost!)

Rent FRBOSo you've done your research and decided to stay in a vacation rental home on your next trip. The list of benefits goes on and on: more space, more privacy, all the amenities of your own house in just the right location. It's no question that you'll have a better vacation in a rental home than in a bland hotel room. Now that you're ready to take advantage of everything a vacation rental home has to offer, it's time to find the right property for you. The next question: should you rent directly from an owner (FRBO) or through a property management company?

While each option has its own advantages, for most renters, it makes more sense to rent FRBO properties. Why?

•    Renting by owner means a cheaper rate because property management companies charge a commission, which the owner will often pass on to you, the renter. If you rent directly from the owner, there's no third party to charge an extra fee. You'll both walk away satisfied with the rental rate.

•    Owners are more likely to be aware of (and fix) problems that come up because they only have one property to keep track of, and they have more of a personal stake in the quality of the home. Vacation rental homes are often the owner's own second home, which means the owner wants the home to be pleasant just as much as you do!

•    When you make an FRBO reservation, you'll talk directly to the owner, so you can both be comfortable with the arrangement. You can get your questions answered by someone who really knows and cares.

•    FRBO homes often have more livable amenities, since they have been designed to be lived in by a person who actually wants to live there too. Nothing is overlooked when the owners themselves have the experience of staying there!

•    You may be able to negotiate a discounted rate with the owner because you're dealing with one specific person who wants to get one specific property rented, especially if you're renting the property during a less-popular off-season time. Just remember, be polite and don't be pushy. Most FRBO owners are already more than fair with their rates.

While renting from a property management company does offer some distinct advantages, such as more common access to on-call maintenance and the peace of mind from working with professionals, renting FRBO can be a more personal and frequently less expensive choice.


Vacation is filled with great, low-priced FRBO owner properties! From Miami to Manhattan, FRBO rentals are within your reach.


Photo by cobalt123.