How to Get Started with Twitter


What is Twitter?

For those who aren’t familiar with the site, you may wonder what is Twitter? Twitter is best described as a micro-blog. The question "What are you doing right now?" should guide you as you post/tweet throughout the day. However, you can also give updates on other things that are important or of interest to you, such as a link to a news story. Each post must be short -- 140 characters or less.

Where can you find on Twitter? Join the Conversation!

If you are already signed up with Twitter, you can find us @vrdeals or Vacation Rental owners can also follow the HomeAway Owner Community and Christine Karpinski on Twitter, @homeawayoc or

Who is vr deals

What will you see from @vrdeals on Twitter?

If you follow the @vrdeals Twitter account, you will see updates on the great deals and discounts from, as well as interesting freebies that owners are offering travelers and information about great vacation destinations. You’ll also see site feature updates and company announcements.

Here are a few recent posts from @vrdeals:

vrdeals: Check out this Nags Head beach house deal for a weekly rental!   about 1 hour ago

vrdeals: We have a deal you have to see on Peaks Island
about 19 hours ago

vrdeals: If you have any questions about vacation locations or deals please feel free to ask   about 17 hours ago

vrdeals: What are you planning for your family vacation?   about 18 hours ago

How do you sign up with Twitter?

  1. Go to and click on "Get Started--Join!"
  2. Choose a username, etc. and sign up.
  3. Click on "skip" at the bottom of the next page, don't worry about signing up your friends yet.
  4. Click on "Settings" at the top of the next page
  5. Update your name (you can use your first, or first and last name), Time Zone, and Location and click Save. You can update the rest later. Do not choose "Protect my updates" for now. You are able to change this setting later, so try Twitter for a few weeks with your updates public.
  6. Your account is set up!
  7. Now you just need to follow some people and get people to follow you.  You can get started with “Find People” at the top of the page
  8. Be sure to tell your friends what your username on Twitter is and ask them to follow you. If you have friends already on Twitter, you can follow them.
  9. To follow someone, just find their username via the “Find People” tool and click on the button that says Follow, it’s that simple!

As an example, to follow, you can search for vrdeals through Twitter Search  tool or you can go to our main Twitter page: and click follow.  After you click follow, you’ll receive an update every time we post a new message on our account.

Once you start posting, there are a couple of things to remember about your posts:

  1. Everything that you post will be public.
  2. Messages are limited to 140 characters or less, so if you post something longer than that it will be cut off.
  3. This is a very high level overview of how to begin using Twitter. ,If you want to become an active user you should read through some of the FAQs on the Twitter Help pages. You can also download desktop applications or applications for your phone that will make using Twitter very easy.  We hope to see you soon and look forward to the conversation!

Twitter Terms to Know:

  • @ - Used in front of user when referencing them.  This will make sure they see the tweet. Ex. If tweeting to “JohnDoe” use @JohnDoe
  • RT (or R/T) – Re-Tweet.  Used to ‘forward’ one of your friends tweets to your friends.
  • DM – Direct Message.  Used to send private info to other users
  • Reply – Used when responding to another’s tweet.  This will make sure that you tweet shows up as “in reply to”:
twitter reply
  • # - A particular twitter trend – When updating about a particular event, using the hash tag
  • Update – The technical name for your ‘tweets’. 
  • Followers – People who have chosen to follow you in order to view your tweets.
  • URLs – All URLs must have an http:// in front of the address and the URL must have a space before the beginning and the end of the entire address.  

An example of an invalid URL due to a lack of a space:

URL Shorteners-Services like or allow for easy posting of URLs in a short, Twitter friendly format