Top 10 Baby Friendly Vacations

baby friendly vacationsThere's no reason to skip a fun-filled vacation this year because of a new baby. With the growing number of young families that travel, more and more destinations are creating baby-friendly vacation packages. From supplying cribs to private nanny services, there's no reason why everyone can't have a great time when they choose to book one of the great baby-friendly vacations that's currently available.

1. North Carolina's Outer Banks

This baby-friendly vacation choice lets you experience your baby's first look at sand and sea. You'll be able to rent an affordable house, complete with fully-equipped nursery, within steps of the beach. These narrow islands will allow you and your family to enjoy the surf on the ocean side of the island and the calm waters of the sound on the other side.

2. Florida's Gulf Coast

Many privately-owned homes are also available for rent on Florida's more sedate Gulf Coast. Imagine your baby's amazement at the warm, blue water of this tropical play land. Don't forget the beach umbrella and sunscreen for these baby-friendly vacation spots.

3. The Tennessee Mountains

A mountain-top cabin will offer both quiet enjoyment and the ultimate in privacy when you choose this area out of the many baby-friendly vacations that are available. Just place baby in a snug carrier or stroller to enjoy a walk through all that nature has to offer.

4. Walt Disney World

Of course, Walt Disney World is a great place for your older children to visit, but the homes in the area specialize in baby-friendly vacations, too. You won't have to look hard for cribs and other baby items for your hotel room and plenty of child-care will be available so that mom and dad can have at least one night out alone.

5. Vermont

Similar to Tennessee, Vermont offers a mountain paradise for nature lovers and young families. Visit in the fall so that you can all get a good look at the colorful foliage and great weather. While you probably won't want to stay in a local bed and breakfast, many of the area results have special programs for kids and cribs for the baby.

6. Williamsburg, Virginia

This baby-friendly vacation will let your older children get their fill of history and allow kids of all ages have a little fun. Both area amusement parks, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA, have special areas that are designed just for your little one. So, let the big kids burn off some energy while you relax with the baby.

7. California

There are unlimited choices for baby-friendly vacations in this popular western state. From Disneyland to the beautiful sandy beaches, there's something for everyone. Many services will offer to arrange for baby-sitting services or operate kid-friendly activities during the day. The balmy temperatures will mean that you can skip most of the outerwear during a baby-friendly vacation in the winter.

baby friendly vacation

8.  Amelia Island, Florida

Sometimes, a beach vacation is the best baby-friendly vacation. And this one in Florida is especially safe and family-friendly for your little on

9. Sweden

This beautiful European country offers many options for baby-friendly vacations. Because Swedish culture promotes socializing with the entire family, you'll find that your baby is openly welcomed no matter where you go. Choose from fun activities that everyone will love like skiing, berry picking, swimming and canoeing.

10. The Greek Isle

Rent a villa on a private olive plantation for your entire family. On-site childcare and nanny services are available, as well as fresh baby food including homemade yogurt, vegetable puree and farm-fresh eggs.

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