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From the outback to the big cities, so much great coastline, landscapes for all, and quite unique wildlife, Australia really holds vacationers’ attentions. Your Australia vacation rental might just be sitting next to a marsupial habitat!

Australia Wildlife

The wildlife in Australia contains many indigenous species, and some of these species are considered to be symbolic to Australia. The beloved koalas are mammals that survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves, and are found in eastern and south central Australia. A carnivorous marsupial is the spotted-tail quoll, whose main habitat is rainforest, and though rare, can be seen down the easter coast of Australia and into Tasmania. You may be seeking a dingo, in the dog family, in the wild or see them in a friendly local’s home. A number of kangaroo types are only native to Australia, and you can see them hopping in various habitats. Australian wildlife is decidedly different! If you travel to Australia, chances are you'll run into some amazingly unique animals!

Vacation Spots in Australia

Western Australia brings vacationers to the incredible outback, a captivating experience with a four-wheel drive vehicle. The coastline offers dolphin watching, manta rays, and dugong, along with relaxed water sport opportunities. In the city of Perth, surfing is a very popular activity, and sandboarding reigns in the beach area of Lancelin. Great nightlife waits in Perth, and the dining can be as exotic as crayfish. Wineries and vineyards are located inland of Perth, as are countryside shops and museums.

Australia’s Northern Territory is awash in color and breathtaking scenery. The Northern Territory has a variety of landscapes, from rainforest to plains, and the grand red rock of Uludu. Laidback living is characteristic of the capital, Darwin, and the unique activity of hand-feeding willing fish called Aquascene can be enjoyed.

South Australia has a wealth of vacation interest, from the wine-laden Barossa Valley, to the seafood paradise of the Yorke Peninsula, to the paddle steamers and wetland system of Murrayland. The capital of Adelaide manages to retain a town feel while being a very modern city. See the largest collection of Aboriginal artifacts on display in Adelaide, and other activities are close by.

A major attraction of Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef, a diver’s wonderland for seeing marine life. The beaches of the Gold Coast are internationally known, and are a dominant force of surfing, while the Hinterland provides a fitting backdrop of mountains, hills, and valleys. You’ll get to appreciate the city of Brisbane with its moderate temperatures, outdoor dining, and concerts. Shop around Brisbane, perusing the eclectic clothing shops to huge shopping malls in the suburbs.

New South Wales really provides year-round amusement from the surf to the slopes. Peer at the gold rush history in the Central towns of Hill End and Sofala, and relax at beaches on the North Coast or the unspoiled ones on the South Coast. Sydney is Australia’s biggest city and maintains a gorgeous harbor with the funky styled Sydney Opera House. Multiculturalism is truly at its tops in Sydney, whether it’s the food or music, and many share the passions for sporting. Sydney, Australia vacation rentals are definitely some of the moust sought after!

Canberra is the city in the Australian Capital Territory, drawn amidst a lush landscape. Again, there is plenty to do in Canberra for city touring, such as the observatory, the space dome, and beautiful music flowing from the National Carillon on an island in Lake Burley Griffin. Old Parliament House offers a look into Australian history, and the National Portrait Gallery is inside.

Travel down Great Ocean Road in Victoria for magnificent scenery, natural history, and a few water sport chances along the way. Spa Country relaxes vacationers with more than seventy natural mineral springs, while the Grampians beckon abseilers, boaters, and wildlife watchers alike. Melbourne is the capital of culture in Australia, and the capital of Victoria. Ride on the city circle tram to sightsee, partake of the inspiring music scene, and travel the narrow ways for the unique shops and wine bars.

Separated from mainland Australia, Tasmania has a plethora of history and heritage to show, with aboriginal culture, life of the convicts, and plenty of Antarctic memorabilia. Specialized tours take vacationers on wildlife expeditions to seek out uncommon fauna, and outdoor lovers in general will be well pleased. In cities like Hobart, you’ll scarcely find a rush hour, and life is just pleasant.

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