Top 10 Eco Friendly Vacations

More and more people are recognizing that taking care of our planet is a very important thing. People who are trying to live an eco-friendly life are beginning to make major decisions based on the environmental impact of their decisions. The choice of where to live, what kind of house or apartment to live in, and what care to drive are all decisions that can be made based on an eco-friendly lifestyle. The same is true for vacations.

By staying in a vacation rental while you are traveling, you will also be helping the earth. Hotels are often very un-green places where sheets and towels are obsessively laundered and buffet leftovers are heaped into garbage pails. That's not to mention the miles of hallways that are lit during every second of the day. Stay in a vacation rental where you can manage your own food and laundry and be as efficient as possible.

Here is a list of ten great eco-friendly vacations

eco friendly vacations

1. Costa Rica

The Costa Rican rainforest has for a long time been focused on as an important region to preserve. Go and support local industry, enjoy some great hikes and enjoy your time away all the more by staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel. Remember, when it comes to eco-friendly vacations: take pictures, leave only foot prints.

2. Grand Canyon

One of the best ways to enjoy eco-friendly vacations while also being kind to the earth is to spend lots of time outdoors where you won't be using electricity or burning up fossil fuels. You can see just how beautiful the earth can be by making a pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon where you can spend your days hiking.

3. Death Valley National Park

Horse rides, salt flats, boulders that move in the night and a whole lot of earth to love. Death Valley is also a great place for serious bike riders. Consider biking through Death Valley and then recovering in a vacation rental in one of the greener, cooler regions of California. Be sure to take plenty of water and a cell phone!

4. Everglades National Park

Leave planes, trains and automobiles behind and bike your way through the everglades using only muscle and breath to power your wonderful vacation experience.

5. Thailand

There are a number of great places in Thailand where you can work as an "eco volunteer" while also enjoying a great vacation. As an eco volunteer, you will be able to give back to the earth and even some regional animals while enjoying a tropical paradise.

6. Philippines

Stay in El Nido, and enjoy all that the beautiful environmentally protected area has to offer. Make your trip even greener by staying in a vacation rental.

eco friendly vacations

7. Colorado

In warm weather months, spend your vacation in Fort Collins, Colorado where you can enjoy hiking through fields of incredible wildflowers. Be sure to hit Arthur's Rock Trail in Lory State Park.

8. The Napa Valley

Spend your vacation in the Napa Valley enjoying tastings and tours of the many organic wineries in the area. You can finish each day by enjoying a bottle of one of your best finds in the comfort of your own vacation rental.

9. Long Island, New York

Montauk is an incredibly beautiful place, especially in the off season. Spend days on the beautiful beaches where your only impact will be the imprint that you leave in the sand.

10. Puerto Rico

There are many areas in Puerto Rico where you can spend your days hiking or zip lining through the forest. After a long day of hiking or zipping, you can rest easy in a vacation rental knowing that you are reducing your impact by not lodging in a hotel.

We hope you've enjoyed our list of the top 10 eco-friendly vacations! Once you've found a destination, make sure to book a vacation rental to go with it.