Top 10 Travel Applications

travel applicationsMake your adventures more enjoyable and efficient - with the top 10 travel applications of the moment. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, the right travel app can make all the difference.

1. Travel Journal

This nifty travel app from Facebook will give you directions to exciting hot spots and attractions (customized to your preferences, of course) along with images and sketches of the locations. It's more than just a travel blog, as it offers more visually appealing sketches and in-depth reviews/explanations. You can also load more than one "type" of journal onto the app that will give you access to different types of locations such as clubs, family-friendly places and certain geographical areas of interest.

2. Position-Aware Social Networking

This type of social networking has become very popular. One of the most frequently used apps of this type is the Four Square software, which acts as a GPS. It gives the user updates and warnings about their current locations or particular places. It also gives updates of friends when their in the local area or at a favorite spot.

3. Geo-Coaching

More attuned to the adventurous, this app is GPS-powered as it assists in the hunt to find attractions and streets in your destinatino. Gamers use it as an important tool for competing. The app also includes reference material and other interest points as assistance. Many geocoaching travel applications are available, especially for the iPhone.

4. Multimedia Translation Application

This multimedia app offers a textual and a visual translator along with a full catalog of images. It can vacillate between several different languages within the application, making it a great asset to the traveler who frequently goes abroad. Google's free app is highly rated.

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5. Searchable Travel Guides

This app is one of the top ten travel applications for a good reason. It helps you to successfully navigate your way around a destination. This is great for safety, organization and maximizing time. No more wandering around, asking for directions and looking lost. This app keeps you steadily moving along.

6. Manga Reader

A savvy book-reader that supports switch between languages whenever it’s needed. This tool has the capability to work with hundreds of different languages, which makes it very popular. It’s a great app for the multi-cultural and educated world traveler.

7. GPS-linked Multimedia Tour Guides

This app is very sophisticated but fun for the traveler. The user can enable GPS-tracking for directions and watch video interviews with locals from the area. The app features can be customized for each location, area or an individual's travel preferences.

8. Video Travelogues

A really cool app for the foodie. Video travelogues gives the user a visual guided tour of the restaurant, even the kitchen, and the experience of "being there." The app also allows the user to make reservations online and to review other foodie's written reviews of the establishment.

9. Readable Magazines/Maps

The application for a digital magazine reader gives you the ultimate in magazine reading. It takes the latest issues of pre-selected magazines, pairs it with downloaded Google maps and helps you to find various places. This is an awesome app for magazine readers who enjoy visiting and enjoying the places they read about.

10. Street Art Locator App

A must-have application tool for the art lover. This app assists the user in finding local art scenes, art shows and where they can find art dealers.