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Lots of food and history in a multicultural country with plenty of nightlife sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s really Belgium. A Belgium vacation rental may only need to satisfy you for eight hours a night, but you’ll need those eight hours.

Belgium Food, Drink, and Dessert

Belgium is world famous for it gastronomic delights, and great quantities of them! Don’t forget to try the fresh mussels. Belgian waffles serve as a celebration of life or some festivity, and there are different varieties to enjoy, including one created with beer. With over 400 types of beer and 130 breweries in this small country, Belgium is a beer connoisseur’s paradise, from the non-malted lambic to the cherry or raspberry-flavored kriek; drink up! Ooh…the chocolate treats are to die for in Belgium! Amazingly, over 2,000 shops deal in chocolate here, and you can find several chocolate museums, chocolate factory tours, and renowned chocolate stores. You won’t leave Belgium hungry. Anyone who spends time in a Belgium vacation home will be delightfully spoiled when it comes to food and drink!

Belgium Vacation Spots

Brussels maintains a reputation for being a crossroads area for Europe, and is the capital of the European Union. The official languages are French and Dutch, though many languages are heard in the streets and social areas. The city is more than 1000 years old, and attesting to that is the variety of architectural styles found juxtaposed here: art nouveau next door to classical facades, perhaps across the street from a Gothic cathedral. Museums are also windows into the culture, such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, featuring 15th and 16th century Flemish paintings from each major artist. The star attraction in Brussels is the Grand’Place, a square with elaborately decorated guild houses and featuring the Hotel de Ville in Gothic style. It is a social, cultural, and civic center, with ceremonies, festivals, and a Sunday bird market. Actually, Brussels is home to a wealth of markets from fresh mussels to antiques. Visit the Place du Grand Sablon for special antique galleries and an array of delicious restaurant food. Entertainment options include classical and jazz festivals, top opera and ballet, and spirited nightclubs.

Wallonia and the Ardennes contain three major cities: Namur, Tournai, and Liege. Namur is famous for its citadel, a strategic bastion that withstood attacks and was improved and reconstructed several times. Vacationers can approach the citadel by cable car or a meandering road, and there they can see an excellent perspective on the town and two rivers. Also of note in Namur is the Treasury Priory of Oignies, featuring the 13th-century gold objects of Brother Hugo of Oignies. The Cathedral of Notre Dame stands out in Tournai with its five towers of early Gothic and Romanesque architecture. Museums like the Museum of Tapestry and the Muesum of Fine Arts here are of superior quality. Liege has a church heritage that helped it to grow into a prosperous technical community; the Palace of the Prince-Bishops is a remnant of this heritage. The Curtius Museum is actually a Mosan mansion from the 17th century. Spirited nightlife occurs in central Liege and on a river island.

The Flanders region is home to cities, canals, and quaint towns with fertile fields. Antwerp shows its history as a key trading port in the 1400’s and 1500’s through highly decorated mansions, and museums and churches that hold antique treasures. The Gothic Cathedral of our Lady contains two of local Peter Paul Rubens’s masterpiece works. Antwerp’s Diamond Museum allows visitors to realize how diamond mining and processing works, since the city provides the cut, polish, and trade of seventy percent of the world’s diamonds. Bruges is considered a medieval city, and the Belfry’s carillon from the 13th and 15th centuries still rings today. You can choose to stroll along streets, or take a boat along a canal to tour the city. Visit Ghent’s Castle of the Counts of Flanders. Leuven has an ostentatious Gothic Town Hall and one of the largest breweries globally, Interbrew. Mechelen has a vast amount of history, including the Palace of the Grand Council.

Your Belgium vacation home could feature a view of any of these wonderful Belgium vacation spots! 

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No matter where your Belgium vacation rental is located, you will enjoy the comforts of home and the luxuries of a five-star hotel. That's what makes vacation rentals in Belgium so much more appealing than hotel rooms. If you've never given Belgium vacation rentals a try, now is the time!

Sites and tours to see

Fountain of Manneken-Pis in Brussels
Beloeil Castle in the Tournai area
Peter Paul Rubens’s Flemish Renaissance house in Antwerp
Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerp
Palais des Nations in Brussels
Market Place in Liege
Romanesque Saint Barthelemy Church in Liege
Grand’Palace in Brussels
estate of Middelheim is the open-air Museum of Modern Sculpture in Antwerp
Hospital of St. John in Bruges