Top 10 Student Vacations

student vacationEvery year, during spring break and beyond, students flee their college campuses to travel. Each individual wants something different in student vacations; some crave culture, some want to unwind on the beach, while others want to hit the ski slopes.

1. Mexico

There are many reasons why Mexico is so popular for student vacations, and the legal drinking age of 18 is probably at the top of the list. In Mexico, a student vacation with a few margaritas doesn’t have to exclude anyone who hasn’t yet turned 21. Soak up the sun all day and dance the night away in Mexico.

2. Miami

Some people think that the ideal student vacation is a place where the nightlife is hot. In Miami, nightlife sizzles seven days a week. Be prepared to dress to impress at the clubs and spend days lounging on the white sand beach or shopping. If you have a little extra cash to spend, the restaurants in South Beach are fantastic too.

3. Colorado

Student vacations are all about getting away from the pressures of class, tests and essays. What better way to escape these obligations than on the ski slopes? In Colorado, students can rent mountain cabins or villas and spend days working on their ski or snowboarding skills. By night, there’s always the fire, smores and big glasses of red wine for entertainment.

4. Paris

For some travelers, the best student vacation is one that provides immersion into a different culture. Many universities organize study abroad opportunities during breaks from class or have exchange programs with international universities. Use your spring break off from school to learn another language and explore an exciting city such as Paris.

5. The Florida Keys

If you’re looking for a tropical atmosphere without the immigration line at the airport, spend your student vacation in the Florida Keys. Key West isn’t only a great place to party, it also can be a starting point for scuba diving, deep sea fishing or simply soaking up some sun.

6. New Orleans

Some student vacations are meant to blow off a little steam. That is definitely the case in New Orleans, a city just as known for its strong drinks as for its live music. Here you will be able to party all night long, but don’t miss out on the cultural attractions in this city as well.

student vacation

7. Las Vegas


Are you feeling lucky? Then it’s definitely time to hit Sin City. This destination is growing in popularity for a student vacation as a result of great nightclubs, complimentary drinks in casinos, and restaurants. For a little glitz and glamour, choose Vegas.

8. The Dominican Republic

If you have two agendas for your upcoming vacation, partying and relaxing, the Dominican Republic is perfect for you. This Caribbean hotspot delivers fantastic tropical weather along with exciting nightlife.

9. Spain

As one of the more affordable European countries, Spain is popular for a student vacation. Here you can soak up the sun on the beaches of Mallorca or Ibiza, or head to the mainland to drink sangria and sample tapas in Barcelona, Madrid or Sevilla.

10. Australia

One of the most popular destinations for studying abroad, Australia has a real appeal to students. This is likely on the account of the beaches, the consistent warm weather, the friendly locals or the buzz of Melbourne and Sydney.

No matter what kind of student vacation you have in mind, you can get away affordably. Choose vacation rentals and you will save even more money by preparing some of your own meals in a private kitchen and splitting the cost amongst friends. Bon Voyage!

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