Five Reasons to Give Your Thanksgiving Host a Break

happy thanksgiving rental homeMany families have a Thanksgiving tradition of bringing the whole extended family into the single home of one person or group. This can work for smaller families, giving them an opportunity to stay up late reminiscing and to bond over breakfast together. Unfortunately, it often turns into a family disaster with larger families because cramming so many people in one home can be a huge headache. Some families then turn to hotels, but coordinating the whole family in separate hotel rooms and even separate hotels can be even worse.

So how do you bring the whole family together without the stress? Consider a holiday vacation home. It's the smart alternative to sharing a smaller home or renting out a slew of hotel rooms.

1. It's affordable.

Since the cousins are flying in from college, the aunts and uncles are driving across country to visit, and everybody's already taking time off work - not to mention the cost of feeding your entire family (turkey doesn't come cheap!) - you need to be budget-conscious. For a single couple, the cost of renting a hotel room may not be too bad, but book enough rooms for the whole family and the costs add up. Enter the vacation house rental - as spacious a home as you need, often able to sleep ten to twelve people at a time, for much less than what an equivalent hotel stay would cost.

2. It's convenient.

With so many options, you'll be able to find a vacation home close to the family you're visiting - but not TOO close. You won't have to worry about waking up other guests or following rigid check-in/check-out times. You'll have a full-size fridge for all those leftovers, and you'll have a central space for the whole family to gather without imposing too much on the local family's space.

3. It's comfortable.

Hotel rooms are almost always sterile and lifeless. They smell institutional and provide little more than a bed to sleep in. On the other hand, vacation rental homes are exactly what they sound like: homes. With private bedrooms, comfortable furnishings, and fully equipped kitchens, they'll provide a perfectly comfortable backdrop for all your family celebrations. Whether you're enjoying a post-turkey siesta or gathering together to watch the parade on TV, you'll be right at home here.

crowded thanksgiving vacation home4. It's spacious.

Put together the entire extended family and a single bathroom and it's not a pretty sight, especially when kids are involved. Take some pressure off your host or hostess's home and give yourself a little privacy, too. You can rent a vacation home with exactly the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Communal family areas like the kitchen and the living room give you plenty of opportunities for impromptu family bonding, without forcing so much togetherness that your teenager daughter goes crazy.

5. It's customizable.

When you rent from a vacation home owner, you're renting from a small company or even an individual - someone who cares about whether your family gathering goes well. If you want to host Thanksgiving dinner at your vacation rental home, give the owner some advance notice and he or she may even ready the kitchen so you've got all the tools you need to cook a scrumptious feast. Just remember that you are staying in someone's home, so if you're provided with table linens and beautiful dishes, treat them with all the care you'd use for your own.






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