Five Romantic Movie-Inspired Valentine's Day Vacations

Everyone falls for classic love stories, and some of the greatest of all time have been played out on the silver screen. Bring some of the passion of those larger-than-life stories to your own romance by embarking on a very special Valentine's Day vacation at the locations that inspired these romantic films. Whether you can go near or far, any of these destinations is bound to put an extra spark in your Valentine's Day celebration.


Casablanca, Morocco

Often considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, and unquestionably high on the list of most romantic films of all time, Casablanca has captured the hearts of romantics for generations. While the movie wasn't filmed in the real-life location, the real Casablanca in Morocco is a beautiful and exotic destination worth visiting! Experience the rich cultural heritage here, where diverse people across the ages have left their mark on the architecture and the food. Surprise your loved one with a memorable vacation over Valentine's Day weekend and lose yourselves in the romance that continues to inspire lovers the world over! Luckily, Valentine's Day in February occurs during the off season for tourists to Morocco. You might be faced with some rainy days (and, really, there are worse things than spending a romantic rainy morning in the comfort of your Casablanca vacation rental), but you'll find the cost of plane tickets and vacation homes are lower, not to mention that you won't have to dodge tourists!

Sleepless In Seattle

valentines day NYC vacation

New York City

Who hasn't cheered on Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the classic romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle? Despite the movie's name, the most romantic scene is the climax at New York City's Empire State Building, which has been the meeting place of Hollywood lovers in all sorts of classic love stories (like An Affair to Remember, the Cary Grant flick this movie was loosely inspired by). The Big Apple itself is a great place for couples who love the hustle and bustle of city life. Stay in a New York City vacation rental and save on the cost of an expensive hotel room, with the added benefit of more charm and warmth to make your Valentine's Day vacation perfect. When you're not enjoying each other's company in the quiet of your NYC rental home, stroll down the lively streets and take a tour of the Empire State Building itself, where you can create your very own perfect romantic moment.

Somewhere in Time

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Somewhere in Time is something of a cult classic, with a small but devoted fanbase, but anyone who sees it can't help falling in love with this unusual time travel romance. Enthusiasts meet up once a year at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, where the movie was filmed, to celebrate in period clothes and reenactments of key scenes. You don't have to go all out like that, but the Grand Hotel and all of Mackinac Island are a perfect location for romance. It's easy to see why this island, which doesn't allow cars so it can maintain its pristine beauty, was chosen as the setting for a romance that transcends time itself. It's a popular tourist destination in the summer, but in February you can avoid the crowds and have the island all to yourselves (there are only about 500 or so natives on the island). The Grand Hotel itself is quite a thing to see, with the longest porch in the world and 385 unique rooms, but it's closed in winter and quite expensive to stay at when it's open. Stay in a Mackinac Island vacation rental instead and you'll save money – and have all the privacy you need for a romantic Valentine's Day vacation.

valentines day romantic vacation

The Bridges of Madison County

Winterset, Iowa (Madison County)

The Bridges of Madison County is a heartbreakingly beautiful romance set against the picture-perfect landscapes of Madison County, specifically Winterset, Iowa. Get swept away by the country charm of the area, from its beautifully tree-lined paths and covered bridges to the warmth of its people. Any Valentine's Day celebration in this place will be one to remember. Rent a Winterset, Iowa cottage to be the perfect love nest and enjoy every magical moment of your trip together. Plus, you'll be near Winterset City Park, which (in addition to the stone bridge used in the film) features a hedge maze where you and your loved one can get lost together. Hike to Clark Tower, which resembles a beautiful stone castle, and enjoy views of the magnificent countryside around. What's more romantic than watching the sunset together atop a castle tower?

Gone with the Wind

Atlanta, Georgia

No romantic movie list would be complete without Gone with the Wind. In few movies does the setting play such an important part that it almost becomes a character in its own right, and while you can't stay at Tara itself, you and your loved one can experience southern hospitality in your very own Atlanta, Georgia vacation rental home. Margaret Mitchell, the author of the original novel, lived in Atlanta, so you can tour her house and see what inspired her to create such a classic love story. Admire the beautiful old plantation homes, enjoy traditional Georgian comfort food, and pay homage to one of the most sweeping love stories of all time. With its pleasant February weather, Atlanta is the perfect Valentine's Day retreat especially for lovers in colder climates. Surprise your loved one with a Gone with the Wind-themed Valentine's Day vacation and remind yourselves what makes your own romance one for the ages, too.


Not a film buff but still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day vacation idea? Then visiting a bed and breakfast for Valentine's Day might be for you!