Embark on an Elvis-Themed Vacation

Hundreds of thousands of true fans of the King pay homage to Graceland every year, making a pilgrimage to see the place he lived in and loved so much. While there's plenty to see at Graceland to keep even the most dedicated Elvis fans busy, why stop there? Take an Elvis-themed vacation and take in the sights and sounds of Elvis's life. Walk the stages of his life, past the important places he lived in or visited, and mark the highlights of his career. Whether you can devote a couple of days or a couple of weeks in tribute to the life of one of the world's greatest stars, an Elvis vacation is a fun way for novices or life-long Elvis lovers to celebrate the King.

elvis vacation tupelo mississippiTupelo, Mississippi

An Elvis vacation should begin here, where Elvis was born in a humble shotgun house in a poor neighborhood. Visit the King's lowly beginnings and walk the streets he knew when he was a child. Pass by Lawhorn School, the first school he attended, and imagine what life was like for Elvis in his earliest days - back when he was just a shy, unpopular kid with his first guitar, before the world discovered his talent. Tupelo's also a great tourist location, with an automobile museum that will please even the pickiest auto enthusiasts as well as a great zoo and historical attractions. Stay in a Mississippi rental house and take the time to check out everything Tupelo has to offer, or continue on the rest of your Elvis journey.

Los Fresnos, Texas

One of Elvis's fellow soldiers in the Army, Simon Vega, set up a museum in Los Fresnos called "Little Graceland." Here you can see a huge collection of Elvis memorabilia, gathered together by a man who considered him a good friend. The personal touch of their friendship makes this museum a step above your ordinary collector's display. While you're in town, check out the local rodeo or race in the Los Fresnos Motorcross Park, and make sure you savor some of the famous Texas hospitality, too, from the comfort of your own South Texas rental home. You'll be right by the Mexican border, so if time (and passport) allows, take a detour into that beautiful, warm country and rent a cozy Mexico vacation condo or cottage.

Nashville, Tennessee

While Elvis never technically lived here, he gave his debut live performance away from home at the Grand Old Opry in 1954. If you can catch a ticket to the live show, you won't hear rock and roll, but you'll hear the country music that helped inspire part of Elvis's sound. Nashville is so steeped in music that you can't help but feel the rhythm when you come to town, so it's a great destination location for music-lovers everywhere, especially country music fans. If you're looking for the truest Elvis experience but you're pressed for time, you can skip over Nashville, but music lovers won't regret taking the time to visit. Settle down in a Nashville condo rental or vacation home and you'll have the perfect starting point to explore this town's great musical history.

Friedberg, Germany

Elvis was stationed here when he was drafted in 1958, and it's where he met his first true love, Priscilla Beaulieu. If you can make it out to Germany, you can walk through this stage of his life, where by all accounts he was good and generous to the men he served with and to the townspeople nearby. Visit the Ray Barracks where he was stationed - this is a good opportunity to brush up on your history, since this town has been around in some form for thousands of years and the barracks itself has history stretching back to WWII.

graceland vacation rentalMemphis, Tennessee

Of course, no Elvis vacation is complete without a thorough visit to Memphis, his longtime home and the location of Graceland itself. There's so much to see and do for a true Elvis fan in Memphis - drive past Humes High, his high school; visit Sun Studio, where Elvis made his first recording; see the Overton Park Shell, the location of his first local live performance. You can even visit the site of Loew's State Theater, where he worked his first job. Tour the city and you'll see movie theaters, amusement parks, and other places that Elvis loved and would rent out for friends and family after hours to match his nocturnal schedule. And, of course, Graceland is worth at least a day's visit. You can sign up for a guided Elvis tour around town if you want, or you can go it alone; either way, Memphis is the centerpiece of a true Elvis vacation. Save money on a hotel room by staying in a Memphis vacation rental. Choose from plenty of Memphis rental homes, from condos to houses, to find the perfect location and the best match for your budget.



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