Top Canoeing Vacations

canoe vacationImagine spending an entire week skimming silently across water that is mirror-smooth. The only sound that is heard is the call of a distant bird or the breaking of the water as a bass strikes a landing fly. If paddling along a peaceful stream is your idea of a dream trip, choose one of these destinations for the canoeing vacation of a lifetime. So, here it goes, the Top Canoeing Vacations:


Whether you choose a creek, river or lake, Colorado offers some of the best areas for canoeing vacations. Waterways such as Boulder Creek, the famous Colorado River and Shadow Mountain Lake offer a wide variety of boating activities. Plan your trip well because beginners should be prepared before venturing into a whitewater area.


With over 9,000 miles of inviting streams, an Arkansas canoeing vacation offers hours worth of paddling adventure. Don't forget to put the paddle down now and then and just float across the smooth waters. If you choose one of the rapid areas, hold tight and get ready for a wild ride.


Canoeing vacations don't get better than Vermont. Float along as you watch the loons on Zacks Woods Pond or brave the whitewater on the Lamoille. From ponds to lakes to rivers, Vermont has challenges for both beginners and advanced canoers.


In this Canadian area, a canoeing vacation can take advantage of both fresh and salt water opportunities. Often described as an island of the sea, Newfoundland is more intimately acquainted with the sea than any other location in North America. View ocean life from your canoe in the morning and spend the afternoon on one of the enchanting rivers of Newfoundland.

British Columbia

Bowran Lake Park is thought of as the best canoeing area in all of Canada. If your canoeing vacation brings you to this area, you'll experience a chain of lakes and rivers that forms one of the world's best canoeing networks.


The best Mediterranean canoeing vacations will bring the traveler to the Greek Isles. As you travel from one scenic island to the next, you will come to know the rocky cliffs and sandy beaches of Greece like a native. Enjoy the food, the people and the spirit of Greece from your canoe.


Let your canoeing vacation take you to Perigord, France. Get your fill of fresh cheese, gourmet truffles and vintage wine as your canoe passes ancient villages and elegant chateaux. As your canoe traverses the Dordogne and Lot Rivers, you'll discover the France of old.


Watch out for the local beasties, like the Loch Ness Monster, as you paddle across the breathtaking glacial waters of Scotland on your canoeing vacation. You might need a raincoat, but braving the cool rain will be well worth the stunning views. If you listen closely, you may even hear the sound of bagpipes in the distance.

top canoeing vacations


Along the coast of Italy, your canoe will pass through volcanic archways and past terraced vineyards as you travel parallel to the shore. Canoeing vacations in this area of Europe also offer the freshest seafood when you journey ashore for a meal. You'll never forget the days that you spent leisurely navigating the beautiful, winding coastline of Italy.

Costa Rica

Take canoeing vacations to the next level by visiting the Central American country of Costa Rica. As you travel down this country's rivers, you'll see monkeys, kingfishers, tropical birds and even an active volcano. If you decide to give the Rio Penas Blancas a try, your trip could end with a healing dip in the Tabacon Hot Springs.

The world is full of canoeing vacations for the adventurous. Begin planning your getaway today!

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