Unique Family Vacations

unique family vacationsIs your family ready for a fabulous fun-filled vacation? Are you sick and tired of the cookie cutter vacations everyone seems to go on? Looking for unique family vacations]? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique family vacations around. Take some time to explore our list and then head out for an exceptionally great time with your family.

1. Travel by Train

Nowadays, it’s all about high-flying speed and big jet liners. But a forgotten form of travel is by train. Rail lines around the world are offering incredible trips to some of the most scenic places on earth. One fascinating train trip is on the Alaska Railroad. Alaska Railroad has been around since 1903. And now, with its first-class GoldStar service, you can take the entire family on a hassle-free train ride. Traveling by train is a great way to see the fifth largest state in the Union. You can be flexible when you ride the train, so you can stop in some of your favorite spots and stay longer in places you may not have had much time in otherwise. Stop at the Ice Museum in Fairbanks or explore the natural wonder of Denali National Park and Preserve. You’ll also love Anchorage for great restaurants and museums. Spend a few days or a few weeks enjoying the beauties of Alaska.

2. Family Fun on the Farm

Are you a city dweller looking to escape the concrete jungle? One idea for unique family vacations is to head to the farm. Shelburne Farms in Vermont may be the perfect spot for you if you want a rich agricultural experience. The farm was established in the late 19th century by Lila Vanderbilt and her husband William Seward Webb. Designed by the same man who landscaped Central Park, the 3,800-acre estate quickly became one of the finest farms in America. Today, Shelburne Farms is a nonprofit educational center and a national historic landmark. And yes, Shelburne is still a functioning, working farm. Discover how to make cheese, milk cows, work with wool, and even clean up after the animals. You’ll get the whole farm experience when you come to Shelburne Farms.

3. Kid-Friendly Beaches

If the beach is what you’re craving, but you don’t want the traditional “wet t-shirt, Spring Break crowd” then you should head to Holbox Island, Mexico (right by Cancun). The island of Holbox is pure and serene. You won’t find any sky scrapers or even paved roads here, but you will find 26-miles of beach, excellent fishing, and plenty of sun just off the Yucatan Peninsula. Families love Holbox for the feeling of being on a deserted island, with the comforts of home. The beach here is perfect for young families as the water is shallow and waveless. You can enjoy hours swimming, looking for seashells, and spotting dolphins, sea turtles, and 150 species of birds. Holbox is definitely a unique family vacation that everyone will love.

4. See a Castle

Really unique family vacations should always begin and end with a castle. Most of the great castles in the world are in Europe. For a hassle-free family vacation overseas, head to Ireland’s Ashford Castle. Ashford Castle is in Cong and was built as a defensive fortress in 1228. Complete with Gothic structures, a stone façade, and 350 acres of sprawling countryside. Something Ashford is famous for is its renowned falconry school. Children and adults alike enjoy watching hawks take off in search of food. You can also take part in old-world archery, fly fishing, golf, and horseback riding. The Ashford Castle is a unique family vacation where you can live like a king.

Step out of the ordinary with these incredible unique family vacations. Take the kids on the adventure of a lifetime.

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