Thrilling Skydiving Vacations

skydiving vacationAdventurous newlyweds and intrepid vacationers have been discovering the latest trend in celebrating special occasions: skydiving.

Once thought of as an extreme sport only true adrenaline junkies would enjoy, skydiving has since taken on a reputation as a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate that everybody can try. It's still got all the thrills you would expect from free-falling, but dive programs have sprung up all over the country to make this experience safely available to everyone.

Before you can dive, you'll have to complete a training course. Skydiving is dangerous, after all; the height and the gravity will be real! Fortunately, first dives are usually tandem dives, which means you'll be attached to a professional who will make sure things are smooth sailing all the way down. If you know what you're doing, or if your instruction properly prepares you, you can dive connected to somebody who has come with you - and what's more romantic than sharing a wild ride with the one you love? Some dive instructors are also skilled photographers who can capture the perfect images of your fall so you can treasure the memories for years to come.

If the idea of diving out of a plane and plummeting down to earth makes you feel a little queasy, don't worry - you can still experience the excitement of flight without the risk! Some popular skydiving locations have built indoor dives. Using a vertical wind tunnel to simulate the feel of flying, these indoor skydiving locations give you a safe way to fall. Complete the brief (usually under an hour) textbook course and then hit the tunnel for a few minutes of defying gravity. And hey, even if you're courageous enough to try the real thing but your partner isn't, at least this way you're not subject to the whims of weather. Who knows? After you finish this class, maybe you'll be ready to graduate to the authentic experience.

Take a vacation to one of these locations. Not only are they great for skydiving, they're also perfect for the rest of your vacation, too. Choose the one that you're most interested in outside of the skydiving, and you'll have a great vacation!

Outdoor Skydiving Vacations

Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is a classic vacation favorite - it's beautiful, scenic, relaxing, with a whole range of options for people who like to explore nature. But did you know it's also a great place for skydiving? Set out from the Minden-Tahoe Airport and get an authentic bird's-eye view of the lake on your way down. You can't ask for a better view, and when you're not skydiving, you'll have plenty else to do for a well-rounded, memorable vacation experience. Try renting a cabin near Lake Tahoe so you can stay right by the lake.

skydiving couple vacation

DeLand, Florida

One of the originators of tandem skydiving, this location is home to skilled instructors and experts on the subject, which works out well for you, since you can be up in the air after only half an hour of instruction. DeLand isn't too far from Daytona Beach, so make a real vacation of it, staying in a private, comfortable Daytona Beach vacation rental and hitting the sand for as relaxing or exciting a trip as you want.

New Jersey Shore

Skydive over the New Jersey shore and you'll get to see both the ocean and the New York City skyline - a spectacular view no matter how you look at it. The New Jersey shore is one of the most beautiful coasts in America, so after a day of preparing for and then actually doing your skydiving, treat yourself to a relaxing walk by the beach and then lounge around in a comfortable New Jersey beach rental to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Indoor Skydiving Vacations

indoor skydiving vacation

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge is great for scaredy-cat skydivers or those who don't want to risk bad weather. If you're making a special trip for a special occasion, leaving part of your experience to chance can mean you don't get to do what you want to do - and one of the perks of going indoors is that you can be sure. Pigeon Forge is pretty close to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, too, making it the perfect stopping point for a pair of outdoor lovers looking to get away. Rent a home in Pigeon Forge and you'll have easy access to everything.

Denver, Colorado

Try out indoor skydiving at Lone Tree, Colorado, near Denver. Then, check out the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park if you're looking for a more well-rounded vacation (you can read more about our top ten national parks if you're interested). Consider hitting the Lone Tree skydiving facility as part of a skiing trip, since indoor skydiving doesn't rely on weather; you can skydive inside even when it's snowing outside!

Las Vegas, Nevada

As if Las Vegas didn't already have enough attractions, you can also go indoor skydiving there! If you'd like something a little more hands-on than the fabulous sights you can see around the city, without risking your pocketbook in the casinos, sign up for indoor skydiving and experience the thrill of flying. Go back to a plush Las Vegas rental condo to relax and then hit the streets for a wild time.




If skydiving isn't quite your thing, try climbing in Colorado or taking one of the best hikes in North America.


Photo by Adem Djemil.