Top 10 Winter Vacations

Winter VacationsIf you’re in need of some inspiration for a winter vacation, look no further… we’ve got 10 winter vacations for honeymooners, snowboarders, dog sledders, holiday shoppers, and everyone in between.

1. Aspen

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Then dream of an Aspen vacation rental. Colorado is full of ski resorts that get slammed with tourists this time of year, but Aspen has a lot more to offer than just ski-friendly powder. Those who prefer to sip hot cocoa by the fire, drink cider at the bar, or dance the night away will find themselves as content as the hardcore skiers out there – that’s what makes an Aspen vacation great for family get-togethers in November, December, and January.

2. The Caribbean

Whether you’re fleeing your hometown’s most miserable season of the year or simply looking for something different to do, wave goodbye to Frosty the Snowman and head to the Caribbean! Don’t let holiday stress destroy your spirits this winter – get a tan and feel rejuvinated instead.  Find rentals in the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, or Puerto Rico for a winter vacation that’s memorable and affordable.

3. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has plenty for fun-seekers to do year-round and in some tourists’ eyes, winter is its forte. Spend your vacation indoors at the casinos or outdoors on the slopes; you’re guaranteed an incredible time either way. Share a big Lake Tahoe vacation rental with your loved ones to ensure you’ve got enough of your own space to really kick back and relax.

Winter Vacations Australia

4. Australia

If you’re hoping for some some sun and a little romance, too, get away to Australia for the winter. People-watch in Sydney or spot a koala bear in the wildlife. Lounge around at the beach or go off-roading in the Outback. Australia’s summer comes right as the snow starts to fall in the Northern Hemisphere, so winter is the perfect time for a visit.

5. Quebec

From skiing on Mont Tremblant to taking a horse-and-buggy ride through Quebec City’s enchanting Winter Carnival, it's hard to escape the festivity here. And who would want to? Much of Canada is a winter lover's paradise and Quebec is no exception.

6. New York City

New York City is worth at least one wintertime visit per lifetime. Whether you’re getting some holiday shopping done on Madison Avenue, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, or watching the Rockettes perform at Radio City Music Hall, that warm and fuzzy feeling will follow you wherever you go.

Winter Vacations Family

7. Alaska

If anyone knows how to celebrate winter, it’s the Alaskans! You’ll get to see a lot more than Christmas lights here — the Northern Lights, too, are a mesmerizing attraction. Alaskans take winter recreation to a whole new level with activities like ice fishing, dog sledding, whale watching, and river rafting. Embrace the cold in style with Alaskan lodging!

8. Mexico

Need a budget-friendly way to hit the beach this winter? If Hawaii and the Caribbean are too out of reach, Mexico might be a closer and cheaper alternative. So, even if your wallet’s a bit bare after going on a holiday shopping spree or two, you can still choose scuba diving over snowman-building this year.

9. Jackson Hole

Like many great winter destinations, this Wyoming town is a haven for skiers and snowboarders. But what makes the resort special is its lack of crowds and a charismatic Old West vibe that runs throughout it. Jackson Hole, Wyoming vacation rentals will keep you warm when you tire of the slopes.

10. Disney World

Wintertime is not a popular time to take the kids to Disney World, so that’s why you should do just that! You’ll save big bucks on a family vacation this way and also benefit from the park’s unique seasonal attractions and events.

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