Top 10 February Getaways

February is a month for lovers. With Valentine’s Day right in the middle, February is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. But it’s not just a month for couples. Families and even individuals can enjoy the great deals that are available in February. Also, let’s face it, February is a time when the cold weather starts to get old and it feels like summer will never come. Even just a trip to another town, whether or not it is in a warm climate, can feel like a great respite.

A great way to make February getaways affordable is to stay in vacation rentals. Not only are the rentals comparable with the price of hotel rooms, but they offer money-saving amenities like completely equipped kitchens and laundry facilities. Here is our list of top ten February getaways. Most of these locations are in areas with lots of great vacation rentals, so be sure to check out what is available before booking your trip.

top 10 february getaways

1. Hawaii

You can take your pick between the islands, the towns, the beaches, but Hawaii is one of the best places to be in February. The weather is fine and the water is beautiful. Also, there are tons of vacation rentals in Hawaii to choose from.

2. New York

Although New York may be chilly in February, it is a city that never sleeps, a city of light, and a city full of cabs so that you never really have to spend too much time in the cold. If you have to be inside, you might as well spend the time in some of the best museums and restaurants in the world. Beat hotel prices by staying in a New York City vacation rental.

3. Dominican Republic

Escape to island life for part of February and you are sure to return to your daily life recharged, renewed, and ready to face the rest of the chilly season until spring has sprung.

4. Grand Cayman

Does anything say “perfect getaway” like the word “Caribbean”? We think not. This is why Grand Cayman is on our list of February getaways. Make your experience all the more special by staying in one of the available vacation rentals.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco is a great city to explore with lots of both indoor and outdoor activities. With mild temperatures, you can escape to a vibrant city that also offers great outdoor experiences.

6. Jamaica

Jamaica is also one of our favorite destinations for February getaways. Be the envy of everyone you know by coming back with a tan, and we’re not talking about the kind that comes from a tube.

7. Tobago

You know those picturesque photos of the Caribbean with clear blue waters and white beaches? Why not take a vacation right there in those idyllic images. You can do just that in Tobago!

february getaways

8. London

The weather may be a bit chilly, but London is one of the best February getaways for people who love theatre. Spend nights out at shows and days exploring the beautiful sights in London. Be sure to check out some of the gorgeous vacation rentals.

9. Orlando

Sun. Warm weather. Disney. Need we say more? Orlando is one of the best February getaways for families as well as for adults who just happen to love Disney and great rides. Be sure to check out the great vacation rentals in Orlando, a wonderful lodging option for families.

10. Las Vegas

This haven of fun out in the desert is the perfect place to cut loose on February getaways - Sin City itself. Blow off some steam and have a great time. 


Hopefully this list of the Top 10 February Getaways has helped you plan your next trip.