Guide To Restaurant Weeks Around The Country

Restaurant WeeksIs your travel motto ‘will travel for food?’ If so – restaurant weeks across the country are the ideal reason to explore somewhere new. The flavors of a city can tell you a lot about its past, and what better way to learn than through a meal? Find a restaurant week near you and start planning an affordable culinary getaway.

NYC Restaurant Week

Perhaps no restaurant week is as diverse as the one in New York City. Restaurant week provides New Yorkers with something to look forward to in the middle of a cold winter, taking place in the end of January/early February. From Japanese to barbecue, classic French to inventive Italian, New York has one of the best restaurant weeks in the country.

Boston Restaurant Week

Burn some calories walking the freedom trail, and then sit down for a guilt free indulgent meal during Boston restaurant week. The city actually hosts two restaurant weeks each year, one in summer, and one in late winter. The snow may have thawed by the middle of March, but if it hasn’t you’ll be cozy inside top Boston restaurants anyway. If you would rather see the city in bloom, plan a trip for the August restaurant week.

Atlanta Restaurant Week

One of the most affordable restaurant weeks in the country is in the hot southern city of Atlanta. As of 2009, a three-course dinner was set at $25 and foodies flocked to explore what chefs had up their sleeves. Restaurant week at the end of July/early August each year is sizzling: from the food to the weather.

LA Restaurant Week

There is always a new restaurant, neighborhood, or craze for foodies to explore in LA. The city offers two restaurant weeks each year, one in October, and the other in the end of January/early February. Ranging from $26 to $44 for dinner, the meals represent not only fantastic value, but showcase the emerging culinary talent in LA.

Denver Restaurant Week

Combine outdoor adventure with mouth-watering temptations during Denver restaurant week. Two weeks at the end of February/early March sees the participation of over 200 restaurants in Denver. With dinner for $26 a person, you may wind up extending your Colorado vacation a bit longer. The mountain backdrop will only enhance your culinary vacation.

Restaurant Week

Chicago Restaurant Week

One of the newest restaurant weeks in the country, Chicago restaurant week began with a bang in 2008. Choose from over 150 restaurants throughout the windy city with three-course dinners for $32. The end of February may be a cold time to visit Chicago, but let the chefs warm you right up with their creations.

Palm Springs Restaurant Week

For 10 days of delicious dining, plan a trip to Palm Springs towards the end of May/early June each year. Unlike other restaurant weeks, Palm Springs has options in two price brackets: dinner for $24 or $36. Explore the desert, book a vacation rental, and enjoy one of the most serene restaurant weeks in the country.

Arizona: Phoenix / Tucson Restaurant Week

Each September delights Arizona residents and visitors alike with the arrival of restaurant week. From $29 a person, the culinary scene of Phoenix and Tucson is introduced at extraordinary value. Showcasing local flavors and ingredients, this restaurant week is changing the way diners view the culinary options in Arizona.

Washington DC Restaurant Week

Each January our nation’s capital offers a special treat to foodies. With over 200 restaurants to choose from, you’ll be torn between booking another delicious lunch or exploring more museums and monuments. As of 2010, lunches are offered for $20.10 and dinners for $30.10 across town.

San Francisco: Dine About Town

The end of January features what’s new, successful, and flavorful on the San Francisco dining scene. Prix-fixe lunches cost $17.95 while dinners finish up at $34.95.

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