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5 Bedrms/3 BathsTakoma Park/Hyattsville Rentals, MD-DC
  • bedrooms  5
  • pool  no
  • type  House
  • baths  3
  • hot tub  no
  • community 
  • sleeps  16
  • pets allowed  no
  • rates (USD) $319 - $395 /nt
    $1,775 - $2,498 /wk

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Great Vacation

Review submitted: July 8, 2013   Date of arrival: July 4, 2013

My family and I arrived on July 4th and we were amazed at the place. The Grand View is very spacious and clean. We were only a few minutes away from Washington,DC and its many attractions. Odette was very warm and kind and she returned our calls promptly. We have found our vacation home and will be coming back for years to come.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Owners response: We thank you for selecting the Grand-View for your vacation accommodation and we were pleased to have you and your guests. We definitely appreciate your business. Thank you for making this a great experience for you and your guests and we'll continue to serve all our customers to the best of our knowledge. Thank You!

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Nice place

Review submitted: June 25, 2013   Date of arrival: May 27, 2013

I and my family visited Washington DC from May 27 through June 3 and we
stayed at the Grand-View. We just loved the house and the service rendered
to us by Ms. Odette. She was available by phone and we had wonderful time
at her property. We entertained many of our friends until late at night
without the neighbor bothering us. The area was safe and we had no incident
whatsoever. The property had a lot of space and we were agreeably served. I
will recommend this property to travelers. My colleague will be renting the
same property for her daughter’s graduation this June. Thank you Ms. Odette
and keep up with the good job.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with young children, families with teenagers, pet-friendly, romantic getaway

Owners response: We thank you for choosing the Grand-View for your travel accommodation and we definitely appreciate your business. Thank You!

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Headache Vacation

Review submitted: May 21, 2013   Date of arrival: March 30, 2013

Spring break is a time to have fun together with family, kids, and friends, but renting this house was a headache for us. We have rent vacation home in many places, this was the first time we were requested to pay the service fee to PayPal for the transaction of an expensive week rent. I followed owner's instruction and paid 3% service fee to PayPal, but later the owner claimed I was short paying her $11.22 and refused to show the receipt of the transaction. Instead, the owner told me to talk to PayPal to resolve the issue. I then requested PayPal to investigate the dispute and found out that I actually overpaid her $12.22. With an unpleasant beginning in renting this vacation home, I wanted to cancel the contract to get a full refund right away. Nevertheless, the owner didn't reply for 3 weeks until the day before our departure from San Francisco to D.C. She called me and said she had other people interested in renting the house and she could give us a full refund. With little time to find another place for 13 people, we decided to keep our original plan to stay at this house, hoping we would have a very nice vacation.

Our friend in DC had informed us that Takoma Park/Hyattsville wasn't a good area, but this two level house was located in a quiet cu-de-set and grocery shopping was quite convenient. But a couple issues were found during our stay. The lower level has 2 bedrooms and a utility room, the insulation fiber glass in the utility room was exposed to the air, creating a health hazard and there is a sign on the utility door saying: "Don't close the door". Also, the wall was not sound-proof. The noise from the water heater and furnace kept people in the next room awake at night. This forced us to give up the room next to the utility room and squeeze its occupants in to other rooms. There were also cockroaches in the house and some items needed to be fixed. For example, the bathroom door of the master bedroom couldn't be shut(closed), the tissue holder was broken, the towel holder in the downstairs bathroom was broken, some of the mini blinds needed repair, etc. During our one week stay, there were not enough restroom tissue paper. We called the owner and she said whatever there is that is her offer. We need to buy it our own if there is not enough.

We're glad we're home now and we don't want to go back to this house again with this price and service.

Owners response: Your information are not accurate because the normal processing charge is 3% but given the volume of sale, we are given out of courtesy a discount rate which we pass on to customers which explains why you were refunded $11.22 but this was applied after your full payment was received and I could have not known that in advance. I did offer you the opportunity to withdraw your reservation and get full refund the moment you placed your dispute through and that’s because we were able to find a buyer for your space but don’t forget that your dispute came close to the time of your arrival and we did our best to try to provide you with alternative solutions even though we were not obligated to do so. The house was conveniently prepared for you and there is nothing that we advertise that we do not provide but you wanted us to have additional items which we never advertise and you were told that those items were the sole responsibility of the customers and that we only make those items available to you for a day or two to allow you settle and that include things like trash bags, soaps, and so forth. In addition, you were given the full address of the property prior to your purchase to google and research the area at your free will. The information pertaining to the property was disclosed to you and your questions answered to the best of our knowledge and we believe to have serviced you to the best of our knowledge as we always do with all our customers and your damage deposit was refunded in full. You and guests stayed for the length of your vacation and we responded to most of your calls and there was no major complaint for which we had to take action for. Mini blinds were not broken but slightly out of range and we have changed them multiple times We thank you and we stay tune to hear from you.

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Great Vacation

Review submitted: September 14, 2012   Date of arrival: August 2, 2012

This is our review of the Grand-View Takoma Park/Hyattsville-MD which a friend living in the region of Maryland recommended to us. We were a total of 10 residents including 4 children age 2 to 14 coming from Dallas, Texas. We stayed at the property for 13 days from August 2 to August 14, 2012 during our visit in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We truly appreciate the efforts that Ms. Odette took to help us commute to our various destinations, she was prompt in answering our questions, and she even called to check on us. The house exceeded our expectation, laundry detergent as well as other accessories such printer cartridge and papers were all provided to us; the house was clean and neat, and the things we were already available for our use. We liked the property because it made our commute easy and nearby were malls and restaurants provided that the property is located at the boundaries of 2 states *Washington DC and Maryland) and 2 Counties (Montgomery Cty and Prince George’s County) . In the evening, we used to walk our children to the park and come back almost nigh time by feet, and we never felt unsafe. Actually, the next day upon our arrival, we had the privilege to be invited by the next door neighbor who had a picnic in honor of his birthday. We made up our mind and attended the event. We and the children had a good time and learn that he was Computer Network Engineer and his wife, an Educator who migrated to USA 28 years and were now naturalized US citizen. We basically had good time and we recommend the Grand-View property to many people visiting the area. We found the price affordable and we enjoyed the extra kitchen and both dining and living room on each floor..

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, romantic getaway

Owners response: We thank you and we appreciate your business,

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unsafe neighborhood

Review submitted: August 10, 2012   Date of arrival: May 28, 2012

the neighborhood appeared unsafe and unkept. The houses across the street have bars on them. Trash in the neighbors yard, grass uncut, trash in the street. The house had an bad odor and appeared dirty. The airconditioner didnt work for the first 2 nights. the temperature in the house was 80 degrees, very uncomfortable. Would not recommend this house to anyone.

Owners response: This is in response to the client who posted a bad review. This client called to let me know that the A/C was not working and I told him that it functioned perfectly because I had Sears technicians for the maintenance service and cleaning of the ducts, registers, and coils 2 weeks prior to his arrival but he insisted for me to send a technician over who inspected the furnace and related equipment and wrote his report that the A/C worked great and at optimum but this customer had changed the settings causing it to run slow. Later on, the customer told me that he was happy with the A/C. He was told that $50 would be taken out of his damage deposit to cover the technician’s transportation since there was no problem with the A/C; he then attempted to reverse the payment he made to me without success on website where he initially made his payment. We have sent him the remaining of his damage deposit in the amount of $200 but he claimed not to have received it and we too have not received the mail which had our return address and so we asked him to be patient while we work at resolving the issue; it is our policy for the customer to wait for the period of 30 days before issuing another refundable deposit check to the customer just in case if the first check could be delivered. The customer got mad and the threatened me to post a bad review against my business. How come he is one out of the hundred customers I have had over during the course of several years at the same property who is promoting a negative review against my property. I have very good reviews posted to show that this customer fabricated his story. We will refund his damage deposit after the period of 30 days if by then he has not received the check mailed to him.

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weekend stay

Review submitted: October 17, 2011   Date of arrival: October 14, 2011

I stayed here for the weekend with some friends and the house is more than a perfect place to stay. It is furnished beyond expected and spacious. Everyone that stayed was comfortable and Ms. Odette was more than willing to accomodate our needs and I told Christine that we will agree to stay here again. Thank you sooo much.

Recommended for: families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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What a beautiful home.

Review submitted: April 14, 2011   Date of arrival: March 31, 2011

We came down with a very large group of people and had a very nice stay here. Having a printer hooked up to the computer was a life saver in regards to printing out directions and registration forms for our conference and such. The house is very nice and comfortable and convenient. The second kitchen was ideal for us since one of us was vending at the conference and needed the extra food storage space. We will definitely consider this house for future stays in the DC area.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, romantic getaway

Owners response: Dear Valuable Customer,
We want to thank you so much for the your reviews. It has helped us established our credibility and professionalism. We certainly appreciate your business and look forward to receive you again as our preferred customer. Thank you!
Sincerely yours,
Odette Dika, Property Manager

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Guest Comment entered by owner

Response from Maintenance Call

Review submitted: September 23, 2010   Date of arrival: July 6, 2010

I am Kent writing to testified on my interaction with Mr. Terry’s Call on 7/3/2010. But let me begin by saying I am a long-time employee of the United States government and a Part-time Handyman/Plumber. I lived a couple blocks from the Vacation rental property and have worked for the owner as a contractor for several years. Ms. Odette is a particularly dedicated person both to her business and ministry. She is highly respected and appreciated in the neighborhood for taking care of youth and helping around. In regard to my interaction with her customer, I was called in to fix both the alarm system that went off even though it was to disarm and the battery that beeped; the handle inside was broken. I also checked the A/C that he complained about and found out that the new filter just put in was dirty. I told Ms. Odette that I believed that they were tempering with appliances because the default settings of the electronic A/C system were set off; she suggested that I remove the battery of the alarm until we could fix the broken handle to keep it for beeping but her customer turned offensive with words To avoid any confrontation that presume could go ugly; I left with the battery. Next day, she called to stop by her property after she received Mr. Terry’s call. I found out that he had already left; she then asked me do a thorough workout of the house including testing all appliances; I spent about 40 minutes in the property doing just that and found no problems with the house; the house in good condition . Ms. Odette told me to look at the instruction she left on the coffee table and it clearly instruct customers on the use of appliances plus it states that there no customers’ intervention required to set the alarm and that by default it is already set therefore the code is not available.

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Owner's Response To Terry's Complaint

Review submitted: September 23, 2010   Date of arrival: July 5, 2010

House/Video avail. Space limited to post full report; ask for it by email. Terry is entitled to his opinion but it's legally & morally wrong to sabotage a credible business. His allegations are unfounded, & untrue. In working alarm/system. W/o code, he set it off w/ the battery beeping non-stop; broke the handle inside. His interaction w/ my Tech who's Hi-Tech Gov’t staff + P/T Handyman/Plumber turned sour when he removed battery to keep him fr. breaking it further; it escalated to offensive words. The Tech then left. Next day, he called but had left. My Tech did a workout of the house & found all things working perfectly well. I interrogated my neighbors; they were outraged by his misrepresentation of their quiet neighborhood & unanimously stated that nothing that odious happened & if so why the police was not at the sight. They inferred that Terry cooked his stories based on his resentment & biases of them; so they want him to remove his false statements. My call to the police confirmed that no incidence was reported; I was told that our area of the town was quiet except for some fights by youth. Some neighbors were outside barbecuing & saw nothing suspicious but 2 boys age 10, playing around. W/ no evidence, a refund could not be issued but we made offers out of courtesy; he declined. We closed this case & moved on. Purchased brand-new in 2000, the house was fully renovated in 2009; furniture/ appliances are new. It is always clean; Linen /utensils washed for next customer. We take pride in caring for our guests by offering w/ prompt service. We want them happy & so our reputation stands; we go the extra mile to fulfill our promise to them. What makes the area attractive: space, privacy; tranquility; sharing a boundary between 2 States (MD&DC) & 2 Counties providing a unique advantage for commute w/ 3 subways nearby. Customers are entitled to full disclosure of the property: MapQuest; full address; appoint. visits; Terry failed to research on his preference's area but instead blame on us. This area is increasingly middle class w/ an outlook on cultural diversity + year-around festivities. My cleaning lady threw moth balls to avoid humidity but Terry alluded to mice repellent. MD State requires security/bars on deck-doors, his view is many burglaries. Due to false alarms to police charging us money each time, we disarmed device; still it works w/ sensor; so no intervention is needed; he failed to read the instruction posted and instead blame on us...

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Great experience and service

Review submitted: September 23, 2010   Date of arrival: June 22, 2010

My husband and I often come to the Washington D.C area for business. This summer, we wanted to do something with other friends. We came as a group of 8people including 3 children. The house offered exactly what was stated on the website. We were very pleased with the service we received at the house. I know this review is overdue but I have to let people in on this great place in D.C. The house was clean, nicely decorated and offered a warm and cozy feeling for a family. The neighborhood is located at 5minutes from the metro. The drive to downtown D.C is only 20 minutes; which allowed us to visit many sites. The property is only 10minutes from another lovely city Silver Spring. It offered many nice restaurants, free summer concerts which we enjoyed. The house has a large backyard for children to play. It is summer ready with a grill, a patio you name it.

The alarm system was a great relief because it offered a sense of added security (the place is very safe). The house allowed my friends and I to have privacy because it is a duplex. It is a great house for families or even just a weekend getaway. I would recommend this property to anyone coming to Washington D.C.

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Excellent choice for a small budget!

Review submitted: September 22, 2010   Date of arrival: May 25, 2010

We were in Silver Spring for 5 nights, visiting from Orlando and the house really made the experience fantastic
I am pleased to recommend people to this vacation rental property because the house is beautiful and had most the things we expected to have; dinnerware, clean linen, and utensils were provided on the 2 floors including soap, detergents, toothpaste, cleaning products, paper towels, and so forth. I am glad we did not have to buy them. On our first impression of the area, we were pleased with the area and its surroundings because of the convenience it provided and also it seemed so quiet. We were at that property from May 25 to May 31, 2010 coming from Florida that I am from; we were a group of 9 including 4 children and 5 adults. We were very pleased with the nice house well maintained, comfortable, spacious, and neat. We rented the Grand-view model and we enjoyed both the comfort of this house provides and the tranquility around. The minor thing we did not like, the TV in the master bedroom operated manually and not with a remote control; we tried to read the manual to get the 2 remote controls to work but we were not able to. Ms. Odette told her that she was working on purchasing a new TV.
Overall, she and her staff were available and responsive and that alone made a big difference for us. We enjoyed cooking since we had 2 new kitchens available to us. This property exceeded my expectation in many ways; that’s why I recommend it and rate it an excellent property. Keep up with the good work, MS. Odette!
I could not have asked for a better location.

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2 story house Hyattsville

Review submitted: September 21, 2010   Date of arrival: July 24, 2010

Very nice house. Clean. Looks better than in the pictures. Nice bed and bathrooms.1 pc was out of order. Nice calm neighbourhood, nice neighbour. Location is a bit far from the city, with public transportation around 1/2 to 3/4 hour. Bus stop to Fort Totten about a 5 min walk. Good service from the home owner.

Recommended for: families with teenagers, sight seeing

Owners response: Dear Customer
We value your review because you make us proud of want to go the extra mile to do more in term of quality service, and comfort. Thak you!

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There's a reason this house is always available.

Review submitted: July 23, 2010   Date of arrival: July 2, 2010

Website forces me to abbreviate, so my post can't do justice to how bad this dump was.

Don't make the same mistake we did. Make sure you THOROUGHLY research and are familiar with the surrounding areas of Washington DC to know which areas are nice and safe. We failed to throughly research this and ended up staying in this crime-infested armpit. My wife and kids are still having nightmares about staying here.

We had a bad feeling on our way to the house as the GPS told us we were a mile away and there were pawn shops on every corner and safety bars on all the windows of every house and every business in the area. Highlights:

- Strong stench of mothballs and mouse repellent everywhere. Guess why?

- Most of the electronics in the house did not work. Only 1 TV in the house worked. The computer did not work. The security system did not work (and trust this neighborhood, you want a security system). When I tried to set it, the alarm sounded and I couldn't turn it off. When I called to complain, she couldn't remember the code to turn it off. She told me it's not supposed to be used, despite the fact that this website advertises it as one of the house features.

- The air conditioning did not work. It was 99 degrees during the July 4th weekend so this was kind of a big deal. When I called to complain, she sent out a maintenance man. He was clueless. He played with a few buttons, told me the blower motor was working so everything was OK. I told him that was fine and dandy except for the fact that no cold air was coming out of the vents, he shrugged and left.

-But the biggest problem was how unsafe we felt while we were there. When we came home one evening, someone was in the back yard appearing to be trying to look into the windows, and he ran away when we pulled into the driveway. Then around 10pm one night, 2 cars pulled up in front of the house and 2 men got out and started walking around the back of the house. I think they were intending to visit the neighbors but, we had no idea what they were trying to do, so my kids paniced that someone was trying to break into the house. Finally around 3am that morning, we heard very loud fighting followed by a woman's screams from next door. Then heard 2 cars squeal tires leaving. My kids were too scared to sleep the rest of the night. Left the next morning - 1 day early. She refused to refund me the last day's rent.

Owners response: We simply don't upgrade our calendar as we use to do. When customers end their inquiries we reply to them directly about the dates' availability. Thank you!

Property/Unit : 67343 "Takoma Park/Hyattsville-Vacation Rentals MD-DC"

Property Location: USA, Maryland, Takoma Park

Reviewer Location: Hyattsville, MD

Date of Arrival: Jul 3, 2010

Review Rating : 4/5

Review Title : "Property#67343"


My Name is Kent, I am a Part-time Handyman/Plumber in addition to holding a full-time job. I lived a couple blocks from the vacation rental property and have performed minor repairs for the owner, Odette. Odette is a particularly dedicated person both to her business and ministry. She is highly respected and appreciated in the neighborhood for taking care of youth and helping around. In regard to my interaction with her customer, I was called in to check the alarm system that went off and battery continuously beeping even although it was supposed to be disarmed and only activated through the sensor; the hinges on the alarm door were broken. I then checked the A/C that he complained about and found that the new filter just put in was dirty. I told Odette that I believed that someone may have been tampering with appliances because the default settings of the electronic A/C system was set off; Ms. Odette requested that I remove the battery from the alarm and keep it with me until we could fix the broken handle to keep it from beeping. To avoid a possible obvious confrontation, I walked away. The next day, she called to ask me to stop by her property with her after she received a call from Terry. This is when I was informed that he had already left. Odette then asked me do a walk threw of the house and test the appliances; I spent about 40 minutes in the property doing just that found no problems with the house. Odette told me to look at the instruction she left on the coffee table and it clearly instruct customers on the use of appliances plus it states that there the customers’ intervention is not required to set the alarm and that by default it is already set to work on the sensor therefore the code was not to be available but to call for assistance.

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