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Downtown Walk to Aquarium, GA Dome, Phillips
  • bedrooms  0
  • pool  no
  • type  Studio
  • baths  1
  • hot tub  no
  • community 
  • sleeps  4
  • pets allowed  yes
  • rates (USD) $105 - $105 /nt
    $1,100 - $1,100 /mth

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Pictures are deceiving

Review submitted: July 7, 2014   Date of arrival: July 3, 2014

The place is really nice... But the area is not. It is at the 5 points station downtown and located where all the homeless are. We had people knocking on our room door all day and harassing us. We did not feel safe at all. After contacting the owner to tell her, she never contacted us back. Also the first day we get there she gave us the wrong instructions to check in. So we had to wait outside in downtown Atlanta at midnight because that is the time we arrived. She said she would be there in 5 min and she look nearly 30 min. During that time we had numerous homeless harrass us. Once in the apartment we found black mold all over the ceiling. Again we contacted the owner and still has not returned a call. I will say the inside of the apartment was really clean besides the moldy roof

Owners response: Mold - THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY MOLD IN THE UNIT. IT’S INSULATION – the whole entire building has insulation that is not covered with a drop ceilings. The intent is to make it look more loft-like. I have posted this in the unit, told the fella personally over the phone. What more can I do? The unit looks EXACTLY the same way it looks in the pictures and video. In fact it’s better than the pictures. The bathroom has been redone with a new vanity, mirror and toilet and those pictures have not been updated. Still I did not receive one phone call about black mold before of after they started partying like it was 1999. It gets better keep reading.

Knocks on the Door - He told me there were there were two people including him that were staying in the unit. After my manager dropped off the keys she told me there were 4 girls and 1 guy all appearing to be under the age of 25. Good for him but it ended up bad for me. That was a mistake letting him stay after his lied on his inquiry. The unit is 450 square feet it is not intended to house 5 young adults.

After entering the unit when they left I discovered three trash bags filled with empty vodka bottles, wine and beer. This is a residence not a girls gone wild movie set. After investigating the knocks on the door, I was told they were loud, obnoxious and up all hours of the night. They were also smoking which is not allowed in the unit.Who still smokes? Fella They were bothered by the loud noises coming out of this condo at all hours of the night. That is why they were knocking

Area - I cannot control the outside of the building but I have told people that Atlanta does have a visible homeless problem. Its on the check in instructions. However within 2 blocks of the unit there are three police precincts. There are two other high rise residential units in the area, tons of city workers walking around throughout the day. Panhandling may be an annoying part of an urban downtown environment but I have never had a guest fearful for their safety.

I can only tell you that the guests were not from an urban environment and I’m sure this might have been quite a shock.

Phone Calls - I received ONE phone call from this fella and that was at 1:00 am telling me he was leaving. He is right I did not call him back that night. Unfortunately I was asleep and he should have been too. I called him back one day later after he left. He asked for a refund and unfortunately I could not provide him with one.

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We loved it

Review submitted: June 15, 2014   Date of arrival: May 14, 2014

5 of us stayed in this apartment! I loved it. The owner and her partner were very helpful! I remember being locked out at one point and they were there within 5 minutes to open the door. Both owners were nice and responded to our emails promptly.

Good Points:
The apartment was clean and comfortable with lots of additions provided such a towels, tissues, bin bags, cutlery etc!
Yes it is in quite a.. funny area in regards to lots of homeless etc but the apartment itself is so safe. It works like a hotel, you need a key to get in the main entrance, a key to get into the life, and they key needed again for your actual apartment. So no worries there!
There are two nicely sized beds with another bed underneath which can be pulled out. Lots of choice to eat and the marta is a 3 minute walk which is great if you are tourists like us without a car.

Bad points, things such as the crazy amount of homeless and the nearby train station did not bother us once. But i've noticed in the other reviews it bothered them so it all depends on the person.
Sometimes the hot water wasnt hot.

All in all, I would recommend this place. Thank you and will definetly be seeing you soon! XX

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

Owners response: Unfortunately they told me that there would only be four people staying and this space is limited to four people per the contract but I was told by several people in the building that upwards to six people were staying in the unit. Now I know that there were five people. Back to back showers for five people in a unit that support four TOPS means that the hot water is going to get cold at some point. The easy way to prevent this is just give yourself sometime between showers.

This is an urban city environment with all types of people walking around including homeless. There are some people that just hang out downtown regularly that may be mistaken for homeless if you are not familiar with the area. There are also three Atlanta police precincts representing three different branches of police within 3 blocks of the condo.

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The pros and cons

Review submitted: April 21, 2014   Date of arrival: April 12, 2014

Comfortable beds
Some food/spices
Ice cube trays
Smells nice
All the pillows
Britta water jug
Toilet flushes easy

No potholders
Low water pressure
Small cups
Only large bowls
7am train
Bathroom tile
Top dresser drawer sticks
One ply toilet paper
Slow to communicate

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Great location

Review submitted: March 18, 2014   Date of arrival: February 22, 2014

The location was great, and the condo was nice! But the communication between me and the owner wasn't so great. Needs better communication!

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This place was nice and comfy

Review submitted: March 13, 2014   Date of arrival: March 7, 2014

This place was very comfortable. Not only were there two beds as mentioned but a small sofa and pull out mattresses under the bed as well. Atlanta Underground was literally 2 min away walking distance. The tv in the room was small but the antenna picked up plenty of channels. My only complaint is that the hot water goes out fast in the shower but thats not the owners fault. It came back in min though. This place is perfect for a girls weekend like we had. If you are intimidated by the homeless, this may not be the best place for you because there presence is heavy. But they didnt bother us once we said no. Also there were plenty of police around. I will definately return to this condo!!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Not at all what we expected, wound not recommend.

Review submitted: September 26, 2013   Date of arrival: September 15, 2013

From the start I should have seen it coming. Most reviews we read had good things to say about this property, only a few reflected the reality of what the property was actually like. Before arriving we had questions we needed answers to, common check in and checkout questions, like where to pick up the key. None of these were answered, just ignored. When I finally called I was told to look at my check in instructions, which were not sent to me till after our chat. They always were very eager to get off the phone, seemed like we were a bother to them. So we land on Sunday, arrive at the key pickup location and proceeded to buzz the given address. 2 tries and no answer, luckily we had a cell phone and called the lady, after that she finally buzzed us in. We had told them of our arrival time, so they should have been expecting us. Finally we get the key and head to the condo. Nice, safe building. Very rough neighborhood. We did not walk around there after dark. Locals we meet at the coffee shop told us to stay in or call a taxi after dark. We were not expecting this at all. We are young 30-somethings that don't scare easily. So onto the actual apartment. At first glance it was quant, bright with big windows. It was very warm in there; the A/C is set to 74f and must be kept there. Way to warm for us. We noticed the ear plugs when we first checked in, seemed peculiar; at 7am it all made sense. There are train tracks right below and all around, we both were startled from our first nights rest by screaming trains. Other then the trains and heat, it was a comfortable night; at least the mattress was nice. So back to the condos condition, there was some sign of a cleaning person, but not a very good one. The mirrors had smears of something on them, the shower curtain had white stains all over it, the sink was mostly clean, small hairs and other "things" were still behind the faucet in the bathroom. Not huge cleaning issues, just made us question the cleanliness of the condo as a whole. The wireless was not working for 4 days, I messaged our contact person the first night and did not get any answer till I called on Wednesday and left a message. There was just 4 towels, no dry cloths for dishes, 1 garbage bag and a whole bunch of Single ply toilet paper. Every corner that could be cut, was. Only 2 of 4 windows opened. I took lots of pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them. If you have low exceptions this is the place for you.

Recommended for: sight seeing, tourists without a car

Owners response: Internet - First off the claim that the wireless was not working for 4 days – The tenants did not read the directions on the wall and called me twice on the wrong number after hours to get instructions. They had my direct line but chose to call the answering service. When I called them back I repeated the same instructions that were on the wall in the apartment and they internet worked. I know interent is more important than food these days but do you think that is fair that you blame me for this because you did not follow directions?

Towels - We supply 4 towels since it is for 4 people. We don’t have the staff available like a hotel to replenish your towels daily. However if requested I would have personally brought more towels to you. It was never requested but you complain about it after you leave.

Windows - All of the windows open. All of them. I ask that you don't open all the windows because they are large, unwieldy and big enough for a child to jump out of. A hotel has all the windows bolted down. We at least allow two to be opened. This is what is requested in the contract it does not mean they they don't work. ITS ON PURPOSE.

Safety – there are four police agencies that service this Area. Georgia State police is less than block, Marta police was right in back of the apartment There are TWO APD police precincts within 3 blocks of the apartment . The building itself has a DOUBLE locked entry and locked entry to the elevator., cameras and a concierge. If you aren't used to an urban environment then I suppose homeless people can be intimidating. However, it has the lowest crime rate of any area in Atlanta proven by statistics not conjecture. Why? Because the city depends on downtown for conventions, meetings, etc. With any walkable environment you want to be cautious after dark. It's just common sense. I wouldn't say this advice means the area is dangerous. It just means don't walk around mindlessly at 2 am.

Miscommunication – As soon as you booked we sent out instruction on how to retrieve the keys. I'm not sure what you are talking about. You had no problems picking up the keys. As a matter of fact I allowed you checked in EARLY.

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Wonderful Stay

Review submitted: September 5, 2013   Date of arrival: August 29, 2013

We stayed at the condo for four days. We were three adults (a fourth could have easily been accommodated, though).
Our stay was fantastic and we readily enjoyed being so close to everything downtown and the MARTA station.
Everything was clean and organized. Self check out was easy and loved the fact that we had a parking pass.
Hopefully, we'll be able to reserve another vacation there soon. I think this is going to be our go to place from now on.
Thanks for having us!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

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A fine place to stay!

Review submitted: July 31, 2013   Date of arrival: July 25, 2013

It was nothing fancy but worked well for us. It is right in the heart of everything going on in Downtown Atlanta. It was clean and neat. It was also nice and cool! The beds were very comfortable! It is about 2 blocks out of the "comfort zone" of all of the hotels but we did not have a problem! There are lots of great little places to eat that we found out about on our last day. Building is very secure and I felt very safe!

Recommended for: tourists without a car

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Loved It

Review submitted: July 10, 2013   Date of arrival: July 6, 2013

I am giving this 5 stars. There were some issues but not anything that would be the fault of the condo owner. First let me say that I am a property manager so it's nice to get out some times and see how everyone else does it! First- the parking garage is one block from the condo- convenient- yet it took me two hours and 45 minutes (yes, that is correct!) to get my truck parked. They were filming "Solace" in downtown at Five Points and between closed roads, one way roads and the fact they were filming right in front of the parking garage this was a total hot mess. There are homeless people, there are a lot of police....almost anytime I went outside I could see a policeman.
The unit was nice with a large fridge and freezer, the bedding was nice. We don't watch tv so I never checked about cable because I don't care. The Internet was very spotty on a laptop but worked great on an iphone. The location cannot be beat. The building is very secure. The price was perfect and I would stay again in a heartbeat- for the $ spent it was well worth putting up with some exterior unavoidable hassles. The only thing I would complain to the manager about was that the a/c needed to be kept at 74 which I considered warm. Great time for us.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with teenagers, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Convenient Location

Review submitted: June 20, 2013   Date of arrival: June 13, 2013

First I want to say the point of contact was very, very nice, accessible and helpful. She did everything she could to correct issues and ensure our stay was a good one.

The location is very convenient for down town activities and the Marta station is very close if you want to go other places.

The building is located in an area that a few homeless people hanging around. There is a good police presence and we never had any issues, but for some people it can be uncomfortable. You do have secured access into the building and into the elevator.

The room is a fairly small studio. It was more than adequate for us since we were not in the room a lot. It appears that some renovations have been done and some more still need to be done. If you are looking for a 5 star type of accommodations this is not it. Many of the fixtures/furnishings are older or if new are of a contractor grade material. These are not bad but not top of the line type things. It does seem that they are in the process of upgrading.

The one thing that I was disappointed with was the lack of cleanliness when we arrived. I mentioned this to the point of contact and she offered to have the cleaning person come clean it again. We opted to just take care of it or live with it but this should have been much better. Maybe it was just a one time thing?

All things considered it was OK. I can't give it a good recommendation but I would not say to avoid it either. If the price is right and the location is important it should be considered.

Recommended for: tourists without a car

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smack in the middle of everything!

Review submitted: May 31, 2013   Date of arrival: May 25, 2013

I stayed with my husband and friend -party of 3 at this downtown condo called the metropolitain, during the memorial day weekend. The location was great. We could walk to almost everything. Unfortunately a number of shops/business were closed both on sun and mon, so we dint enjoy our trip as much as we had hoped. The condo space was sufficient, it was well stocked, had very comfy beds and plenty of light. The tv was a joke, but dint bother us. The self check in/check out was great. And I was allowed to come in early and leave past regular hotel check out hours. These were conveniences I appreciated. The downtown parking was a great bonus, though my pass dint work the 1st day. The moment I informed vanessa, she rectified the situation. Overall this was an enjoyable stay. I would def reccomend.

Recommended for: girls getaway, sight seeing

Owners response: The only television stations this unit provides are the ones accessible by digital antenna. This is stated in the listing. Television can get pretty interesting with a digital antenna. It takes you back to a simpler, slower time when people just watched one show at a time. There are some shows that are accessible by digital antenna that are not on Direct TV or Comcast. Go figure.

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Great location, overall great experience

Review submitted: April 13, 2013   Date of arrival: April 6, 2013

Our party of four enjoyed a great stay in downtown Atlanta for the Final Four at this spot. Nice location Downtown, easy 0.5 mile walk to all the downtown attractions, and mere steps from the MARTA station which made getting to other spots around town a breeze. Only a couple of minor gripes: the water in the unit went out one morning and we were unable to shower or flush toilets. A quick call to the owner confirmed that it was the entire building out and they were working on it. After a trip to World of Coca-Cola and The Varsity, we returned to find everything back in working order. Also, the sheets on the full size bed didn't quite seem big enough, causing my wife and I to fight for sheets a bit at night. Overall, nice secure location, free parking just a block away is a major plus. Would certainly stay here again on a return trip to Atlanta and would recommend to friends looking for a no frills place to crash that is comfortable and convenient.

Recommended for: sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Good locations but needs an update

Review submitted: April 8, 2013   Date of arrival: April 2, 2013

This studio is well located for the downtown attractions. The neighborhood gets a little sketchy at night, but we're urbanites so it wasn't a big deal. The apartment itself has nice bones, but needs some work. A new paint job. Bathroom in need of some TLC -- water would just appear on the walls, the shower is outdated. Kitchen is fine, and the beds comfortable. The WiFi was troublesome, but worked mostly. Biggest headscratcher? No cable TV. In this day and age?

Recommended for: sight seeing, tourists without a car

Owners response: The Bathroom has been painted from flat to semi-gloss. This automatically removes the appearance of water on the walls. The vanity has been replaced. The only television stations this unit provides are the ones accessible by digital antenna. Television can get pretty interesting with a digital antenna. It takes you back to a simpler, slower time when people just watched one show at a time. There are some shows that are accessible by digital antenna that are not on Direct TV or Comcast. Go figure.

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Will Def Rent This Again

Review submitted: January 30, 2013   Date of arrival: January 25, 2013

For the location and what we did on our stay there, this place was perfect. We didn't do any driving for our downtown activities. They place was nice, clean, and provided just about anything you’d need for your stay there. The wi-fi didn't work for us but that wasn't a big deal. The elevator did scare the heck out of us because when it closes, it makes a whistling noise. (HAHAHA)

Recommended for: sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

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Great Location Near the Georgia World Congress Center

Review submitted: December 14, 2012   Date of arrival: December 7, 2012

I was attending a conference at the Georgia World Congress Center. It is easily within walking distance which allowed me to go back and forth during the day. This was a life-saver for me, as I was having back pain. It is also within walking distance of many other tourist destinations (aquarium, centennial park).

The price is quite reasonable compared to hotels in the vicinity. The photos did reflect the rental's appearance and the bed was comfortable. There was some wear and tear in the bathroom, that often happens in the rentals, but the shower, toilet and sink functioned properly. There were some convenient touches, like drinks when you arrive, DVDs for TV, a brita filter (water tasted strange without) and a blow dryer.

If you have questions the best way to contact the owner is with her cell phone rather than email (some of my replies went to rather than the address). There was some confusion with the internet (as the instructions on the check in paper work were incorrect), but it was resolved via a text message. I was a bit confused about gaining entry to the property, but she sent the key fedex to me, so that I had it the day before I left.

The area around the apartment is typical of downtown Atlanta with many people loitering around the McDonalds (next door). Some people asked for money, but did not bother me further when I walked by. I was traveling alone and am from Chicago so I am kind of used to it. If you are coming from a small town,you may feel more comfortable with another person. I felt safe once I was inside the apartment building. Once you walk one block further to the conference area, it feels safer. There is no healthy food nearby, you have to go a little ways to get some fruit and vegetable (directions to Publix were with check in information).

Overall if you are looking for a good value that is clean, functional and downtown, I would recommend this studio. If you want high-end luxury and no people loitering outside, you will have to pay well-over double the price and not have a kitchen to save money and cook.

Recommended for: families with young children, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Cosy Apartment

Review submitted: November 28, 2012   Date of arrival: November 1, 2012

I stayed at the Condo from the 11th November-14t November and I had travelled all the way from England. The only issue that we had in the beginning was that there was no one there upon arrival to give us the key but the security guard was nice enough to let us wait in the lobby.

The apartment is exactly how it looks in the pictures, very cosy and comfortable and the kitchen is fantastic. The location of the apartment is excellent it's right round the corner from the Five points Marta station which can connect you anywhere. I would definitely stay here again in the future.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Condo downtown Atlanta

Review submitted: October 9, 2012   Date of arrival: September 21, 2012

My cousin and I did a roadtrip through the south. Atlanta of course was on the map. We called a many hotels/motels and the prices were outrageous for just a room with 2 beds.
I had used the honeaway before in Oregon, so I thought lets try Atlanta.
We found a condo right downtown very convient to everything.
The best part about it was it was extremely affordable. We thought ok, it's afforable, but what's it going to look like.
OMG! that's all I have to say, it was PERFECT! Full kitchen, bath, 2 queen beds, free internet, free parking, free laundry,they even supplied the soap to do your laundry, all the comforts of home, we were on the 15th floor, had a beautiful view of CNN...etc.
This condo added to our fantastic time in Atlanta.
If I ever get the opportunity to return, trust me I will see if this place is available.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Review submitted: October 9, 2012   Date of arrival: October 4, 2012

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for allowing us to
stay at your place. Everything was wonderful and comfortable. It was
clean, smelled amazing and the beds were great. The location was
perfect! We were all very pleased with our stay and thank you for
everything. If we ever have another event in Atlanta we will be sure
to contact you. Once again, thank you and God bless you!


Recommended for: girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

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Walk to Aquarium

Review submitted: July 20, 2012   Date of arrival: July 9, 2012

The most depressing place I have ever rented on VRBO!
Please note when the listing says third bed is a "Twin/Single" this is a nasty looking mattress on the floor!
For the first several days we could not get the condo to cool properly.
We did not want to stay there at all but the owner was only willing to refund 50% of our $.
The ceilings have disgusting black spots.................
The hallway had a bad odor.

Owners response: Real Problem - These guests originally booked for 2 people and then decided to change their reservation to 3 people and they did NOT notify me. Upon arrival they realized it was too cramped for three single ladies. Irate, she wanted to get a full refund. Unfortunately her contract did not allow for that but as a good service provider I offered a 50% refund. In the end they opted not to get a refund and instead stayed the FULL nine days of their reservation. I guess it wasn’t that bad.

Air Conditioning- Unfortunately when the guests came we had just come off of record-breaking heat in the Southeast 108 degrees. The air-conditioning had been turned off prior to their arrival. After inspecting the unit myself the temperature in the unit was 75 degrees. I stopped by the unit at 9:00 pm after the desks arrived on the same day in and it had dropped to 71 degrees. I wanted to make sure it was not uncomfortable.

This is the lowest temperature possible for the thermostat. Still these guests complained so I sent a HVAC technician over to THE NEXT Day and he also did not find anything wrong with the AC. He told me the room is cold and that lady is a “real tool”.

Hallway - As mentioned before the hallway is OUTSIDE of the unit and is the responsibility of the HOA. Yes the carpet is old but it’s clean. I’m glad to see that they did not have any problem with the cleanliness INSIDE of the unit.

Ceilings – There is insulation on the ceiling. Its not dangerous. Its not dirty. It’s just insulation.

This is a self check- in, self-serviced unit. Still, I came to the unit 4 times during their trip to give them extra towels, check on their trip and it still was NOT enough. This is a guest who called me at 9:30 pm to complain that she couldn’t find the can opener proclaiming, “This is totally unacceptable”.

I tried everything to make them happy. It’s nice to see that they unit wasn’t so horrible that they had to find other accommodations. They stayed the entire 9 days.

Helpful votes: 9 / 9


Great Value for a Downtown Rental!

Review submitted: July 19, 2012   Date of arrival: June 22, 2012

As previously mentioned, this rental was a great value for our stay. The Owner was very efficient with responding and answering our queries. The location is just as the pictures display but is far roomier than I expected and the views exquisite! The building is secure and we did appreciate ability to access the parking in the next door building. However, as we were there to attend a conference at the World congress Center, we soon realized what a short distance it was to walk there, and to other attractions in the city. We really enjoyed our stay!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Downtown Atlanta High Rise

Review submitted: July 16, 2012   Date of arrival: June 28, 2012

The downtown condo we stayed was exactly as the pictures and videos had shown. I’d like to mention that there is a third bed. Plan on using it for the kids. It does not come with a frame and is tucked underneath the queen size bed.

Still it comes with bed linens and if you don’t mind tight spaces you can fit six people in here although however. I think the maximum amount is 4 people.

The building is within walking distance to Centennial Park, the world of coca cola, Phillips arena and all of it. Note that on Saturdays most of the businesses are closed. I’d skip the underground its not really worth your time. However, the MARTA is right next door and you can take the train to Midtown, or Lenox to the Mall. You don’t need a car it you want to sight see in the city. However, the unit does come with a free parking space. The unit comes conveniently with a cart so if you want to go food shopping this makes it easy to get the groceries into the unit.

Whole Foods, Publix and Trader Joes are all within 2 miles.
Great location, affordable, clean and well stocked and great price! I would recommend this place.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


maintenance and housekeeping are lacking

Review submitted: March 28, 2012   Date of arrival: March 16, 2012

Both the housekeeping and maintenance were carelessly done, such as kitchen cabinets that don't close because they weren't installed correctly (and no top sheets on the beds -- we found them in a bag in the closet). The shower has either water pressure or hot water, but not both at the same time. The plumbing also has so much air in it that we thought it would explode right out of the wall at times. The hallway leading to the unit smelled like something had died on that floor recently. Overall, we were so disappointed with the condition of this property that we left two days before our reservation ended.

If you do stay here, be sure to make a thorough assessment of the kitchen and bathroom before heading to the grocery store or nearby CVS. No paper towels or napkins in the kitchen, for example.

The only positive is that the condo is close to some major Atlanta attractions, such as the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, and CNN. Walking distance to these, which was convenient.

Owners response: With a phone call to us upon arrival we could have told you the top sheets were on the bed. Sometimes they get stuck on cotton comforter but I assure you they were there.

With a phone call to us we could have told you how to increase the water pressure in the shower. We try to our best to follow ‘green practices so the water pressure is purposely left in the middle. We appreciate you giving us the feedback online after your stay it has since been resolved.

With a phone call to us, the sound you heard from “Air in the pipes” is as simple fix that could have been completed during your stay. We appreciate you giving us the feedback online after your stay it has since been resolved. There is no sound coming from the pipes.

The carpet the guest is referring to is OUTSIDE the condo and is NOT inside the unit. Unfortunately individual owners cannot change what is outside the unit. Yes the carpet could use replacing. This year the association opted to repave the sidewalks outside the building and add flower beds. They also increased concierge coverage and will be updating and increasing the space of the gym. They do have plans to replace the carpet in the hallways.

Id like to assure you the special rate you received for booking early $85 per night. You could have never stayed in Downtown Atlanta at this rate for Spring. (40% off average Atlanta Spring hotel rate ) did not mean we were trying to skimp on paper towels and napkins.

Although you said you left early there was activity on your parking garage key so it looks like you still got some moneys worth by continuing to use the parking lot.

Helpful votes: 5 / 5


Gret Value - Clean - Walk to Everything

Review submitted: March 8, 2012   Date of arrival: March 2, 2012

Great value for my stay. The room was clean and modern and located blocks away from our destination at Phillips Arena. The room looked exactly the same way as the pictures. Being this was my first vacation rental I was a little nervous at first. The unit comes with parking which saves money. The properties that I checked required extra for parking. I checked other hotels in the area and we couldn't beat the price! A CVS is right next door if you forget anything on your trip. You don't really need a car if you want to try using the Atlanta subway which we did. The weather was awesome and we were able to walk to the aquarium and we had dinner at Ruth Chris. I was surprised to see a Legal Sea Foods right next to the Park. I didnt know there was one in Atlanta.

Helpful votes: 2 / 3


Downtown Atlanta Condo

Review submitted: February 21, 2012   Date of arrival: February 10, 2012

The location is perfect. Great Price. The place was clean and secure. It is right next to the MARTA train station so we we did not use the car. 15th floor gives views of the Dome and CNN center. Lots of great restaurants nearby and easy walking distance to Centennial Park and the Philips Arena. Already looking forward to our next stay!

Helpful votes: 4 / 5


Modern Affordable - Great Location

Review submitted: October 17, 2011   Date of arrival: August 4, 2011

Great Place. I would love to make it my own as a downtown getaway. It’s very comfy. The place is very stylish. The pictures are very accurate. It was very nice to stay in a place as warm an open as this place is.
This unit gets great morning light. If you don’t like a ton of light in the morning this place probably isn’t for you. The curtains allow you to black out the space if needed.

When we arrived there were snacks, wine and beer waiting for us. This was such surprise.

We jetted off to the grocery store to buy items and then realized that we could have arranged to have the items picked up for us before we arrived. There is an extra cost for this but it would have been nice to just have our stuff waiting.

Well there will always be a next time

Parking is included but we opted to walk to the tourist places and take Marta.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, pet-friendly, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 6 / 7


Downtown Condo - Vacation in Atlanta

Review submitted: October 13, 2011   Date of arrival: September 23, 2011

A total of four people fit comfortably on the 3 beds. The location is perfect. The place was clean and had the most awesome light. You really felt like you were really in the city. It was right next to the MARTA train station so we took the train from the airport and we did not use a car.

The studio is immaculate and updated. 15th floor gives views of the Dome and CNN center. Breakfast at Landmark Café which is a couple of blocks away.

Happened upon one of the best sandwich I’ve ever been to called Reubens on Broad Street.

I’d probably skip the Underground and opt to go North towards CNN center to Mccormick and Schmidts and the food court.

We took the train to the Midtown Music festival and avoided the traffic. On the way back we stopped at Taco Mac and then came back to our condo.

Perfect Place, Perfect timing, and perfect fit.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 8 / 9


Downtown - urban - stylish - centrally located

Review submitted: October 13, 2011   Date of arrival: September 28, 2011

This is an awesome place. It is centrally located within blocks of Centennial Park. The place is modern and updated (some vacation rentals had great reviews but the interior looked old at first glance). I wanted something contemporary and this fit the bill . The unit was clean, comfortable and smelled new.

I stayed her for an event at the Georgia Convention Center. I was able to walk there every day.

A CVS is right around the corner for extras and the subway is located right next door. You can park your car or you don’t even need one if you are coming from the airport. Head down Broad Street during the day for international restaurant row…wow the best Pizza at Mama Mias…the best Vietnamese..and of course a starbucks within 2 blocks.

There is also a 24 hour restaurant diner within 1 block away.
During my stay I toured the state capital and I also did the Segway tour. I hope to be back for the beer festival next year at Woodruff park.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 4 / 4


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