Short Term Rentals or Long Term Rentals?

Short Term Rentals or Long Term Rentals

Before we examine short term rentals and long term rentals, we must define what all they entail. What’s a short term rental? To some, it’s a vacation rental property that can be rented for a weekend or week, but probably no longer than a month. To others, it’s much more than a vacation rental property – it’s a new home, albeit a temporary one. What’s a long term rental? Long term rentals, typically, require at least a 6-month commitment and are comparable to properties rented out by management companies and landlords.

What short term rentals and long term rentals have in common is a distinctly customizable and personal rental contract, and an intangible “home sweet home” feel. Live like a local on vacation, and eventually, you may be compelled to become one.

A short term rental or long term rental is a good idea, but which is better for you?

The Basics of Short Term Rentals

If you’re getting away for the weekend or for an extended vacation, short term rentals are by far your best option. Your only alternative, really, is to stay in a hotel. And hotel reservations only make sense if you haven’t given them any thought!

The weekend and weekly rates of a short term rental are often the same as the nightly rates of a hotel! You’re probably thinking there must be a huge catch, and well – there really isn’t. In fact, the opposite is true. 

With a short term rental, you can usually expect multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a full kitchen, a patio and backyard, and extravagant extras like a private swimming pool or golf club membership. After you’ve experienced short term rentals, it will be difficult to go back to measly hotel rooms with minimal amenities. Why book three pricey, unwelcoming hotel rooms when you can pay the same or less for just one impressive, inviting short term rental?

Short term rentals will provide you with not only long-lasting vacation memories, but long-lasting shelter too. If you’re considering a month-long escape from the rat race, or require an immediate place to hang your hat upon moving to a new town, a short term rental is much more affordable than a hotel and much more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing than a random apartment or house. 

Jet Setter Long Term Rental

How Are Long Term Rentals Different?

Planning a summer sabbatical? Need a scenic mountain view to inspire you to write your next (ahem, first) book? Relocating on a budget and with little time to spare? Testing out a new potential home base? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re a good candidate for long term rentals.

If you’re relocating to a new city or state, why not get your feet wet in a perk-filled long term rental, rather than in an ugly apartment with noisy neighbors, where you’ll be penalized if you leave before the year’s up?

Short term rentals have some limitations, and that’s where long term rentals come into play. A short term rental is often booked well in advance by eager vacationers and their owners can’t block off months at a time for you and your lot. So if you’re interested in less of a casual getaway and more of a commitment, keep your eye out for long term rentals.

Maybe you’re a frequent jet setter and don’t like to settle down in one place too long, or maybe you want to spend a little time in a foreign country before you decide to spend the rest of your life there – whatever the case, long term rentals are snugger and snazzier than ultra-sterile, uncomfortable hotel rooms. They’re a lot cheaper too.

Backpacks Long Term Rentals

When all is said and done, the choice between a short term rental and long term rental is all yours.

You know better than anyone else what kind of traveler you are! Rule out hotels for your upcoming vacation or venture; they don’t have you in mind, they just have the bottom line (money) in mind.

Thousands upon thousands of short term rentals and long term rentals, with warm and well-intentioned homeowners behind them, are available, and they vary in size, price, number and type of amenities, and even shape and color! Find the short term rental or long term rental that agrees with your strategy and style, and you'll feel at home no matter where you are.



Check out long and short term rentals in Florida, New York, Europe, and all over the world!

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