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  • bedrooms  1
  • pool  no
  • type  Cabin
  • baths  1
  • hot tub  yes
  • community  Pigeon Forge
  • sleeps  4
  • pets allowed  no
  • rates (USD) $65 - $150 /nt

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Review submitted: June 8, 2014   Date of arrival: June 2, 2014

Absolutely loved everything about this cabin. It was secluded but not too far from everything. The view was great! My fiancé and I loved the game tables! Will definitely rent again! The only problem we had was that the entry code we were given was wrong but maintenance fixed that in a timely manner. Can't wait to go back!

Recommended for: families with young children, girls getaway, romantic getaway

Owners response: Joseph, we are so pleased your stay was enjoyable and you found everything you needed, yes our on call maintenance team is a great
resource at your call, Look forward to hearing from you again

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Beautiful View

Review submitted: May 8, 2014   Date of arrival: April 6, 2014

I rented this cabin for our honeymoon. The pictures were very accurate and the place was beautiful and clean. Other reviewers mentioned problems like keeping the bedroom doors closed, getting onto the driveway and barking dogs. None of these issues were a big deal. When we needed the bedroom door closed, we would lock the bedroom door and the bathroom door (going out to the living room) and keep the door from the bedroom to the bathroom open. The driveway, you are driving up the hill and turn right and down to get on the driveway. When you turn in to the cabin, stay to the right and you will be fine. We were worried about getting our car back out of the driveway, but there was enough room for us to turn the car around. The barking dog was not an issue at all. We heard the dog barking when we arrived, but he stopped once his owner finished mowing the lawn. I think we heard the dog maybe one other time during our stay. You have to remember that there are permanent residents living in this area as well. So you will have noises like barking dogs just like you would at home. There were a few other minor things, but nothing that really worried us or would make us not want to stay here again. When we arrived at the cabin, I immediately started unpacking. However, there were no hangers in the closet. No problem, hangers are not expensive, so I picked up a pack when we went to the grocery store. I left them there, so hopefully they are still there for others to use. It was cool at night, so we would open the back door and leave the screen door closed. Well, we had a few wasps that decided they wanted to come inside and fly around the highest point of the ceiling. We got rid of them on our own. We weren't sure how they were getting in, but after looking around the cabin we realized that the screen door does not close all the way at the top due to the location of the spring. At least we think that is how they were getting in. The kitchen faucet is stuck on spray, which sprays everywhere. So be cautious when you first turn it on. The light above the kitchen sink and two of the lights in the living room chandelier were out, but hopefully they have been changed by now. Again, all of these were just minor issues. I’m only mentioning them so other renters are aware and prepared. The cabin was very cozy, but spacious at the same time. There is a light post out front which was nice to have on when we got home after dark. The hot tub was great to

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Mark, Thank you for taking the time to give us details of your stay in our cabin, we are so happy you enjoyed it, yes there are full time residents in the area, We will have our maintenance team look into the items you listed. Thank You again, hope to hear from you again in the future.

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Very nice cabin on a budget.

Review submitted: April 4, 2014   Date of arrival: March 28, 2014

I've never stayed on the east side of Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and I must say the cabin's location between both towns is fantastic. It's a short drive to either and very close to the Gatlinburg Art Loop. IMO better than being out in Wears Valley away from everything. I will stay on this side of the area when we come back.

Without criticizing others reviews I will address some of the concerns I had from reading them and offer my comments.

First, would I recommend this cabin -- Absolutely! With the caveat of you are paying a budget price so don't expect high end luxury. Caulk is dried it the tub, the pool table felt is a little worn, the mattress in the bedroom isn't top of the line, skillets in the kitchen are worn. To us these minor things are perfect considering the price of the cabin compared to what you could spend reflects these things.

Second -- The unit was clean. The hot tub is filled with well water so it is a little brown. I prefer this to being way over treated with chemicals so the water is clear but your skin burns after a few minutes. The linens were fresh. The living room furniture appeared new and nice.

Third -- The view is nice with the mountain backdrop; but to make the view some trees were cut down and haven't been removed yet. There was an old hot tub pad and a few cans/trash below the deck. I imagine this will be taken care of now that the weather is nicer. The downed trees/trash below the deck was the only real negative but you can't see that sitting in the hot tub looking at the view.

Fourth - Area noise. This cabin is surrounded mostly by local residents. There are general noises that accompany any neighborhood. Kids in the distance playing, a dog barking when a car pulled in the drive, etc. There was no noise that was a continuous nuisance. There are neighbors close enough to tell when a car leaves or see someone was walking, but they weren't close enough to see the whites of their eyes. This is with no leaves on the trees. I would consider the cabin mostly secluded. I would imagine in full summer foliage there would be little you could see from other properties.

Overall, if you are looking for a cabin to enjoy a few days away as a couple without blowing the entire vacation buget on a place to stay then this place is perfect. If you want high end luxury and won't be happy without everything top notch I suggest spending a bit more money to get something that fits that idea better.

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Owners response: Thank You David for choosing to stay with us, we strive to give our guests the best value and peace of mind in our quaint cabin, we are happy your family did just that, up grades and yard clean up is in progress.

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Amazing and Breathtaking!!!

Review submitted: March 31, 2014   Date of arrival: March 23, 2014

This place is amazing! We had a blast!! My wife calls me a "workaholic" and I haven't been on any type of vacation in over 7 yrs. She is a Marine who has spent the majority of the past 6 yrs deployed. Needless to say, we soaked all of this vacation in!!! The cabin was exactly as advertised. However, the welcome packet we received DID state that the cabin had WIFI, but it does not. But honestly, we didn't care. We have phones that have the same capabilities. The cabin's location is convenient to both Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. It was only about a 10-15 min drive away from both places. And there are a great number of local shops around with plenty of cool things. We especially enjoyed visiting The Glades! I highly recommend stopping in and looking around. The view is spectacular, the decor is fitting, and the hot tub was a perfect addition! You can tell that the owners have put a lot of time and effort into updating this cabin.
Regarding previous reviews:
We "fixed" the light over the pool table that "doesn't work". I pulled the string. It should now be functional using the switch on the wall. I do advise the owners to replace a light bulb or two in the light fixtures because a couple have burned out. The interior doors are a little ajar. The bathroom doors shut and lock appropriately. And we just used a shoe behind the door to the bedroom to make sure it stayed closed. When entering the driveway, go slow and stay to the right. We made it just fine in a very low-sitting 2-door coupe. Future renters, just use good judgement.
Overall, this cabin was perfect for us! This was the best vacation I've ever had and we enjoyed every minute of it! If you're looking for a great relaxing getaway, this is it! We WILL be renting from the owners again! Thank you, Donna and Asa, for renting this cabin to us! We will be contacting you again soon.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: We are very happy your family enjoyed our cabin, thank you for addressing the small issues, it allows us to stay on top and repair
any necessary items.

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Small, Cozy, Bad Location

Review submitted: February 28, 2014   Date of arrival: February 20, 2014

The cabin was small and cozy. The view was beautiful. Things I did not like was the location, when you went out on the deck, you could see and hear the neighbors that are located just below the cabin. Also, in the description it said there was free Wi-Fi, but we could not find it. The door to the bedroom would not stay closed and the lock was very hard to use. In the bathroom, the shower curtain was dirty. The light in the kitchen above the sink did not work. The faucet in the kitchen also did not work properly.

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Owners response: We strive for 100% guest satisfaction and regret this cabin did not meet this for this particular guest. We have fixed the items they listed in review, also this cabin is not and has never been advertised with WIFI. We encourage potential guests to read all reviews to receive an accurate idea of your potential vacation cabin.

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Rent at your own risk with this owner

Review submitted: February 2, 2014   Date of arrival: January 27, 2014

I hate to be the one giving a negative review but I think people need to be aware of what happened. The cabin is located high in the mountains, so please be aware of this and have a lot of caution.
Upon arrival the cabin was semi clean (linens smelled like they weren't washed, we had to wash them, be aware the washers spin cycle is broken therefore you need to hold it down when its in the spin selection) but cabin was spacious for a couple. The amenities listed are misleading though, I am sure they will fix it to no longer mislead anyone as we confronted owner about it but it was listed before renting the cabin that it had Wi-Fi, even the welcome package we received after making a full payment stated the cabin had Wi-Fi. Yes, we were on vacation but my wife still needed to get some work done unfortunately due to her profession. This was a lie which inconvenienced us 30 minutes into town to get internet access.

Due to the cold temperature they recommended in our welcome package to let the water drip so the pipes do not freeze.We made sure to do that as I know this from living in Tennessee. While my wife was in the middle of a shower the pipes froze. We immediately called maintenance but he stated the person who would be coming out was snowed in but would try and make it out as soon as possible. We called and emailed the owner and no response, in the email we informed her that we did as asked and let the water drip but pipes still froze. We were left without water from Tuesday until Thursday night. Every single day we tried twice a day to get in touch with the owner, we emailed and called, never a response. The dishes could not be washed, the toilet could not be flushed & showers could not be taken. Thank god we had two gallons of water to drink, we could not leave due to the roads being so dangerous as it snowed heavy the day after our arrival. We were trying to get ahold of the owner to see if she had another cabin we could at least shower in because to rent a hotel would have been $60 or more. Finally on Thursday a representative called us back and informed us she would let the owner know about the problems. We would have liked minimum an apology for the lack of communication and misleading amenities offered, instead the owner emailed us stating this was on her expense due to us not letting the water drip, she basically put the blame on us even though we did what was asked, I emailed her back letting her know this but of course she never replied.

Owners response: We really hate this cabin did not live up to this guests needs/wants. We highly encourage all potential renters to read all reviews to gain the best knowledge and information so that they may make an informed decision! This cabin is NOT advertised as having WIFI and that is due to none being available in this area. Sadly while this guest was in cabin due to faucets etc not being left dripping as per our check in package by guest it did cause them to freeze which was a very sad situation and we regret that due to Mother Nature and -5 temperatures this occurred during this guests stay.

Helpful votes: 4 / 5


Great cabin, out of the way, great price

Review submitted: January 14, 2014   Date of arrival: December 8, 2013

We got away to celebrate our anniversary without the kids! The directions we found via GPS were a bit long, but we used it to find another path to the parkway once we got there. I agree with the scraping of the vehicle undercarriage, but I think that was the fault of the concrete barrier along the road that has fallen toward the cabin property where it should be blocking that angle of entry from entering vehicles. Lesson learned quickly and corrected, with no further issues during the stay, by staying to the other side of the driveway for entry. Upon arrival at the cabin we found everything as advertised, cozy fireplace included. It was one of the first things we enjoyed, coming in after dark. I think this VRBO page has added "HD" to the tv listings and is misleading some, because they aren't HD tvs, but WHO goes to a cabin like this in an area like this to watch tv? ;-) Owner was very communicative about questions prior to the stay and was quickly responsive to the one question we e-mailed. The cabin was cozy, the hot tub (even in the December cold) was relaxing, and the jetted tub inside was as well. The photos showed just what we found and we did not find anything that wasn't functioning as it should. We WILL return with our kids to at least one of this family of cabins. It might not be this one, but I will stay with this owner again. We were completely satisfied with our stay and enjoyed every minute of it. Follow proper safety and security practices for traveling and you should enjoy it all as well!

Recommended for: families with young children, romantic getaway

Owners response: Jennifer thank you so much for taking the time to write a detailed review! We are so happy communication was so great and loved having you!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Quaint and Beautiful

Review submitted: December 4, 2013   Date of arrival: November 27, 2013

This was a quick getaway for my family for Thanksgiving. The cabin was beautifully decorated! Clean and secluded. Loved the view and the fireplace. Loved the "bear" theme. We had a great dinner and enjoyed the hot tub even with the low temps:) Thanks for making my Thanksgiving so thankful! Every time we looked out at the mountain view we felt so blessed!

Recommended for: families with teenagers, romantic getaway

Owners response: Gary, we are thrilled as you said your Thanksgiving was so great! We love this cabin and really put some time into that cute bear décor you loved! Come back soon!

Helpful votes: 1 / 1


Great Cabin!

Review submitted: December 3, 2013   Date of arrival: November 22, 2013

The cabin was in a good location, perfect size cabin for the two of us, not too big not too small. There was a couple small imperfections but your going to get that at most all cabins. This was overall a great place in a great location and I would stay again!

Recommended for: age 55+, people with disabilities, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Ben, thank you for your rental and for being so understanding! We loved having you and hope you can come back soon!

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Nice secluded little cabin!

Review submitted: December 2, 2013   Date of arrival: November 7, 2013

We had a great stay at this cabin and loved everything about it. The hot tub was awesome, as well as all of the extras that came along with it. The location was great, but I will warn you- the are a couple of turns that are missing signs. This made it very difficult to find in the dark which was a little frustrating. Also, when I tried to pull up a map on Google and Mapquest (and was also looking at the directions that were provided) I got three different ways to go. As far as the actual place goes, it is very nice and the only thing I can think of that could be improved upon would be the doors. None of the interior doors seem to shut properly. We took our four year old and ten month old and woould have liked to be able to shut the door to the bedroom after the ten month old went to bed. Unfortunately, it would not catch so there was no way to even pull the door to. Again, it is a small thing, but only becasue I can't think of anything else that we had a problem with.

Recommended for: age 55+, girls getaway, romantic getaway

Owners response: Kristi! Thank you so much for renting our cabin for your family vacation! We loved having you as a guest and hope you can come back very soon!

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Would recommend

Review submitted: October 26, 2013   Date of arrival: October 13, 2013

The property was great! It's not necessarily high up in the mountains but the cabin is very private and the view is really pretty as we'll. the cabin itself was very clean and inviting. On the rainy days you have a great hot tub to relax in and the pool table was good entertainment as we'll to pass some time. Only complaint is the bed was a little uncomfortable other than that the stay was great and very affordable. Would definitely stay here again.

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Owners response: Katelyn, thank you again for renting Baby Bear Bungalow, we are so happy you picked this cozy cute cabin, we hope you can return very soon!

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mr mercer

Review submitted: October 15, 2013   Date of arrival: October 9, 2013

We had a wonderful time on our anniversary trip....this was the perfect place for us to have our time away together.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, sight seeing, romantic getaway

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Cute & Secluded with a few misses

Review submitted: October 10, 2013   Date of arrival: October 5, 2013

We stayed in this area for our honeymoon last year and loved it. About a 30 minute drive to Pigeon Forge, high in the mountains with a very secluded feel. I found this cabin to be the most reasonbly priced for the area, so I booked it almost immediately for my husband and I's First Wedding Anniversary. Owners provided great communication and answered all of my questions. I was even able to break my payments into 3 increments. I drive a Nissan Altima, and I knew these roads were pretty curvy and somewhat treacherous at night (must go SLOW). We arrived at the cabin around 11:30pm and as we pulled into the VERY STEEP driveway, I immediately heard a loud scraping sound. We didn't get stuck but it was such a hassle every day to try and carefully maneuver our way out. Often my husband would get out the car and direct me out of the driveway safely. We also had to contend with yellow jackets in the bushes in the driveway, as well as outside under the deck. We called maintenance and they came out the same day and sprayed but this did not get rid of them. The deck is very dimly lit in the evenings which made getting into the hot tub a little scary, especially since we didn't know exactly where the yellow jacket nest was. As for the cabin itself, very nice interior with super comfortable couches and updated kitchen. The jacuzzi tub in the bathroom was great! Nice comfortable king-sized bed. The gameroom was way too crowded. There is a foosball, air hockey and pool table all crammed up against each other and the walls, no way to play them without moving them around. Could have done with 2 less tables. Overall, 3/5. We enjoyed ourselves.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, sight seeing

Owners response: Amy, thank you for picking Baby Bear Bungalow for your vacation! We are very happy that overall the stay was great! We have tried to provide multiple games for our guests but understand the game room is full of fun! I will also look into the other great suggestions so this cabin can rate 10 ! Thanks again

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Cute with Issues

Review submitted: September 18, 2013   Date of arrival: August 16, 2013

My family and I did not have a wonderful experience. A lot of items were in need of repair. They were minor details but it showed lack if upkeep to me. Bed was not comfortable at all. The tub surround was put on with screws and looked horrible, again showing lack of care to property. If you read all the reviews there is truth to most. It is hard to get into and out of but, it is very private which was great. There is a Dog that barks A LOT!!! But the mountain echos so there are lots of sounds so that was not a big deal to us. This was not the worst and it was ok for the price. Also, be careful with your items. You have a false sense of security because of being so private. We took our car carrier off and had it stolen. Our fault, for not putting away, because we thought there was a security camera. View is great but you cannot see the view from the Hot tub because of tree overgrowth.

Owners response: We regret this guest did not find this cabin in the condition they were wanting. This cabin was updated earlier this year with all new furniture, flooring, lighting, walls, hot tub, appliances, everything was top notch quality. The mattress was not replaced due to the fact most guests enjoyed it. We have however ordered a new pillow top type mattress for this cabin. In regards to this guests claim of a theft of a car carrier we did review the security camera footage and couldn't find any car carrier or theft of such, we are not disputing this guests claim however we could not find it on tape. This cabin is a very nice cabin that is rented for much cheaper than most hotels while offering hot tub, mountain views, game room, brand new items & more!

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Honeymoon Getaway

Review submitted: July 24, 2013   Date of arrival: July 14, 2013

My husband and I stayed at Baby Bear Bungalow for our honeymoon. While we enjoyed some aspects of our stay, there were several things that were not as described.

The cabin was clean, and well taken care of. The kitchen has been recently repainted, and it looks like they replaced all the appliances recently. The bedroom is wonderful with a huge king size bed. The view was wonderful. The hot tub was a nice place to relax.

When we first arrived, the hot tub was stuck in Econ mode. When we called maintenance the instructions he gave us did not work. We called again the next day, and were told they would call us back shortly. We waited over an hour and they never called. We finally called back, and were told they were on their way, but were never told when they would arrive, forcing us to put our plans for the evening on hold. By the time they arrived we'd had to cancel our plans. They informed us that the water level was too low, and refilled it with water. It then worked. I Due to the very poor condition of the skillets (very scratched up), we ended up wasting food because it wouldn't cook evenly. Also, on the listing, it says the cabin has a 60" HDTV. It is not an HDTV. We brought a bluray player and xbox to be able to enjoy some movies and games and were unable to use them because of no HDMI ports. There were also no serving utensils, aside from a spatula. We had to go out and buy our own spoons to be able to cook and serve dinner. There are also no coffee filters provided for the coffee pot. the lock on the back door is broke. but not the lock on back door doesn't work, and the latch on the screen door is broken. The light above the pool table does not work. This made it difficult to see to play the game tables. There is not really enough room to play the game tables. When we try to play pool, the other tables are in the way, and there's not even enough room to to play foosball without someone being squeezed up against the wall. There were also no directions provided in the welcome packet, as it was stated there would be. When I received the packet, I also had to email to get the door code. I feel it should be mentioned on the page that the driveway is very steep, and can be difficult to turn around in if you have a large vehicle.

We emailed the owner twice listing these issues, and, although she responded to the 1st (and tried to blame some things on us) she never responded to our 2nd, nor did she ever apologize or try to resolve any of the issues.

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Owners response: We are very sorry that the cabin was not to this guests satisfaction. We did communicate with guest numerous time as did our staff who worked to resolve any issues. Upon this guests departure we were able to fix the balance of the items. This cabin underwent a top to bottom update a few months back and is one of the finest cabins for the price with an amazing view!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


WOW!! What a luxury cabin!

Review submitted: June 27, 2013   Date of arrival: April 21, 2013

We were stunned at how nice this cabin is! Breathtaking view, nice hot tub that even has a cool light show! Kitchen was a chefs dream with nice stainless appliances, stone floors & counters and cute charming cabinets! Sofa was so comfy we didn't want to leave, nice to have full game room with pool table, air hockey and foosball plus a nice whirlpool in master bath! This is probably the nicest cabin we have ever stayed in!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 4



Review submitted: May 21, 2013   Date of arrival: May 13, 2013

We would like to thank the owners for a wonderful place to stay on our honeymoon. The Baby Bear Bungalow was clean and had all the dishes and starter supplies we needed. You will still need to bring personal items but thats expected. The bed was comfortable and all the new furniture was very nice. I had no problem getting to the cabin with the directions provided, but i did miss a turn the first day going back to town, and it ended up a shorter route to Pidgeon Forge. We still liked the mountain roads as well. Remember this is a cabin and not the Hilton, i have slept in a lot of worse places. Our overall experience was terrific here and would love to come back again. The only problem we had was the neighbors barking dog "everyday" but thats easily overlooked i have dogs too. Thank you again Donna.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 3


A Perfect Vacation Prior to Deployment

Review submitted: May 20, 2013   Date of arrival: October 21, 2012

We had a short but nice vacation right prior to my deployment(thus my being so long in leaving feedback sorry). We arrived to find a cabin beyond our goals, the cabin itself was very clean, the furniture/décor/appliances etc are all updated! It was so nice to have the game area with pool table, air hockey and other games! The views from this cabin are equal to the view of million dollar cabins!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 2



Review submitted: May 9, 2013   Date of arrival: April 29, 2013

This cabin is beautiful. It was spotless! Loved the hot tub on the deck w/the spectacular view of the mtns. & a beautiful sunrise! Had lots of dishes, pots and pans, etc. but couldn't find the spatulas, wine opener/bottle opener - not essentials but would have been nice. We had to purchase them since we thought the cabin would have them. The bed was extremely comfortable. The washer/dryer was nice! Also, the directions given brought us around scary hairpin curves when we first arrived. Going out to Gatlinbg. the Garmin took us (almost directly) to a nice highway w/o nearly as many scary curves. Owners might consider taking people in/out that way. Overall, a wonderful place to stay on our Smokey Mtn. vacation! Only suggest a few more kitchen tools & bettter highway directions.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with teenagers, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi Gary & Gail! Thank you so much for your rental, we really appreciate you renting Baby Bear Bungalow! I am so glad you enjoyed that view and all the cabin has to offer! I have put some additional kitchen items in as suggested, I really appreciate you sharing that with us! We have also added a few alternative directions to our check in package!

Helpful votes: 4 / 4


Worst mountain trip!

Review submitted: April 15, 2013   Date of arrival: April 12, 2013

My husband and I spent this past weekend in this cabin and it was trouble from the driveway.
When my husband turned in we heard a big scratching sound. When he tried to back up we couldn't, you
guessed it, we were stuck! My husband tried to push the car while I tried to back up but
it didn't work. Thank God a neighbor who works for the city of Sevierville stopped and asked us
if we needed help. He and my husband push the car while I backed the car up. When I made
the owner aware if this I was told, that has never happen before and they can't figure out
how it happened. REALLY? Who cares if it has never happened before, it happened this time.
Ok if that wasn't enough we get to the door and the code that the OWNER emailed us was not working.
My husband contacted the number that were giving and we were told the code was changed.
HUH? Why would you change the code and not contact the people who are renting the cabin.
When I emailed the owner about this she did not respond....very responsibe! Ok as if that's not
enough, we get in the house and my husband sits down to take a break because he just
had to push a car and guess what, there was no tv to watch! The tv was missing the dish
remote. We contacted the OWNER and the number we had and we were told that
someone was bringing another remote. The guy came but guess what, the cable was
not hooked up to the t.v.! The "repair man" said he couldn't do anything because the cable
was not long enough to reach the t.v. Ok it gets better he said he would be back the next day
but never returned, go figure! When I made the OWNER aware of this I was told there was
nothing they could do because Dish network couldn't bring a remote until Monday but guess
what, the repair man brought another remote! When I told the OWNER that, I got no response,
I wonder why? Maybe because she just got caught in a lie! I hate being lied to and
I hate not getting what I paid for! Then to add insult to injury we were offered 25% off
our next cabin rental. Ha! Like we will ever rent from her again! The main thing the owner
kept saying is that all of these other people have been satisfied but what does that have to do with us? Someone in any type if customer service understands that regardless of hiw many happy customer's you have had, there will be people who are not satisfied! I put this situation in the hands of someone who has way more power then I have. Renters consider yourself warned!

Owners response: Thank you for your review. We are very sorry you didn't enjoy your stay in this cabin that was just redone top to bottom. We would encourage ALL potential guests to read ALL reviews. As this guest stated you cant make everyone happy. We promptly responded to the guest during the stay, the dish remote did go missing and we hate that happened, we offered the guest a discount or to buy movies for them but they declined. The code was changed for the guests security and guest was advised of this by maintenance. This guest also told us they would not leave feedback if we gave them money. In closing we hate we couldn't make this guest happy and once again encourage you to read all reviews prior to making a rental choice.

Helpful votes: 10 / 11


Pretty Mountain View!

Review submitted: January 9, 2013   Date of arrival: August 31, 2012

In awe of the view, incredible!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Christmas couple getaway.

Review submitted: January 2, 2013   Date of arrival: December 22, 2012

Overall we had a super stay. The only downfall was something that the owner had no control over. Would definitely stay again. Super nice cabin.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 5


Exactly what we were looking for!

Review submitted: December 13, 2012   Date of arrival: December 7, 2012

My wife and I stayed here on a weekend getaway for her birthday and it was exactly what we wanted. Very clean and well maintained with nice furniture. The cabin is just enough outside of town to feel very secluded but it is short drive to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The view from the back balcony is amazing and you will love the hot tub overlooking the view. I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a couples getaway. Great cabin for the price!

Recommended for: families with teenagers, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 5 / 5


Secluded stay in the mountains!

Review submitted: December 9, 2012   Date of arrival: November 30, 2012

My husband and I really enjoyed our stay at baby bear's bungalow for his 40th birthday. The cabin was perfect for the two of us and we really did not leave all weekend. The drive up wasn't as bad as some that we have stayed at but if you were trying to find it at night, you would have difficulty. I would not recommend for those that are looking to spend time in town either or who haven't come prepared for the seclusion. All that aside, we arrived to a clean, comfortable cabin. The view was awesome from the hottub out back and if it hadn't been near winter, I am almost positive the cabin would have been virtually unnoticeable to those around us. We had brought all the food and other necessaties so we had everything we needed. The only minor issue was that the gas logs don't put out a lot of heat, so I don't know if they are only there to look pretty(which they did) but the central air/heat worked fine. It's the perfect place to get away and enjoy your company, without all the hustle and bustle of daily life. We will stay there again! Thanks!

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 7 / 7


Birthday Get Away - Cabin Was Just Right!

Review submitted: December 4, 2012   Date of arrival: August 23, 2012

Easy to find with great directions owner provided, we have rented from other owners before and it was a pain but this owner was great at communicating and loved they had a on call 24/7 person to help should we need anything! Clean cabin and well kept also!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car

Helpful votes: 5 / 5


Bad Honeymoon Experience

Review submitted: November 29, 2012   Date of arrival: November 17, 2012

We arrived at your cabin Saturday and the towels and sheets were not clean. We washed all the linens that night, but were are very displeased with the cleanliness of the cabin. It is very dusty and the floors and rugs don't look as though they have been cleaned in quite some time. There are also a number of cobwebs throughout the cabin. We were also not informed that the driveway was treacherous. It has portions of it that have been washed away and it is so narrow that even a small SUV is hard to turn around. There is a hottub, but the lighting on the back porch is so dim that you could not see to get in it. Needless to say this cabin did not turn out to be as advertised. This was our honeymoon trip and we ended up not even staying the whole week because we were not comfortable in the cabin or pleased with it.

Owners response: HI Ashley, thank you for taking the time to review our cabin. We are very sorry it did not live up to the standards a renter would ask for. The cabin under goes a top to bottom cleaning after each guest, we also have full time 24/7 on site folks in case a guest should have a problem. We also did review the driveway and spoke to 10+ past guests some of which drove small 2wd cars and no one had any issues with getting in & out, we always want to make sure our guests have no problems. Thank you again for renting from us. The cabin was personally inspected by us and is in A+ condition ready for our guests.

Helpful votes: 4 / 6


Little Bear Cabin

Review submitted: November 17, 2012   Date of arrival: November 5, 2012

We enjoyed spending out 50th Wedding Anniversary at "Little Bear Cabin". The one bedroom cabin was just the right size for the two of us. It was very secluded and quiet,just right for a couple to spend time together. We spent most of our time watching TV and playing pool which was fun, and since neither of us had ever played much pool we were a good match. The roads were very narrow and winding, so we made sure when we went out that we were back by dark. Don't think we could have found our way in the dark!! I guess the best description of our trip would be "wonderfully refreshing". We thank our children for presenting us with such a special anniversary gift.

Recommended for: age 55+, sight seeing

Owners response: Thank you so much for your kind words, we are so happy our cabin was your choice for your 50th! We hope you can come back again soon!

Helpful votes: 5 / 5


End of Summer Vacation!

Review submitted: October 28, 2012   Date of arrival: August 10, 2012

We enjoyed a great mini family vacation at this cabin, we had 4 in our group and there was plenty of room. The cabin had everything we needed and was super clean and well maint.

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


A Summer Romance !

Review submitted: October 22, 2012   Date of arrival: July 30, 2012

We are a bit late in sending this in due to a busy work schedule but we loved this cabin and we got married while in Pigeon Forge! We plan to come back for the 1 year mark! Loved the hot tub on back deck nicest one we have evern seen

Helpful votes: 5 / 5


Nice View & Clean Cabin

Review submitted: October 18, 2012   Date of arrival: August 2, 2012

Super nice view and very clean, you wont find nicer!

Helpful votes: 4 / 4


Amazing View!

Review submitted: October 3, 2012   Date of arrival: August 28, 2012

What a great view from this cabin! Well furnished, my son enjoyed the pool table & air hockey, loved having the big screen HD TV, cabin was easy to find and was very clean and well kept, one of the cleanest cabins we have ever stayed in.

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Great Vacation at Nice Cabin!

Review submitted: September 30, 2012   Date of arrival: July 13, 2012

Dear Owner - Thank you for sharing your cute cabin with us! We never thought we could afford to stay at such a nice cabin with a amazing view! We found this cabin to offer more than any other cabin at this price w/game room, mountain view, relaxing hot tub and lots of privacy! Very clean also BTW thanks for renting to us

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Nice and Secluded

Review submitted: September 28, 2012   Date of arrival: September 16, 2012

We really enjoyed our stay in your cabin. We wanted secluded and this was it! The cabin was very spacious, with everything we needed. Nice dishes and all appliances. The dryer is still really noisy though. Nice hot tub on the deck which we enjoyed and the view was great. It was pretty clean, but I was surprised at the dust and cobwebs behind the bed and the windows were really dirty. We enjoyed the nice TV and watched movies in the evening with the satellite networks. There is a problem with the neighborhood dogs barking at all hours (someone else mentioned this also), but there isn't much that can be done about that. All in all, we did have a very good time.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 3



Review submitted: August 6, 2012   Date of arrival: August 3, 2012

If you are looking for a secluded cabin this is a good one to have. For the money and 1 bedroom there is alot of room. Had trouble getting into the cabin as the key box was messed up. The charcoal grill was VERY old and in bad shape (the grate didnt even fit that grill). The hornets nest on the back deck kept us from enjoying the jacuzzi like we should have been able to. Also, the attack of the hornets caused us to spend our last night chasing hornets through the house to kill them. Be careful when you turn the dryer on.. it will scare you to death it is SO loud.. But overall we had a good time...

Owners response: Hi Cristy,
Thanks again for renting our cabin! We appreciate you letting us know about the lockbox, grill & the hornets. We had a professional out the next day who got rid of the hornet nest, we also put a new lockbox on and put a new grill in, we also had a new motor put in the dryer. Thanks again and for sharing those things we could do to make our cabin perfect!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Bunch Small Family Trip

Review submitted: July 26, 2012   Date of arrival: July 8, 2012

We took our 7 year old to this cute cabin for a very short get away! We were very found of the view, very nice. The cabin was clean, smelled good, looked good, and everything was in proper working order. Thanks again!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, families with young children, families with teenagers, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Short But Enjoyable Vacation!

Review submitted: July 21, 2012   Date of arrival: June 14, 2012

The owners had 1 vacant night and were kind enough to share it with our family! Nice cabin, great views, clean cabin, loved how spacious it was not your typically small 1 bed cabin! Nice location and drive to cabin was easy & not scary like some are. Thanks again

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Best Deal For Money

Review submitted: July 18, 2012   Date of arrival: June 5, 2012

We never dreamed we could find a cabin with a great Mountain View, game room, king size bed & hot tub on our budget but we did and it was a great choice!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Amazing View- Nice Cabin!

Review submitted: July 11, 2012   Date of arrival: June 3, 2012

Nice cabin with great view, very nice hot tub looking out over Mountains, my husband loved the game room. Bed was great we slept well and the cabin was clean.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Best Vacation We Could Imagine - Great Owners - Clean Cabin!

Review submitted: July 8, 2012   Date of arrival: June 1, 2012

Thank you Donna & Asa for sharing your great cabin with us! We took our 7 year old and my husband and son loved the game room! The hot tub was nice, the view was great, the cabin has been updated and isn't old like most we have stayed at the owners were good to deal with.

Owners response: HI Jessica! Thanks for your kind words, we as you noticed have tried to keep it updated and enjoyable for all our guests.

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Clean, Affordable, Nice Setting & Great View!

Review submitted: June 18, 2012   Date of arrival: June 6, 2012

Dear Donna - thank you for allowing us to rent this cabin! We have rated it 5 stars based upon several things 1) Loved the view 2) The furniture is all newer and not worn 3) Game room was great for our grandson 4) We loved watching Movies on the big screen TV in den, great bonus 5) Very private nothing but us and nature! Thanks again God Bless -

Owners response: Ginger - Thanks for staying with our cabin! We are so proud you rated it 5 stars, can't wait to have you back!

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Nice cabin/private

Review submitted: June 17, 2012   Date of arrival: June 10, 2012

Very secluded and private, furniture and bed was not very comfortable, tv's outdated and we were woken up by neighboring dogs each morning. Overall we did enjoy the stay and the cabin.

Recommended for: romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi- Thank you so much for being a guest at our cabin. Just to share with everyone the bed, sleeper sofa & loveseat are all brand new as of 4/1/2012, we haven't had a complaint yet but are very sorry this guest didn't find it comfortable. Also we provide a BIG SCREEN HD TV in our living area plus a large TV in the bedroom, we had issues with several guests breaking the flat screens so we opted to offer our guests HD Movie sized TV's. Thank you so much again for your stay.

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


May 2012

Review submitted: June 2, 2012   Date of arrival: May 30, 2012

Great location very private with a beautiful view. The location is great to see the Smokey Mountains and other local attractions. The owners keep this cabin very clean with comfortable couches and a great game area to enjoy a game of pool, fuse ball or air hockey. My husband also enjoyed being able to watch movies as there were a lot of channels available for viewing. I would suggest going to the grocery store ahead of time due to the secluded location. Make sure you bring everything you may need for cooking in the way of food, condiments, salt and pepper, briquettes to barbq etc. as this cabin doesn't supply any food items. We found this different from other rentals and although we had stopped for food ahead of time (which is a good idea) we were expecting to have salt and pepper and basic condiments as we have experienced in the past. Once we had arrived after a long day of traveling we did not want to go out again. Better to eat out than have to buy everything for a one or two night stay. Also the BarBq is not on the patio but in a covered area on the driveway. Overall this was a great place to rent but I was disappointed by the lack of detail like board games, books or info on area attractions or eateries, etc to make this rental more of a home away from home rather than someone elses place you are occupying for a few days.

Recommended for: sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for staying at our cabin, we so appreciate it. We try to offer our guests the best cabin and still charge the lowest rate, as a result we do not provide food items and this is fairly standard for our area. We do provide a awesome view, top of the line hot tub, whirlpool, big screen TV, game room & more! We also appreciate your suggestion about board games, books etc and have ordered a wide selection this past week to stock the cabin wtih. Thanks again :)

Helpful votes: 2 / 2



Review submitted: May 14, 2012   Date of arrival: May 12, 2012

This was a great cabin... It was very secluded and a nice and clean cabin...VERY COZY!!!
We didn't see a single person. Our favorite part was the back porch with the hot tub a rocking chairs with an amazing mountain view....I would recommend this to anyone!!! We will for sure be back.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi Phillip - Thanks so much! That view is amazing come back soon!

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Wow Factor!

Review submitted: May 6, 2012   Date of arrival: April 15, 2012

This cabin view has a great WOW Factor! Where can you find a cabin with a Mtn View(true not fake one), Hot Tub, whirlpool, big screen tv's, great movie channels, whirlpool, king size bed & comfy sleeper, game area with pool table, air hockey, foosball for cheaper than a hotel? This cabin! Owner was also very nice.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi Jason! Thanks so much for staying with us, when we got to see the view the first time we had to have it!

Helpful votes: 1 / 1


Rog and Patty

Review submitted: April 26, 2012   Date of arrival: April 22, 2012

We had a wonderful time in your cabin. Very relaxing and the views are wonderful! Their was snow on the mountains. The hot tub was great! The roads are very curvy, but, we did find an easier way to get there that eliminated some curves. The dryer is horribly loud, but, works good. Overall I would recommend this cabin to anyone. We called it our little piece of paradise!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Hi Patty - Thank you again for choosing our cabin! You would be happy to be aware the dryer was just replaced with a brand new unit so no sound! We so appreciate you visting our cabin.

Helpful votes: 2 / 2



Review submitted: April 16, 2012   Date of arrival: April 13, 2012

The cabin was very clean and comfortable. The view was great. However, the hot tub did not work. We called the maintenance line for help. He was not able to make it to our cabin to fix it. Besides that, our stay was great!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Thank you so much for choosing our cabin. We are so sorry they couldn't get the hot tub fixed during your stay, the hot tub is only 1 year old so the warranty got it fixed the next day. Once again thank you for staying and we hate that sometimes the mechanical items do break.

Helpful votes: 1 / 2


Family Spring Break

Review submitted: April 8, 2012   Date of arrival: March 31, 2012

Cabin was perfect for our family. Great amenities, loved the movie channels. Wonderful view. Was far enough away from the crowds, and short drive into Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. Kids especially liked venturing outside the cabin, the pool table and the hot tub. Asa was great to work with and gave us a fantastic deal. Would highly recommend renting from.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Owners response: Thanks Jodi for staying at our cabin! The view is great isn't it? When we set foot on the covered porch and saw the view we had to have it!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Perfect Romantic Getaway

Review submitted: April 3, 2012   Date of arrival: March 14, 2012

This is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway for any couple looking for privacy. We really enjoyed our time at this wonderful cabin. The hot tub on the deck overlooking the Smokies is awesome.

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Perfect Honeymoon! Thanks for Letting Us Stay!

Review submitted: March 30, 2012   Date of arrival: March 25, 2012

Dear Asa & Donna, we want to personally thank you for making our honeymoon stay at your cabin such a great time. You over delivered! The quality, the cleaning, view, and talk about a high end hot tub wow! Thank you again, we hope we can stay for our 1 year date next year!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, people with disabilities, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


Baby Bear Bungalow a Charming Log Cabin!

Review submitted: March 30, 2012   Date of arrival: March 27, 2012

Baby Bears Bungalow is a charming log cabin! The highlights were how private this cabin was but yet only 4.8 miles from all the major attractions. It is in perfect condition, the HD big tv's was a nice upgrade and the view is spectacular!

Recommended for: adventure seekers, age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, pet-friendly, sight seeing, tourists without a car, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Excellent Rental! Great Price - Good View!

Review submitted: March 30, 2012   Date of arrival: March 23, 2012

This cabin was the best priced cabin we could find, the quality was Excellent, It was clean, smelled nice, offered a great view & we enjoyed having the game area which most 1 bed cabins don't have! The hot tub on rear porch was great also!

Helpful votes: 2 / 2


Spring Break Stay

Review submitted: March 23, 2012   Date of arrival: March 19, 2012

Baby Bear's Bungalow was perfect for the two of us! Located in a great place between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The cabin was extremely clean and well decorated. The cabin also offered everything needed in the kitchen, besides salt and pepper, and had a pool table, air hockey table, Foosball table, and hot tub which made the stay wonderful and enjoyable to just stay in the cabin.

Recommended for: age 55+, families with young children, families with teenagers, girls getaway, sight seeing, romantic getaway

Helpful votes: 1 / 1


WOW!!!! Loaded Cabin With Amazing View!

Review submitted: March 11, 2012   Date of arrival: February 15, 2012

This cabin was clean, cute bear decor, great location, and it had everything you could want! Loved the big screen TV in living area, the hot tub and the view is stunning!!! We enjoyed every minute of our mini vacation and are excited to come back soon!

Helpful votes: 3 / 3


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