Summer Vacations For Kids

summer vacations for kidsVacation has some great destination ideas and tips for summer vacations for kids. It won't be long before the final day of school is over and summer begins, bringing with it new vacation opportunities. When it comes to families with kids, choosing from popular summer vacations and top summer destinations is not just child's play. It's critical to find a destination that will suit everyone.

Rides, Rides, and More Rides!

If entertainment is high on the priority list, families should consider one of the many theme parks across the country. Walt Disney World Resorts is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations for good reason. Home to four separate parks: The Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World is sure to have something for everyone. Each park is differently themed and allows visitors different experiences. The Magic Kingdom, where Disney characters come to life and interact with children, is truly magical to younger kids. Older kids would enjoy Hollywood Studios where the magic of cinema is explored and experienced firsthand.

Cedar Point, another top summer destination located in Sandusky, Ohio, is home to some of the world's fastest and highest roller coasters and is perfect for thrill seekers of all ages. Smaller children can enjoy the 29 rides made for little-bits in Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy, Gemini Midway and Kiddy Kingdom. For the braver lot, the 17 roller-coasters, ranging from the older, wooden coasters to technological, steel wonders, or the eight spinning, twirling, upside-down thrill rides are sure to amuse. Summer vacations for kids really don't get as perfect as the theme park.

Kids Love Animals

When nature seems to be calling, a national park or animal exhibit may be top on the list. Sea World, in San Antonio, Texas, is home to many exhibits and rides. Shows like Shamu Rocks, the Haunted Lighthouse, and Pirates 4D are sure to entertain kids of any age. Dolphin Cove, Flamingo Cove and Shamu's Happy Harbor are among the many animal exhibits that offer learning experiences and photo opportunities. In between education, kids will have a blast in Lost Lagoon's Wavewash Pool, Castaway Cruisin', Shy Tubin', or Buckaroo Mountain areas or riding one of the many roller coasters or water rides. They can interact with a beluga whale, sea lion or dolphin to make this popular summer vacation memorable. Bring nature's serenity front and center for children at Yellowstone National park. They can spend an entire vacation hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and camping in the beautiful surroundings where wildlife roams freely through the park. Help kids keep the time waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, which it will, right on time, every time.

Add Some Flavor

Kids craving a sweet summer vacation? Try Hershey, Pennsylvania, home of the Hershey chocolate factory. Families can tour Hershey's Chocolate World to see the entire chocolate-making process from when the cocoa bean is picked to a free, finished sample at the end making this sweet treat a very popular summer vacation with the kids. Also, with over 65 rides and attractions, including 11 roller coasters and 20 kiddie rides, a visit to Hershey Park is a great way for a family to spend the day.

Big Adventure for the Little Ones

Consider heading to an enourmously fun and exotic destination, like the Caribbean. From the Bahamas to Bermuda, your kids can swim with dolphins, try to water ski, and play in the sand and surf day in and out.

Choosing from the many popular summer vacations can be a difficult choice to make, but whatever the choice, any one of these top summer destinations are sure to bring a family memories and laughs to last a lifetime. Hopefully you're on your way to planning some great summer vacations for kids.

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