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~Newport Beach Spectacular Tropical Hideaway~
  • bedrooms  4
  • pool  no
  • type  House
  • baths  3
  • hot tub  yes
  • community 
  • sleeps  8
  • pets allowed  yes
  • rates (USD) $2,500 - $2,950 /wk

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tropical hideaway is an understatement

Review submitted: July 29, 2014   Date of arrival: July 12, 2014

Thank you David! The house was amazing. We had a wonderful trip. I appreciate all of your help with everything including recommending good places to eat. There was more than enough space for all of us and we were not tripping all over each other. The highlight is being able to sit on patio with waterfall going. We will recommend you and your house to everyone! #paradise.

Recommended for: families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing

Owners response: You guys were awesome and I appreciate your business :)

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beautiful home

Review submitted: July 29, 2014   Date of arrival: July 20, 2014

The home was was perfect. The owner is awesome! We will definitely be renting this home again. Thanks!

Recommended for: families with young children, romantic getaway

Owners response: Thanks for the great review and I appreciate your business!

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Amazing Home in Newport!

Review submitted: July 7, 2014   Date of arrival: July 4, 2014

We stayed at this beautiful home in Newport for July 4th this year and had an amazing time! We had a group of 8 people and bbq'd and hung out in the backyard all day. Everything turned out perfectly. Highly recommend renting this home if you're in the area and looking for a vacation rental. It's only 3 miles to the beach and without a car it was a $6 ride for us. Thank you David for letting us use your fabulous home! We will definitely be staying here again in the future :)

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway

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We Appreciated Renting From You

Review submitted: February 12, 2014   Date of arrival: November 26, 2013

Hi David,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated renting from you. The place was the perfect layout. I hope everything was left to your satisfaction.

Thanks again!


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Disappointed in Tahoe

Review submitted: February 6, 2014   Date of arrival: November 26, 2013

My family and I stayed at this location during Thanksgiving week 2013. We thought this was the perfect place since we have other family in the area. We made the best of it and had a grand time with each other, however.....
"Was the Description accurate regarding location, layout, amenities, etc.?"
Yes, it is located where stated, the layout of the home is as depicted from
the photos, and the amenities were available for use.
"Was the property clean, well-maintained, etc?"
No! The house requires maintenance from lack of upkeep. The play area,
patio furniture, BBQ grill, oven and cookware were filthy. Ice maker did not
work. Washer in garage is rusty inside, clothes do not come clean.
Refrigerator smelled and had outdated condiments. House and bed sheets had
odor. BEWARE of the surveillance camera's in the home. This was not
disclosed. We saw them in the great room, the child's room AND accidentally
ran across the live feed on the master bedroom TV. I would not expect this
in a hotel room or bed and breakfast location, I would never expect it in a
rental home. I believe it should be disclosed or removed. Also, the home
security system is very annoying every time you open any given door.
"Did the owner provide good customer service?"
The owner provided adequate customer service only to have contract signed and
payment made. There were no 'welcoming, enjoy your stay, let me know if
there is anything I can do to be of assistance' type communications. The
owner did not show up the 'day of departure to refund deposits' as per his
contract. IF you bring a pet that is on medication nine times a day,
requires assistance to get into your car, be prepared for the unexpected.
It has been two months now and I have yet to receive my refundable
deposit. Early January, I found that I had to go through my credit card
company for their assistance in filing a dispute due to the owners
"Would I recommend this property to a friend?"
If there was a Star Rating of "Do Not Stay Here", I would have checked it.
"Poor" to me, is not a low enough rating.
AGAIN........take heed and caution......I DO NOT recommend renting this
I hope I have provided enough assistance to you the fellow traveler. I have never experienced such frustration with a site and owner. Again, take heed.

Owners response: Here We Go Again.... Another renter changing her tune after she found out there would be a repair bill and deduction from her pet deposit after her dog damaged my fence and scratched the french doors in the doggy run area.

I have posted her (Jami L.) glowing email response to me from December 4th, 2013 just 4 days after her departure, and would be happy to email it to anyone who thinks this negative review 2 months later might just be motivated by her desire to get me to "overlook the damages her pet did".

I would also be happy to email photos of the damages along with her email response where she refused to simply email me a photo of her dog proving her claim that it was not even capable of the damages, at which time I would have taken her word for it and not deducted the repairs from her pet deposit.

This is the most disingenuous review I've ever had since she "just wanted to let me know how much she appreciated renting from me" in her email to me just 4 days after her departure. One would have to assume she would NOT appreciate renting from me if any of her review were even partially factual!!!

AGAIN, most renters LOVE my house and location and I have many emails and notes that I would be happy to provide upon request!

In closing just know that I welcome anyone to come view the property before they confirm their rental as I have many recent satisfied renters that have done just that due to these unwarranted negative reviews and ended up renting from me after they viewed my property with their own eyes

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Our Home Away From Home

Review submitted: November 6, 2013   Date of arrival: June 7, 2013

We had not stayed in a vacation rental home before so we were unsure what to expect, but our fears quickly faded as we entered the house. It definitely exceeded our expectations, and the kids not only loved playing on the jungle gym in the backyard, but were happy to find the owner had a hall closet full of toys that they enjoyed playing with throughout our stay as well. One we put the kids to bed, our favorite spot was the courtyard with an amazing in-ground waterfall jacuzzi, made even better with romantic fireplaces, candles and tiki torches. We would absolutely recommend this house for those with and without children!

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Not A Good Experience

Review submitted: October 3, 2013   Date of arrival: August 10, 2013

We rented the house for a family vacation in August of 2013. The house was only moderately clean when we arrived, with used bars of soap in the showers and empty water bottles under the bed in the master bedroom. The pictures make the house look very nice and at one time it probably was very nice. Unfortunately, it has been neglected. Refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes dryer do not work properly. The downstairs toilet has a leaking seal causing it to fill with water day and night. House sits on a four-lane boulevard with heavy traffic and there is loud road noise late into the night. Upon arrival, the owner had left a list of things to be done during our stay. It should be noted that these things were not listed in the rental contract. Most of the items were not a big issue, like watering indoor and outdoor potted plants during our stay. However, washing and drying all the towels and bed linens prior to departure was a big issue due to the functioning of the clothes dryer. Each load required at least 90 minutes to dry. Facing a long drive home, this significantly delayed our morning departure.

Following our return home, we expected a timely return of our security deposit. Unfortunately, we had great difficulty getting our security deposit returned. There were no issues of damage or neglect of the property. The issue was simply that the owner would not respond to phone calls and E-mails. Repeatedly the owner would answer the phone and say “I am on another call and will call you right back”. He did not call back. Another tactic was to put me on hold and then cut me off. Finally after a month of frustration, I confronted the owner on this questionable business practice. He then asked if we had paid the final installment for the rental and if we had any receipt for the payment? This was a strange question considering we had been home over a month since the rental. I had to go back to PayPal and then give the owner the dates and transaction numbers for my PayPal payments. At that point, he said he would return our security deposit. Two weeks later we received a check for our security deposit. I do not know if this was a cash flow issue, lack of attention business practices, or questionable business practices. Whatever the reason, we would not rent again from this owner and would caution others regarding this rental. We have many positive experiences with vacation rentals, but this was not one of them.

Owners response: This negative review seems to stem from the fact that the renter believes he had difficulty receiving his $500 security deposit refund, which he claims after "a month of frustrated attempts", he finally received it "2 weeks later", which sounds like it took 6 weeks for him to receive the refund. THIS COULDN'T BE FATHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The rental was from 8/10 - 8/17/13 and contrary to his claims, I AM HAPPY TO PROVIDE A PHOTO COPY of the $500 security deposit refund that was issued on 9/9/13 to this renter, which was 3 weeks after their departure...NOT 6 weeks as claimed.

As noted in my rental listing, I normally don't even take a security deposit, rather I opt for the $59 non-refundable fee for an accidental damages policy offer by VRBO in lui of a security deposit. However, this renter asked if he could put up a refundable deposit in order to save the $59 non-refundable fee.

Since I travel quite a bit during the summer months when my house is rented, it does usually take a few weeks to accommodate the security deposit refund, which is why I prefer to not even take one.

In response to the other claims about the refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes dryer not working properly, or even the downstairs toilet running, that's absolutely absurd. I have a home warranty through First American that covers all my appliances (which I would be happy to provide a copy of as proof), and a simple phone call would have any issues like those claimed resolved in 1 day. However, I never received a phone call complaining of these issues during this renters stay, nor any of the other 9 families that rented from me this summer prior to this one.

Finally, to address the traffic noise issue this renter raised, my house is located on a 4 lane road (NOT HIGHWAY) that winds it's way down the back bay in Newport Beach. The speed limit is 35 MPH, and my house location is clearly marked on the map on this listing site.

While there is some road noise in the front court yard, there is no road noise inside the house or in the back yard area.


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We Loved The House and Location!!!

Review submitted: August 12, 2013   Date of arrival: July 12, 2013

Hi David,
We rented your house in Newport for nine days a few weeks ago!
I just wanted to say thank you so much and that we loved the house and the location!
We hope to be able to come back and visit again!

Best Regards

Cecilia Andersson

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Our disappointing rental experience

Review submitted: January 15, 2013   Date of arrival: December 29, 2012

>In May 2012 we booked the rental-to start on Decemebr 27th 2012 to Jan 9th 2013.
>It was to be a family reunion-parents from UK-and daughter, husband and two children from Auckland New Zealand.
>We suspected that, having completed our payments and later requesting further input with no reply to mails, this was suspect customer service. It required two phone calls to eventually get answers to our questions.
>On Dec 26th - 24 HOURS BEFORE BOTH GROUPS WERE TO FLY TO THE USA-an email was sent by David (the owner) to say we would not be able to gain entry to the house on the 27th, as contracted, as the existing renter would not move out. David confirmed when we met that he had known about this for 5 days and decided to try a get a solution- when frankly a telepone call to give us this information would have been better; at a point when we could have reviewed our options. David said he would put us up in a hotel at his cost for two nights-which by the way was about half the cost of what we had already paid him for the two day/nights we were about to lose.
>We moved into the house on Sat 29th Dec in the pm, and in a short while it became obvious that all was far from well. Much of the crockery, cutlery and utensils were dirty so we set about cleaning. David said it was not his cleaners job to check these items.
>Other issues were-outside garden furniture cushions were dirty, two sets of spare linen missing, the fire door front garage to house was broken and thus illeagal, bolt missing on outside doors, the spa would not heat, light in toilet not working etc. David did come twice to try and fix/repair although some issues were never fixed.
>When the spa did work the family used it but to find 6/8 peices of glass in the spa and we were very lucky to have avoided a serious accident.
> After a few days we decided that our time was not going to be spent communicating to the owner and wait for him to come and fix/repair- so we just got on with our holiday dispite the disappointment with the condition of the place.
>Towards the end of the rental I wrote to David listing again the issues, saying that we had been unhappy with the conditions of the house and the general service level and asking for a reimbursement, which he refused. He said we were unreasonable and had exagerated.
>Although I have taken notes and have timed/dated photographs- I have better things to do than spend time writing this. These were our experiences with this rental-not to be recommended

Owners response: I rented to a total of 20 different families in 2012 (this renter being the 20th) which is typical for any given year, and unfortunately, there is inevitably one renter every couple years which is impossible to please.

This was an attempt to leverage me for an undeserved rebate after they departed, by threatening a bad review.

Since I have the email correspondence which I received from them after their departure, as well as my immediate email response addressing these allegations, I would be happy to provide a copy to anyone concerned regarding this review.

As is evidenced by my all positive reviews below, this experience is not typical, and virtually nothing this renter has represented in this review is accurate.

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Rental House vs Hotel for Family Vacation…

Review submitted: April 20, 2012   Date of arrival: April 12, 2012

We took the family to Newport Beach last week for a wedding, & while we have stayed in rental homes that belong to my sister’s family before, we have never rented a home from a property management company in lieu of staying in a hotel. For a family of 4, plus my mom, we would have needed at least two if not three hotel rooms, for 6 nights & 7 days. The hotels we found that had availability with conjoining rooms (my kids love to sleep with my mom so conjoining rooms was a must) ran about $280-$350/night minimum, which would have equaled an easy $4k (plus)- for three rooms at that rate. The rooms were around 200 sq ft. Obviously this does not include a gas range to cook, large fridge to keep our favorite beverages, etc. Meals would have been out.

While the beds would be made each day & there may have been a “continental breakfast,” we opted to rent a home. And we are thrilled that we did. As you can see below, the home is lovely, with amenities the entire family can love. My kids loved the pool out back, the playground, & the large living area. For this home, you can expect to pay between $2500-$2900 for a week. It is about 2,600 sq ft, right in a fabulous neighborhood close to everything… beach, stores, cute restaurants, a library… ALL within 10 minutes. We highly recommend this option for families with kids rather than the hotel. This home in particular was fabulous for the relaxation time I needed! The below are NOT my photos, and you can contact the owner for your own vacation by clicking HERE. (Oh, & you can skip Legoland… at $72/person, it was a total rip off. It may have been nice at one point, but it isn’t worth the money.)

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Cozy Hideaway

Review submitted: February 17, 2012   Date of arrival: January 19, 2012

Our extended family was looking for a quiet and enjoyable 3-day weekend together. As luck would have it, we found this amazing property. Even with the shopping and beach nearby, ultimately we liked the property so much that we spent the majority of our time relaxing there.

From the start, our interaction with the owner went smooth. Check-in and check-out was easy. Beds were comfy and the courtyard was spectacular. The courtyard area was immaculate while the BBQ area and spa were especially enjoyable. There is a nice long-table in the dining room which was great for eating and family games. I was especially amazed that so many our family members could relax in the living room comfortably...and the pool table was a nice touch.

Overall, our family will definitely come back for a future visit. I can honestly say that you won't regret staying here. The property far exceeded my expectations.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 4 / 5


Great family getaway place!

Review submitted: January 2, 2012   Date of arrival: December 26, 2011

Great place for a getaway with family! The home is beautiful and the enclosed yard is amazing from the best HOT TUB ever to the patio and grill and hammock to relax with. The home has plenty of room for a group of up to 8 people! Great neighborhood to walk or run. Close by Bay area walking/biking trail is a plus as is proximity to many activities. The owner was great about answering questions and leaving detailed instructions!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 4

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Great house

Review submitted: November 1, 2011   Date of arrival: July 17, 2010

"My wife and I spent a week in this great house with our 4 kids. We all loved it! We spent time at the beach and Disneyland and felt it was ideally located for both. At the end of the day the kids were excited to come "home" and hang out in the hot tub in the beautiful yard. Shopping and outdoor activities are close. The owners were great to work with and very responsive to any questions. Seamless check in and out. Highly recommended and will stay there again."

Helpful votes: 6 / 7


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