Scuba Dive Vacation Ideas

scuba dive vacationsFulfill your dream of learning to scuba dive by planning a special trip this year. By focusing in on a destination that offers lessons, certification and diving opportunities, you can become an expert in no time. Adventurous travelers might want to combine a scuba dive vacation with the opportunity to explore somewhere new and exotic.

The Caribbean

You don’t have to go far for some of the best scuba dive vacations. The Caribbean is home to a variety of islands that offers tours for beginners and experts alike. Dives here are especially rewarding as you are sure to see schools of tropical fish, colorful coral and other marine life. One of the best places in the Caribbean for a scuba dive vacation is the Cayman Islands. Over the years, these islands have developed a reputation for great diving, attracting people from around the globe.

The beginning of scuba dive vacations will be lessons from educated instructors. Diving is possible throughout the Caribbean, so whether you want to visit St Lucia, Barbados or the Bahamas, you will enjoy the warm tropical waters and spectacular underwater sights. During a trip to the Caribbean you can try other water activities as well, including deep sea fishing, parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing and more.

No Passport Required

Not every scuba dive vacation requires you to leave the U.S. and wait in long immigration lines. If you would rather take your first scuba lesson close to home, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many travelers are surprised just how tropical, beautiful and diverse the Florida Keys can be. Here you will see colorful coral, fish of every shade of the rainbow and maybe even some more exotic creatures. Scuba lessons and tours are available everywhere from Key Largo to Key West.

California is another popular destination for scuba dive vacations. Add a little activity to your typical beach vacation in southern California and you could find yourself swimming with turtles, dolphins and schools of fish. Travelers who don’t want to commit to scuba lessons might want to try out snorkeling. You will see almost as much marine life as you would during a scuba dive vacation, but without all the lessons and certification.

scuba dive vacations

Exotic Getaways

Scuba dive vacations can also bring you to far flung locations. What better place to get your scuba certification than a spectacular beach in Hawaii? For something even further from home, get your first scuba lesson in Fiji, which is also a great place to try deep sea fishing. Have you always dreamed of traveling down under? Plan your next scuba dive vacation to New Zealand or Australia to experience some of the best reefs on the planet. Many scuba diving enthusiasts think Australia and New Zealand have the best opportunities for diving in the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

When travelers think scuba dive vacation, Europe and the Mediterranean aren’t the first place that comes to mind. But all throughout the Mediterranean, from Spain to Italy to Greece, there are great opportunities for diving. Take lessons in Sicily and explore shipwrecks of the shores, gain your certification on one of the picturesque islands in Greece, or plan an active vacation in Croatia full of windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba. Europe is a great place to combine a relaxing, cultural vacation with invigorating water sports.

Whether you want to plan a quick weekend getaway close to home or commit to something more exotic, you are sure to be stunned by the variety of underwater marine life a scuba dive vacation has to offer.