Togethering: A Family Reunion Vacation Alternative

When you think of a family reunion, you probably imagine wearing official family shirts to picnics full of cousins whose names you don't know or gathering together in the quaint little town where grandma and grandpa live. It's hardly the most fun or memorable way to spend your vacation time, but the idea has a lot of potential. This age of relocations and cell phones makes it easy to miss out on real, personal connections between family members who are often spread out all over the world. Don't restrict yourself to boring reunions. Make new traditions, ones every generation will enjoy.

family reunion vacationA new trend, "togethering," is replacing the traditional concept of a family reunion. Extended families vacation together to strengthen family ties, whether they're going on a cruise, staying at a resort, or hitting the beach as a group. Start your own togethering tradition and you'll find yourself rekindling old connections and forging new ones. Those monthly emails and holiday cards mean more when you've had a chance to truly connect with the people on the other end. Family is more than just shared history and a name; it's a living, breathing relationship between people who love each other. And spending time together, enjoying an exciting family reunion vacation, can help build that relationship.

Family Reunion Vacation Tips

  • Organizing so many people can be a huge headache if you try to rush it, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan your family reunion vacation. Try to begin planning a year to a year and a half in advance so that the whole family can set aside their schedules. Choose a date that's likely to be convenient for as many people as possible. As nice as it would be to capitalize on off-season specials, you might have to rely on summer or winter vacation so that the kids can participate, too.

  • family reunion vacation homes generationsDesignate one person or a handful of people to make the decisions, because if everybody has an equal say, you'll be too busy arguing and weighing too many options to ever decide on something. Use your time wisely and leave the planning to as small a group as possible. If this is going to be an annual tradition, trade off planning every year so that everybody gets to have their say eventually.
  • Choose a location that will have plenty of entertainment for all ages and mobilities. That means you shouldn't restrict yourself to physically active activities unless there are calmer alternatives, and you will need to take the younger generation into consideration. Child-friendly family vacation spots are out there, but you may need to do your research to find one that can keep the kids entertained and give the adults a break, too.

  • If a cruise is out of your budget, and you can't take the entire family to a fancy resort, you can always rent a family reunion vacation home by the beach or near a ski resort. Rental houses give you plenty of room for the whole family while still letting you have some private space. A truly successful family reunion vacation balances family time with the need for time apart, and a family reunion vacation home lets your family enjoy both with all the comforts of your own home.

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