Weekly Summer Rentals

weekly summer rentalsIf you're considering a summer vacation but aren't sure you can afford it, it's worth looking into weekly summer rentals. This type of lodging is a great way for your family to enjoy a vacation this summer at a fraction of the cost of staying in a hotel.

While hotels are generally rented by the night, travelers pay by the week or month for summer rentals. This allows you to settle in and really take time to enjoy the sights and sounds. When you do the math, it's often far less per night to stay at a weekly summer rental than a hotel. Hotel rates simply aren't set with long term vacationers in mind. If you're budget-minded, you'll likely find that a weekly summer rental will save you money on your vacation.

Weekly Summer Rentals are a Great Option for Families

For those traveling with children, a weekly summer rental is a great option. Instead of worrying about how to handle meal times and bedtimes in a hotel, you can stay in a house, cottage, or condo that's similar to your own home. Your children will enjoy many comforts of home--you can even bring their sheets and pillows to make them feel more secure. Instead of trying to find food that they'll eat at a restaurant, you can prepare their favorite meals and eat as a family because many weekly summer rentals come with kitchens.

Combine Independence and Relaxation With a Weekly Summer Rental

If you dislike structured itineraries and being interrupted daily by services at a hotel, weekly summer rentals might be more convenient for you. When you choose to rent a residence for a week, you take charge of your own vacation plans. This allows you to come and go as you like, prepare and eat meals when it's convenient for your family, and stay up as late as you wish without worrying about bothering the people in the next room. For the time you're on vacation, your summer rental becomes your home away from home.

Live Like a Local with Weekly Summer Rentals

When you rent a summer home, you're responsible for cleaning and preparing meals. For a short time, you become a resident of the area in which you're staying. This means that you can learn about the best grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants, and more--all from the perspective of someone who lives in the area. Instead of dropping in for a weekend, rushing around to see the attractions, and then leaving abruptly to make it back for work on Monday, you can relax and enjoy the charm of your vacation spot.

Weekly summer rentals are a great alternative to stressful weekend getaways. A week or multiple weeks spent in your destination of choice really allows you to settle in and enjoy the local scene. You'll have time to get to know your neighbors, become familiar with the area, and step away from your normal routine. You may find yourself returning to the same destination, or even the same rental, year after year.

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