Warm Winter Vacation Spots

warm winter vacation spotsWarm winter vacation spots offer the sunshine and the warmth you need if you live in an area with cold temperatures and snow. When the blues of winter start to get you down and hay fever starts to set in, you know it's time to pack your bags and head to a destination where you can enjoy being outside without freezing your extremities. There are several places around the world offering summer temperature during America's winter, including New Zealand, Brazil, Guam, and Mexico.

Find Warm Winter Vacation Spots in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you'll find a variety of landscapes, including mountains, rainforests, fiords, volcanoes, and beaches. This is definitely one of the most beautiful warm winter vacation spots on our list. The diversity of the country makes it one of the best destinations for families who enjoy different activities. You can spend the day hiking the Milford or Routeburn tracks while other family members play at the beach. You'll have to book your hike in advance if you want to visit the Milford Track, which only allows 40 people per day to reduce destruction and damage to the environment. While New Zealand offers a temperate climate with small variations from season to season, the warmest time to visit is during its summer months of December, January, and February when temperatures range from 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Explore the Amazon and Brazil for Your Winter Vacation

In Brazil, you'll find average temperatures in the seventies. The area experiences its summer season from December to February, making it a warm winter vacation spot for Americans. This is also the rainy season for the area, but you'll still find plenty of things to enjoy. A tour of the rainforest will place you in what many consider to be the heart of the world's eco-system. The Amazon is home to over 15,000 species of animals and hosts a variety of trees, flora, and fauna. Destinations in the rainforest that you might want to visit include the Adolpho Ducke Botanical Gardens, the Caratinga Biological Station, and the ecological park at Lake Janauari. Another place to consider visiting on your winter family vacation is Iguassu Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world. At Iguassu Falls, you can see 275 falls dropping more than a mile and half into the Iguazu River.

warm winter vacation spots

Rejuvenate in Guam

Guam is the place where America begins its day. As the most western location of the United States, Guam offers a diverse topography and geography with a tropical climate. You'll enjoy an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike some winter vacation destinations that experience heavy rainfall during winter in the United States, January and February are in Guam's dry season. While you're there, you can explore the region through Boonie Stomping, guided walking tours to mountains, caves, beaches, waterfalls, snorkeling sites, and latte sites. Plan to spend three to five hours on the excursion and bring your own supplies like water and bug spray. If you prefer to spend your time enjoying the ocean playground, you'll appreciate the visibility. From December to February, you can see down 150 feet.

Stay Close to Home With a Winter Trip to Baja California

Located in the northwestern part of Mexico, just south of California, you'll find Baja California. The area offers mountains, forests, and beaches. From December through February, the high for temperatures averages in the upper sixties. Baja California Sur, the southern part of the area, has the warmest temperatures during those months. If you like wine, plan to visit the wine producing region that includes Guadalupe, Santo Tomas, and San Antonio. Baja California also hosts various festivals throughout the year, and in December, cities like Tijuana pay tribute to the Virgin de Guadalupe.

We hope our list of warm winter vacation spots has inspired your next adventure. When you're ready to get away, make sure to browse our vacation rentals!

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