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2 mi 2 train/ConvCtr/Stripwalk-taxi-Heated Pool/Jacuz/HotTub
  • bedrooms  3
  • pool  yes
  • type  House
  • baths  2
  • hot tub  yes
  • community 
  • sleeps  14
  • pets allowed  no
  • rates (USD) $165 - $200 /nt
    $1,045 - $1,250 /wk

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Good Solid Home, we had a great time!

Review submitted: March 20, 2012   Date of arrival: February 8, 2012

This was our first time coming to Vegas. I was a little reticent about bring the kids and so we decided to get a home so they would have fun too. It's too cold to swim in Feb. but maybe we will come back in summer next year to enjoy the pool area more. It is very private in the back. Anyway, we were inside most of the time. The TV's were a big hit. It is really fast getting to the strip--maybe 10 min or so, depending. The Jacuzzi in the master is very luxurious. With the light streaming in from the skylight it is a nice touch.

Parking for the RV was easy. I was concerned about that. Quiet, wide street, which was good. Cooked in the oven and baked which is a winter pastime for me with the kids. Everything worked.

I would stay here again. These owners are friendly and did what they said they would. Thanks!


Helpful votes: 7 / 7


Awful experience, nearly ruined our holiday!

Review submitted: September 11, 2012   Date of arrival: August 19, 2012

This villa was an absolute disgrace. We had seen a bad review shortly before we arrived at the villa, but the owner had disregarded everything the reviewer had said and made out that he was complaining about nothing. We have taken a video of the state of the villa to confirm our claims as we believe the owner will try to make out that we are not genuine, our account is 100% accurate and recorded. The villa smelt of damp and the sofa smelt musty and of cigarettes. There was an old mattress and junk on the drive. The dining room table had a broken leg, the master bedroom had bricks propping up the bed, the bathroom had taps falling off the wall, the tile floors were cracked and broken sliding doors were secured with sticks in the runners as the locks did not work. There was a horrid stains on bedding, the bathroom curtains were covered with mould, the cupboard with the air con in it was thick with dirt, the settees had ingrained dirt which smelt badly, the rugs were filthy and we did not walk on them without shoes and every window and surface was filthy. There were 3 air fresheners in one room that smelt particularly bad. There was a storm and water was pouring in through the closed window of a bedroom onto a tv and other electrical goods. The water course ran across the ceiling (as it had done many times in the past looking at the brown stains on the ceiling) and it ran through to the bathroom, where it came through another hole in the bathroom ceiling and into the toilet. The pool was a mess and unfit for swimming. It was full of dirt and sand and had clearly not been vacuumed and was unfit for use. The Jacuzzi was a health hazard and it had yellow stains all over it, rust around the dials and water inputs and was full of dead insects and was also unusable. The garden furniture was old and dirty and outside was as bad as inside. The owner sent cleaners on the 2nd day following complaints, but the villa was so bad that a clean did not make any difference to the fundamental problems. The cleaner ‘cleaned’ the pool, but it was just as dirty as she did not use a vacuum. We had to vacate the villa on the second day as it was so bad that we could not stay in it. We had to wait for the owner to arrive to look at the problems before we could leave and this delayed our departure. It cost us a huge amount to book ourselves into a hotel and so far the owner has refused refund. We are demanding a full refund as the villa was not fit for purpose and not as described.

Owners response: Owner Responce:

This review is a vendetta against us for not allowing a free event. These people came from England to get married and wanted to use our home for a reception. It was raining like crazy that week, as it occasionally does, and they decided to change venues to a hotel. We don't allow such events without extra cost anyway. Because we wouldn't just give them their money back (their deposit was returned) they are trying to steal from us in this way. Sorry, no matter what they tell you in Europe, we Americans are not that stupid.

When I came from LA to view their issues, it was laughable--just silly little things that past tenants had never mentioned. The rains were heavy that week and I guess that's what sent them to the safety of a hotel. The only substantive problem that occurred is a roof leak--which was easily fixed. Please see our unedited video at Homeaway , # 152944, which I shot just after their early departure.

We have had years of successful rentals. We are allowed 24 hours to fix any problem. They wouldn't communicate and let our people fix things. They looked for problems as no one ever has. These folks had a clear second agenda We have the nicest home in our price range in Las Vegas. There are no problems with smell. We have an excellent housekeeping staff. And yes, I have supporting bricks under one of the 6 bed frames--the secondary one in the master. I has been broken 3 times!

Peter Crawford

Helpful votes: 5 / 6


A great Place to stay in LV!

Review submitted: May 29, 2012   Date of arrival: May 12, 2012

We normally rent a condo during our weekly stay in LV, This year we decided to rent a house and we had a great time at Peter's house. The house is just as per the ad and Peter goes out of his way to make sure a guest is taken care of during their stay. The outside Temp got up to 106 F one day and the house stayed nice and cool. The pool and the house is really unbelievable for the rental price and really close to the strip.
I have to admit, I was a little concerned after seeing the one bad review from the person that rented Peter's house just before my stay. But honestly we did not have any issues with the house and Peter has already returned my full deposit already (I guess some people are just never happy).
We so enjoyed having coffee on the patio in the morning (pool side). The Big TV in the living room is like watching TV in a movie theater. Everything worked fine in the house and we had no issues. Yes, I would rent here again..
Regards, Doug R. Chicago Area

Helpful votes: 4 / 5


Christmas Was Great Here

Review submitted: May 23, 2012   Date of arrival: December 22, 2011

Hello. We stayed at this house for Christmas last year. It was a fun time with the whole family. I suppose we would have been happy anywhere decent, but this home really did have a homey feeling to it, as if real people actually live here. I could tell that it must be a lot of fun when it’s warm in the summer. We stayed inside mostly and got reacquainted after so long. No working fireplace, but I understand the owners being careful about that. It was clean and affordable, with a luxury element with the stone floors and the kind of designer look. I would come here again as a refuge from the crazy but fun strip. Favorite thing to do in Vegas is Cirque!

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Along for the Ride -- Still Dreaming

Review submitted: May 8, 2012   Date of arrival: August 22, 2011

I came to this house just to see some relatives and then they got me to stay. I was just passing through on my way to Arizona. I enjoyed this home because of the protection it offers from the strip. It can get to be a little hectic in Vegas and I already have that at work. So, lounging by the pool is the best part of this area for me. The sun is brilliant and the seclusion the yard offers is something that is rare. I was at the house alone one time when everybody else had gone to the strip. That's the image still in my head and why I am writing this after a long time.

I don't know if I will ever come back to this exact place. I just came to the website to look at the photos again and to put myself back into the house in my memory. Thought I would write to say thanks to whomever keeps the house going. And I hope to visit Las Vegas again soon Thanks!.

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Review submitted: April 26, 2012   Date of arrival: April 10, 2012

THIS HOUSE IS A SCAM!!!! The rental agreement states they will return your deposit within one week, they won't and don't! We have been sent a letter stating their company has been experiencing financial difficulties over the last year and are working towards correcting them. SO BASICALLY THEY HAVE TAKEN OUR DEPOSIT TO CORRECT THEIR PROBLEMS!!! THERE ARE ANIMALS LIVING IN THE ATTIC AND THE HOUSE REAKS OF FECES!!!!! THIS IS NO JOKE!! We were woken up all three of the nights we were there by rather large animals in the attic. ALSO.. Hot tub not heated as agreed upon, no gas in bar-b-q and when we contacted the owners they told us they would get us some, but we would be charged on our bill for it, one half roll of toilet paper in the entire house, broken coffee pot, house is very worn and smells disgusting. WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PROPERTY TO ANYONE AND ARE TAKING ACTIONS SO THAT NO ONE ELSE FALLS FOR THIS SCAM OR STAYS HERE!!!!!!

Owners response: This house is certainly not a scam. We have been with Homeaway around 6 years, and we have rented to dozens and dozens of clients every year successfully. The many great reviews in this website are proof of this. However, we do admit that we were seven days late with the return of Cotie’s refund (it has since been returned in full), and this may be the reason why he exaggerated about the other issues. We did send communication that the refund would be delayed, with the intention of explaining that a mistake was made and was being corrected.

We care about our business very much, have many wonderful, repeat clients who care about our home, and we plan to continue giving them an affordable place to stay every year!

As far as the complaint of animals, this is the first time a complaint of this nature has ever been made or posted to Homeaway. From time to time a cat may jump on the roof. There were a couple of cats roaming around in the attic and we took care of that issue immediately. We appreciate that Cotie let us know that this is a current issue!

The hot tub was prepared and the controls were accessible and it is up to the client to select the temperature that they would like the hot tub to be.

In regards to the BBQ, nowhere did we offer to supply propane for the outdoor amenities. The home is already priced very inexpensively, and in order to continue to do so, we just assume that those who want to use the BBQ will incur in that expense.

We also provide 2 rolls toilet paper per bathroom as an introduction only and clients are expected to buy additional quantities as needed. This is specified in our contract.

The coffee pot has been replaced. Things break in every home. If a client finds a problem they have to tell us and we will rectify it within 24 hours.

With regards to the smell of the house, we investigated this issue further and took action. Current clients at the house have told us is not a problem.

We have done our best to address every single one of Cotie’s concerns. We love providing a great home near the Strip.

Thank you for your business.

Helpful votes: 5 / 9


Had a Blast at the House & LV National Golf Club

Review submitted: March 30, 2012   Date of arrival: March 14, 2012

I came here for exercise and fresh air. I got it! When LA brings you down it's good to know Vegas is right there. We want to say thanks to Peter and Lissette for their cool home. We were in the mood to walk everywhere because the car really can trap you. We got this house because we fantasized about walking to the course. That was a good call. There really is nothing like it. We are a group of college buds who get together to swing a few. We walked to the Strip once to show that we are not sissies. Point proven, we took cabs the rest of the time.

I recommend this house for location alone. The house had it all and we left happy campers.

Helpful votes: 4 / 4


Looking for a Party House?

Review submitted: January 25, 2012   Date of arrival: November 22, 2011

This was once a lovely home, I'm sure. Now, it's perfect for a frat or bachelor party. It is comfortable and conveniently located, but has seen a bit of wear and tear. Odd smell, too. My major complaint was the slow return on our deposit.

Helpful votes: 6 / 7


Fabulous Resort-Like, Really

Review submitted: October 17, 2011   Date of arrival: August 4, 2011

We have stayed at this house twice and I look forward to being here next year. I already trust the owners and that is important to me. I am simple and this house lets me just relax.

We chose this home because it is so close the the Strip where everything happens. It took us 6 minutes to get home one night--I checked! 10-12 to get there. The pool is the greatest. I wish I had a pool at home, but... Anyway I swam and that is a great feeling in summer, especially here, it takes away the heat.

The TV people in our group liked the big screens, while I really just wanted to read outdoors and get a tan. Playing pool was great. I only do that on vacation. There is something for everybody here.

Thanks! See you next year.

Helpful votes: 6 / 6


Great Place for Business Stay - Away from Strip

Review submitted: June 23, 2011   Date of arrival: May 9, 2011

We stayed in this home for 3 nights while I attended a conference in Las Vegas. We found the house to be clean and well maintained. It was great location - away from the strip and easy to get to and from the strip, sight-seeing and the airport.

We were not able to use the pool as the weather was unsually rainy and cool, and we did not entertain in the dining room - maybe next time. We did make use of the kitchen and ate on the patio - it was great - coll, quiet and peaceful.

Just one last comment, I am a bit late in filing this review and I am a bit puzzled on the review from the folks who stayed just after us. The house was in fine working order. The shower did drain a bit slow but nothing to be alarmed about - it would finish draining before we were done towelling off. (I thought maybe the drain stepped down to a smaller size pipe and that created the "slowness".)

Again, we enjoyed our stay and hope to rent the home again.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with teenagers, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 5 / 6


We Will Stay Here Next Year

Review submitted: June 8, 2011   Date of arrival: April 10, 2011

I really don't have a lot of time, so let me be brief. THIS HOUSE IS GREAT! I enjoyed it. The master bath is just sexy--nuff said. Stone floors, I wish I had that at home. Close to the Strip. Real close. Just had a great time outside and in. Outside pool and spa, great. Inside, enough TV's to keep the kids off the streets. You will love this home. Thanks!

Recommended for: families with young children, families with teenagers, sight seeing, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 6 / 7


Great Family Home!

Review submitted: June 8, 2011   Date of arrival: May 16, 2011

This is a beautiful home. It's like being at a resort. The weather is amazingly good in Vegas for April and sitting out by the pool is so relaxing. It costs a bit more to heat the pool so we opted not to. Maybe we will come back in the dead of summer and swim like crazy--the kids would like that.

All the stuff is in the kitchen as promised and the place is kept up well. I would change a few things, but I hope they don't come to my house and critique it. The TV here is the biggest I've seen and that was good for some serious vegging out--hey I work hard---lol! The style of the house is interesting to me. This ain't Kansas, Dorothy! It is very Vegas. I like that--can get tied of the same ole.

Had a BBQ--that was fun. Kids were happy and that is what really counts. They like some of the shows here, too. The house is close to the strip. It took us only 7 minutes to get back from Cirque one night.

We are thinking of moving to Vegas and this house helped us get an idea of the town. I definitely recommend this house. Had a great time--thanks!

Recommended for: families with young children, families with teenagers

Helpful votes: 5 / 6


Good Golf Home

Review submitted: June 8, 2011   Date of arrival: May 9, 2011

We stayed at this home for 3 of the best days of my life! Well, I couldn't say that the house was entirely responsible for that, but it definitely didn't hurt. The location of the home is very good. Las Vegas National Golf Club is literally a short walk away, and since we came here for exercise, etc., I walked it. It was lovely in May, I have to say. Perhaps it would be a different story in July. More on the house. I found Peter, the owner, to be a good guy who would send help when needed. We asked for an extra cleaning because we had a small function at the house and he arranged it at a small cost. Everything worked: plumbing, electrical and appliances--which doesn't always happen. I haven't stayed in Las Vegas before but have had problems in the past with various rentals. I also can't believe how lovely it is to be in this back yard. Compared to NYC where I am from--this is Heaven!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+

Helpful votes: 4 / 5


The Right Choice

Review submitted: May 18, 2011   Date of arrival: May 13, 2011

The house was perfect for my family. We had fun Playing and swimming in the pool. The pool table was a perfect entertainment for adults and teenagers. We loved the house because it had large bedrooms, nice size kitchen and the flat screen television on the living room was a perfect touch. Perfect location just minutes away from the strip. We recommended if you have a big family, family gatherings or just getting together with friends.

Recommended for: families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, pet-friendly, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 6 / 6


Disappointed on all levels

Review submitted: May 12, 2011   Date of arrival: March 24, 2011

I'm usually not one to write reviews, let alone negative ones, however I felt the need to let others know of our stay here. We booked this house based on location, pool/spa, and the reviews (which now I realize are really old). The pool and spa were excellent. But, when we arrived we were disappointed at the up keep of this house. It wasn't very clean either. The walls need to be painted, door handles/knobs were broken and/or missing, curtains were filthy and falling off the hooks, moldy shower curtains, broken electrical outlet in the kitchen, duct tape on the front door handle, shower wouldn't drain, not enough wine glasses, champagne glasses, and silverware, kitchenware was old and in need of replacing, oven was old and didn't heat properly, etc. The house was also used as a storage facility for the owner. The owner would only communicate via text, and since he wasn't in town, he had his assistant deal with the issues. She had to come over twice: once to bring a wine bottle opener, and the other time to bring toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaner. During this visit I also showed her all these issues so we wouldn't be deemed responsible. When I addressed the shower drainage problem, the owner had his neighbor come over to attempt to fix it. Without us knowing, the neighbor came over unannounced the second night. I came back to the house by myself around 11pm and was completely caught off guard and frightened. This was completely unacceptable. I have a vacation rental, so I understand what it takes to rent a home. For my own vacation, I try to rent from other homeowners to show my support for our business. The state and condition of this house would never be acceptable to any renter I have had. During our stay we even wondered if the owner ever came to inspect the house. This house needs to be updated, cleaned up, and removed from renting until these issues are taken care of. We all felt like we were staying in a frat house, and perhaps is acceptable for other people but not us. We were not expecting a 5-star accommodation, but we were expecting a clean and kept up house. I was disappointed in the fact that here we are on vacation trying to have a relaxing and fun stay, yet having to constantly deal with issue after issue. This was unacceptable. Hopefully this review will encourage the owner to act and take care of these problems. Thank you.

Owners response: Extremely unfair review. And this is why:
1.To expect that owners have to go to the home themselves to take care of requests is beyond any sensible request from a client. People hire assistants and handymen, though we often take care of clients ourselves.
2.We never say that we provide toilet paper and other toiletries for the client’s entire stay. Our contract says they're provided as an arrival courtesy. We do provide a reasonable amount of toilet paper and paper towels to give a chance to our clients to buy their groceries and other things they need.
3.We don’t use the house as storage, this is not true. We do use the garage to keep utilities or different articles for the vacation home. Our Homeaway page says the garage is not available. And our clients have plenty of space to park on the street or driveway.
4. Nowhere do we ever say that we provide wine and champagne glasses, though we do offer some.
5.Yes, we called our neighbor for a fix up. But he's a professional handyman!! He can come in faster than anyone else we can call, even faster than our warranty, because he lives next door, and we like that our clients can get help right away. This is an advantage!
6.Our handyman went to the home at his earliest opportunity (the second day), and made sure no one was home before entering. Many clients are out on the Strip, and prefer we send in someone immediately if there is a problem. We were honestly just trying to care of her request.
7.There was a broken outlet in the kitchen, but the other ones worked. And the one that didn’t we fixed during her stay. We have plenty of forks, knives and spoons. The pans and over aren’t brand new, but they aren’t old either. They’re simply in good condition, and when they’re not, they will be replaced.
8.The house is always in clean condition. We have 2 maids who clean for five hours before clients arrive. And we often stay in the house in between clients to inspect the home. All door knobs work too. Yes, there was ONE cabinet knob that was a little loose during her stay, and our handyman took care of it.
9.We actually talked to her on the phone several times. But there is no wine opener, no toiletries, no handyman, no assistant, NOTHING, absolutely nothing, that can make a client like this happy.
This is not a review that was not written to encourage us to act, it was just written to be mean. She sounds more like a competitor, we’re surprised she didn’t add her contact info.

Helpful votes: 7 / 9


D-Day in Vegas 2010

Review submitted: October 21, 2010   Date of arrival: October 13, 2010

I rented this home for my birthday celebration and invited a few girlfriends to join me in Vegas for the weekend. What an awesome experience!!! I truly did not know what to expect by doing business online, but it was such a pleasant experience and I'm soooo glad that we stayed in this beautiful home!!

Peter offered such great customer service that my mother has stated that she can't wait to book this property again for a longer stay!!

The property is beautiful! Everything was awesome! The only minor concern that we had was about the security. Since it was only females for the visit, we were a little nervous about the sliding glass doors not being able to be locked. Of course, there were security bars on those doors that would not allow for access into the house, but I think we would have felt a little more safe knowing that the doors could lock. However, once we got past that initial concern, we relaxed into the weekend and had a great time!

The house was clean and everything that you could need for your stay was provided. I would definitely recommend this house to my friends and family! Matter of fact, as I stated earlier, we're trying to figure out when our next trip will be.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 9 / 9

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best vegas villa so far

Review submitted: September 13, 2010   Date of arrival: August 25, 2010

thanks for your reply, yes we did have a great time in your villa, we are so glad we booked it as we all felt as a family two weks on the strip would have been too much, it was nice to relax every morning and have a coffee sat out side and because we are early risers we enjoyed some sunbathing and a swim each morning, we enjoyed having all local amenities nearby we made good use of the boulyevard shops, we ticked a lot of our boxes of things we wanted to do, we hired a power boat and jet ski spending the day at lake mead, we visited hoover dam, drove to grand canyon, took in a total of 3 shows phantom of the opera, lion king and cirque du soleil (ka), we spent a night in the mgm and then our last night in the luxor to relax before heading home we had a swedish massage and chilled before the long flight back home, we enjoyed your home very much, we found walmart great for doing a shop, we never got round to going to the other one you mentioned as walmart is the same as our asda here in england you can get everything you need there. we left quite a bit of frozen food in the freezer and some goodies in the fridge for either yourselfs or maid as it was a shame to put them all inthe bin, it was great you had 4 wheelie bins as we nearly filled them all. hope to book again in the near future take care and thanks

Helpful votes: 3 / 3

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Thank you

Review submitted: September 7, 2010   Date of arrival: August 18, 2010

Your house in Las Vegas was beautiful, thank you for letting us stay there.
I made sure everything was back to how it was.

Helpful votes: 3 / 3

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Thank you so much

Review submitted: September 7, 2010   Date of arrival: June 15, 2008

Once again I'd like to thank you all for your hospitality last year. My group and I just returned from Florida. The experience made me appreciate you all even more. The house was nice, but there were practically no amenities.
Everything we touched fell apart. We all made the comparison between dealing with the two different houses and hosts. You
all by far are still our favorites. If you ever go outside of the Nevada market, please let us know.

Helpful votes: 3 / 3

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Las Vegas Rental

Review submitted: September 7, 2010   Date of arrival: August 11, 2010

Once again, my group had an amazing time in Las Vegas and the house was just perfect.

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


strip and sightseeing this house ideal

Review submitted: September 1, 2009   Date of arrival: August 10, 2009

Great house ,area quiet ,near strip but far enough away not to bother you,easy access to freeway for sightseeing trips.Near a Mall but did not feel comfortable there much better ones nearby try them.had to buy a kettle the British like their water for tea boiled in a kettle.The pool is great only one sunlounger and one chair recliner that side a let down!.On a more serious note security around the back needs to be sorted out no problems but had to take money and passports with us when we went out owners will know what l mean,if that sorted go back tomorrow.

Recommended for: families with teenagers, sight seeing

Owners response: We do appreciate this review. We just have a couple of thoughts about it.
One is that it says in the review that in the backyard there are only two recliner chairs. However, the backyard does have many other kind of chairs, more than 10 overall, including a table for 4, where people can have breakfast, lunch, etc.
We had more reclining chairs right before this client and they were recently damaged, so we just added one, and now we have 3 reclining chairs and 10-12 other kind of chairs.
Regarding security, the home is surrounded by 8' foot walls and no one can look in (not even the neighbors). We also have neighbors on every side, so it would be very hard for anyone to just jump in the backyard. We also have two LOCKED TALL gates going to the backyard.
We have sliding glass doors going to the pool, but it is part of allowing renters to enjoy the pool view. In our opinion, it adds to the great feeling of being on vacation.

Helpful votes: 2 / 4


Perfect for families with kids of all ages

Review submitted: April 20, 2009   Date of arrival: April 6, 2009

We loved the house, it is close to the strip and close to everything we needed. The tips Lizetter left for us were very useful.Id definitely recomend it.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with young children, families with teenagers, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Wonderful location/good customer relations

Review submitted: January 15, 2009   Date of arrival: January 5, 2009

Our family of 9, 4 adults, and 5 children just returned from our trip and rental of this property. The views of the Stratosphere out front are great, and the pool for the kids was a life saver. This is a perfect rental for those wishing to be close enough to the strip to axxess it quickly/easily, but far enough away to get away from the hustle & bustle. We had a few questions/concerns whils staying, and the owners were prompt and more than happy to address/fix any problems/questions. I would strongly recommend this property for the price/location and accomodations.D.Rhodes

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 7 / 7


Vegas Birthday Getaway

Review submitted: June 30, 2008   Date of arrival: June 19, 2008

Several of my friends and I stayed here for my birthday. It was perfect. You're always nervous making arrangements on the internet, but this property and it's owners were all they stated and more. When we first pulled up to the house, we were concerned. It looked so much smaller than the photos. Once we open the door, we were pleasantly surprised. The home was beautiful and most of all clean! The owners provided just about everything we needed for our stay except food. Peter/Lissette/Kelly were very pleasant and easy to work with. We enjoyed this so much, we are going to make it an annual thing. Thanks so much Peter, Lissette and Kelly!!! We look forward to working with you again in six months.

Stephanie in KC

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, girls getaway, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 8 / 8


Nice place to stay

Review submitted: May 13, 2008   Date of arrival: May 2, 2008

Very nice property, Lived up to the description, plus included extras like beautiful bone china tea cups. This is an elegant home with appointments sturdy enough to stand up to the the children, aged 15 to 3 years, that attended our family reunion. Location is very good. Quiet neighborhood, that is close to main streets for easy access to airport, Strip and Fremont Street. Owners very accessible and obliging. I would certainly recommend this property.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway

Helpful votes: 8 / 9


A very relaxing place to end an action packed day

Review submitted: December 19, 2007   Date of arrival: October 1, 2007

I like the convenience of the location a lot, the house close to the Convention Center, the Strip (and Starbucks) in an area that felt safe to stay in.

The Mall and Grocery store are a short drive away, so it was easy to get the all things we needed to stock the kitchen. I also liked that if people in our group wanted to do some shopping on their own it was really easy for them to navigate the few blocks to the mall. (We had 6 Independent Adults in our group).

There is plenty of parking at the house and I liked that the house had a lock on the front door with a number code, instead of a key lock. This meant that everyone in our group could come and go as they needed to and we didn't have to worry about who had (or didn't have) the key.

The house had very clean bathrooms and the beds had comfortable bedding. I enjoyed having a private pool and we used both the outside pool and the indoor pool table. We ran out of time and didn't get to use the BBQ (next year)!!

The pictures for this property are very honest and not embellished. I liked what I saw in the pictures and was even more impressed when I saw the house in person. The house is a very relaxing place to end another action packed day in Vegas.

I have booked the house again for next year and look forward to making this the place I stay when I come to Vegas for my annual corporate events. The owners are really nice people and very easy to deal with.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 31 / 31


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