Top 10 Zip  Line Tours

Zip Line ToursHave you ever looked up into the sky, watched a bird sailing confidently through the air and wished that you had the ability to fly? Well, maybe on your next vacation you can. By taking part in zip line tours you can see the world from above, as the birds do. And you'll be able to experience some incredibly beautiful places by zipping through them.

Make your zip line tours vacation all the more unique by lodging in a vacation rental. By day you will be able to see the world as a bird does and by night you will be able to see your vacation city or town as the locals do. With these two unique and enriching experiences, you are sure to have a fantastic vacation that you will be talking about and fondly remembering for years.

Here are the top 10 destinations for zip line tours:

1. Utah Olympic Park

Thrill seekers, this is the zip line for you. The Xtreme Zip at Utah Olympic Park is one of the steepest zip lines in the world. This is a great destination for zip line fanatics who are looking for some great vistas and a fast ride. You can recover afterwards in your vacation rental in the Salt Lake City area.

2. Jamaica

The paradise that is Jamaica only gets more beautiful when you rise a few dozen feet in the air. Enjoy beauty and adventure while sailing through the air.

3. Alpine Adventures, New Hampshire

This is one of the best tree top canopy zip line tours in the world. Consider going in the fall when the leaves change. You'll feel as though you are zipping through an artist's palette.

4. Alkali Canyon, Colorado

You really feel like a bird, an eagle, as you zip 200 feet above the Alkali Canyon and the river below. The aerial tour of Alkali Canyon in Colorado includes a total of six zip lines.

5. Tamarack, Idaho

The Tamarack canopy tour consists of eight zip lines and sends adventurers soaring across 4,425 feet of wild and beautiful land. You can reconnect with that land at the end of the day when you return to your vacation rental.

6. Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is called the "Garden Island." Enjoy all of the beauty that the flora and fauna have to offer by taking a zip line tour that includes seven lines. You can get used to being back on the ground by spending a relaxing evening in your vacation rental.

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7. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

The zipline tour in Wisconsin Dells consists of five exciting zip lines connected by six platforms. The tour takes adventurers over Lost Canyon, which is as beautiful as the name is mysterious. After a day in the sky, enjoy a night in a cozy vacation rental.

8. Hilo, Hawaii

The Zip Isle Zip Line Adventures in Hilo, Hawaii is open every single day of the year. So this is a sure bet for adrenaline junkies. Zip through the lush vegetation of the paradise island.

9. Maui, Hawaii

In Maui there are actually take a zip line tours that will take you over a volcano. Be sure to wear heat proof shoes! (Just kidding.) But you really should be sure to round out your vacation by staying in one of the great available vacation retnals in Maui.

10) Boone, NC

Welcome to Scream Time Zip Lines in Boone, North Carolina. This destination is home to a unique 2,000 foot triple wide zip line. This tour mixes a big helping of fun with another big helping of natural beauty. The perfect way to cap off a vacation with zip line tours in Boone is to lodge in one of the local vacation rentals.