Vacation Cheaply with Weekly Vacation Rentals

We probably all wish vacations were longer. But we have limited vacation time and limited money. While weekly vacation rentals can’t negotiate with your boss, they can save you big bucks. Find out how to stretch yourCheap Weekly Rentals dollar as far as possible, and your vacation for as long as possible, with this intro to the almighty Weekly Vacation Rental.

When making hotel reservations, you’re pretty much stuck with the “nightly rate.” While weekend vacation rentals are quite popular, it’s expected that with a vacation home, you’ll be inclined to hang out for more than just one or two nights. Why, you ask? Well, you’re getting a great deal, so why not?

Not to mention, a vacation rental is no bland, small hotel room… the weekly vacation rental you book will give you a one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create some truly amazing memories that will stick with you forever. A vacation rental will be comforting like home and luxurious like a hotel; it’s the best of both worlds, and can be easily experienced by even the thriftiest traveler.

Whether it’s the unobstructed views, the free extras like HD TV and wireless internet, the ultra-spacious rooms, the full kitchens, or the private patios, swimming pools and hot tubs that make a weekly vacation rental so appealing, what almost all weekly vacation rentals have in common is they offer up a low rate that most hotels just can’t beat. That makes a weekly vacation rental ideal for penny pinching couples, frugal families, and adventure seekers who don’t want to give up an arm or a leg before hitting the ski slopes or the waves.

Long Budget VacationWeekly vacation rentals are sometimes the most economical choice for a getaway. That’s because weekly rates are a lot more competitive than nightly and even weekend rates. Remember, though, vacation homes are often “up for grabs” for months to years at a time, so the deals come in all varieties!

Find weekly beach rentals in Florida and Hawaii, or weekly ski in out condos in Colorado. No matter what destination you choose, you can find a weekly vacation rental to suit your budget and your tastes.

Don't try to cram in all the attractions at Disney World into just two days. Don't leave a pristine beach at the very moment you've finally let loose. Stay longer, for less, with weekly vacation rentals.

If you can only get away for a night or a weekend, you’ll still save money with nightly and weekend vacation rentals! So as long as you steer clear of hotels, your pocket book will thank you. 











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