Wedding Vacation Rentals

Your Wedding + a Vacation Rental = Match Made in Heaven!  

After you say “yes” to him, say “yes” to a wedding house rental! Planning a wedding is a trying and sometimes chaotic experience, especially if you aim to save money and save your guests hassle. The most important decisions revolve around the locations of the wedding and reception. Kill two birds with one very cheap stone and host the ceremony in a wedding vacation rental.

When it comes to saying your nuptials, it’s difficult to be original. Instead of tracking down the most exceptional cake, crafting the most unique vows, or thinking up a theme no one’s thought of before (good luck!) – make your wedding one for the books with wedding vacation rentals.

Beach Wedding

From the foot of a volcano to a beach on the Gulf of Mexico to the Grand Canyon, wedding villas are located all over the world, and they’ve been the picturesque setting of countless “I Do’s.” Get married seaside or in a Victorian mansion; no matter how short your shoestring budget, your wedding won’t come up short. The most over-the-top vision can become a reality thanks to the many wedding rentals out there.

After you exchange vows beachside or atop a mountain, walk to the reception, don’t drive! Even your most directionally challenged guests won’t get lost! Say thank you to friends and family in cozy, intimate surroundings – not in a boring reception hall that requires tons of decorating to look halfway decent. Wedding rentals can even accommodate the wedding party overnight; designate the master bedroom or guest house for the bride! The reception can be big or small; after all, your choices for square footage are probably more plentiful than the gifts you registered.

Not only is a wedding vacation rental uncommon and unforgettable, but it’s uncommonly and unforgettably affordable as well. In some cases, you can rent a week-long stay in a luxurious wedding house rental for the same rate you’d reserve a reception hall for just a couple hours. That means you’ll have spare cash to invest in those special “extras.” Arrange a destination wedding in Hawaii, upgrade your honeymoon package, make sure your photographer is up to par, give your guests better food and beverage to feast on, or hire musicians to perform at the reception!

Who knows? After you exchange vows, you may vow to stick with vacation rentals for every vacation and event from hereon… that’ll be an easy lifelong commitment to make!

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From a remote Caribbean island to Las Vegas, wedding villas are everywhere and they’re ready to make your special day especially inexpensive and memorable.

Photo by Tim Forbes and Jeff Belmonte.