Cash in on Thanksgiving Vacation Deals

thanksgiving vacation deals

Don’t spend your Thanksgiving vacation at home, entertaining guests, decorating every inch of your living room, perfecting the art of the Pumpkin Pie, and roasting a turkey that will make an appearance in casseroles and sandwiches for the next few weeks. Instead, express your gratitude for the many Thanksgiving vacation deals out there and take it easy on yourself and your wallet!

Early Birds Save

For the best Thanksgiving vacation deals, snag airline tickets and keys to a vacation rental as soon as possible. The earlier you iron out the details of your Thanksgiving vacation, the more money you will save. Hope to catch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year? Catch a good deal by planning in advance!

Timing Is Everthing

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the most headache-inspiring travel days of the year. Skip out on the bumper-to-bumper traffic, crowded airports, and high-priced airfare by traveling on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

Chase the Sun

Spend a few carefree days in the Caribbean and spend surprisingly little money! If you call America home, there’s a good chance you’ve got a nice long weekend to look forward to this November. Why not take advantage of this valuable time off and hit the beach? After all, fall is an off season for most seaside destinations and that means low airfare and vacation rental rates for travelers. Fall is an off season for a reason, though; hurricanes tend to devastate the coast this time year. Aruba is the exception. With an Aruba vacation rental, you can enjoy beautifully sunny skies year-round and great Thanksgiving vacation deals to boot.

Travel Abroad

From Whistler condo rentals to Paris apartment rentals, you’ll find plenty of Thanksgiving vacation deals on a trip abroad. That’s because Thanksgiving is just another day in London, Tokyo, and Rome. It won’t be “just another day” for you and your family, however. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime, yet affordable, experience.

thanksgiving vacation

Consider Chicago

While most Thanksgiving vacation destinations in the United States are difficult to visit on a tight budget, you have lots of low-cost alternatives to New York City. Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is always a hit and Chicago accommodations are dirt cheap compared to New York rentals. If you’re bent on celebrating this distinctly American holiday in America (understandable), you can go all out without spending all your money – just choose your Thanksgiving vacation destination wisely and ahead of time.

Don’t Take your Backyard for Granted

You’ll save a bundle and a half if you don’t pay for airfare at all. That doesn’t mean you should sneak through security and steal a seat on an airplane. The solution is sitting right in your garage: it’s your car! Pack up the family in the minivan and dedicate a road trip to your Turkey festivities this year. Get away to a small town nearby and cozy up to a bed and breakfast, or check out your home state’s best Thanksgiving parades and festivals.

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