Unique Honeymoon Destinations

unique honeymoon destinationsFor your honeymoon vacation, why not doing something unusual, that none of your friends have already described so many times that it would feel like déjà vu rather than your own experience? Unique honeymoon destinations are difficult to find these days, when it seems like everything has been not only charted topographically, but also figuratively, by friends and family who also anticipated unique escapes. Truly unique honeymoon destinations are hard to find, but with the help of a great website like VacationRentals.com, you don’t have to look far for your one-of-a-kind experience!

Get Mushy in the Mountains

Everyone has heard of the Rocky Mountains, and their breathtaking beauty that’s been captured by photographers from around the world since well before your birth, and we all know that rich and famous people enjoy retreating to the powder-laden slopes of Aspen and Park City, but why not discover unfamiliar, unique honeymoon destinations in a range that will be all your own! The White Mountains of New Hampshire are simply romantic and special. You could stay in a chalet, cabin, or even a riverside farm, and you would have the peace of mind that no one in your social circle had slept in that zip code before you! The White Mountains are both peaceful and invigorating, so that you and your new spouse could spend the day enjoying indoor features like wood burning stoves, Jacuzzis, and expansive views of neighboring valleys. In both winter and summer, the White Mountains are wonderful, but in the spring or autumn you would find yourself reaching for a camera several times a day as the colorful horizon swept away all thoughts of home.

unique honeymoon destination

Surprisingly Romantic: Michigan

Other unique honeymoon destinations, like Petoskey, Michigan, may be more your style, if you prefer the opportunity to shop, dance, and try your newly wedded luck at a casino! Stay in a waterfront chalet that comes with a beautiful sauna and indoor pool, or a cozy cabin that only encompasses you and your loved one. During the days you’ll find yourself wandering the shopping districts, snacking on gourmet foods from old fashioned soda shops, or slipping into one of the famous lakes of the waterway. Petoskey, Michigan has many unique honeymoon destinations in its blossom speckled hills, and none of your friends have probably even heard of this gem, that’s really known for its golf course.

How About Alaska?

Or, if you prefer, find yourself in Anchorage, Alaska, roaming like the caribou whilst enjoying the warm, charming conversation of locals who are more than happy to show you around! Anchorage has rental properties for any budget, and options from quaint inns, to stunning, private condos. While some people you know may have been to Anchorage, and you have probably seen a popular television show that was set in this large town, it will feel as special as if you were the first guest who had ever stepped off of a plane in Alaska, because the people are so affable. Enjoy fine dining in the town, or cook at your rental with a grill, and either way you’ll taste the amazing, fresh foods of this untouched state.

Unique honeymoon destinations are listed all over the United States, and all over the world on VacationRentals.com. Find yourself somewhere special, that will be all your own, and relax knowing that you have saved more money by choosing the privacy of a vacation rental, over a crowded hotel, that you can afford to indulge in extra shopping or fine dining. Where ever you want to go on your unique honeymoon, you can be saving money, and enjoying greater privacy if you opt for a unique rental property, too.

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