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The beaches, the history, the resorts; what is there not to love about a Baja California vacation? But while the many Baja California vacation destinations can be overwhelming, your choices for Baja California vacation rentals will help you plan your Mexico trip!

Baja California Outdoors

You will never find yourself having a lack of things to do outside in Baja California. The diving and fishing is world-class. Other water-based activities include whale watching, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and surfing the waves. There is so much varied terrain to explore by bicycle, hiking, or car: desert, mountains. Plenty of golf courses tempt lovers of the sport. For fans of celebrations, try the carnival in late February/March, or choose one of the plethoras of Mexican fiestas.

Fly in and concentrate your time in one area, diving or fishing in the summer, whale watching January to March Kayak, surf, wind surf, cycle, golf, hike, fish, snorkel, sail or take in a special event: Carnival in late February or March, the Baja 1,000 in November, or any of the entertaining Mexican fiestas. Take a solitary drive through a rugged desert environment or cycle the 1,600 km and write home about it.

Baja California Vacation Destinations

Los Cabos consists of the two popular resort areas of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Enjoy the waters and sun here, while taking in a slew of activities ranging from top-notch wind surfing and fishing to touring the magnificent homes and mansions in the area. The landscape itself is a marvel, a colorful mix of desert cactus, white beaches, deep blue waters and mountains colored cinnamon. The city of Ensenada couples a healthy taste of the outback with a real cosmopolitan flair. Indulge in the winery tours available, and go horseback riding, or perhaps shop in a very tourist-friendly atmosphere. Experience the freshness of the Open Air Fish Market, where dining is possible, and the nearby sea lion show. Sonoran desert surrounds La Paz, known as a calm port city while maintaining the capital feel of commerce and culture. Ecotourism is popular, since La Paz harbors sophisticated geology, flora, and fauna. The bottom line: Whether it's La Paz rentals, San Jose del Cabo rentals, or any other Baja California accommodation, you're after - you're guaranteed a wondrous, fun-filled vacation! 

Loreto is the oldest town in Baja California, dating back to 1697 and the Jesuits. The much-rebuilt Nuestro Señora de Loreto mission, constructed originally in 1752, includes an adjacent colonial artifact and religious art museum. Sportfishing captures many vacationers’ attention with catches possible of dorado, wahoo, and roosterfish. The attractive town of Mulege is in Baja California Sur, with plenty of history. It is adjacent to the beautiful Bahía de Concepcíon, lined with many sand beaches. In Mulege you’ll find the rather unique and historic state penitentiary, a jail without walls. Rosarito has long been considered an escape for many, including Hollywood. Wonderful sunsets and long stretches of sand beaches lead to great cuisine including Baja-style lobster and a visit to a Baja taco stand. Open-air cantinas along the beach feature volleyball, mechanical bulls, and DJs, while a variety of music clubs and karaoke bars offer another kind of treat. Baja California beach condos feature much better views and amenities than hotels! 

San Felipe is graced with one of the largest tidal bores in the world, which exposes a half-mile of ocean floor during the 23-foot tides. The base industry here has changed from fishing (birthplace of the fish taco) to tourism, and vacationers can partake in water sports and marvel at the ecosystem where desert is juxtaposed with sea. UNESCO designation is bestowed upon the cave paintings area in the Sierra of San Francisco, and San Ignacio provides the way to access this area. The church of San Ignacio de Loyola draws vacationers to see its façade and interior beauty.

Santa Rosalita has uniquely French architecture dating from the 1800’s, clean streets and sidewalks lined with gardens. Many historic buildings such as the Municipal Palace and the Library Mahatma Gandhi capture the eyes, and the Morelos Garden with an antique locomotive and ruins from the copper-melting boom. Todos Santos is a traditional Mexican town considered to be an oasis on the Pacific Ocean, with a rainy season in August and September. Rich vegetation including papayas and mangoes exists in the orchards. Many artists and art galleries are located here, and several fine restaurants enjoy infamy.

From Baja California beach condos to pet-friendly villas, you can find it all right here! Baja California vacation rentals are the perfect choice for you and your fellow vacationers. No matter what part of Mexico you're traveling to, chances are that cozy, private homes or condos can accommodate you! So look through the San Jose del Cabo rentals, La Paz rentals, Rosarito vacation houses, and more, and book your favorite rental property while it lasts. 

Sites and tours to see

Los Arcos in Cabo San Lucas
Pine forests of the Constitution of 1857 National Park. in Ensenada
La Bufadora near Ensenada
San Javier Mission, in the Sierra Mountains west of Loreto
San Ignacio Lagoon, one of the shelters of the grey whale
Plaza Constitución in La Paz
lobster village of Puerto Nuevo outside of Rosarito
Rock and cactus gardens of Cataviña in Ensenada
San Felipe tidal bore
Old bakery of El Boleo in Santa Rosalita
Estero San Jose
Diving, kayaking, whale watching tours