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Hmmm…Brazil…what to visit first? The jungle…maybe the beaches…or perhaps Carnival? If you're looking for some culture, Brazil vacation rentals is your answer!

Brazil Carnival

You won’t find many celebrations around the world as intriguing as the Brazilian Carnival. Stemming from the Roman and Greek rites of spring, each city actually has its own version of Carnival, based on the local culture. You can expect a major abundance of music and dance, and plenty of costumes. The main music types can vary from the samba in Rio de Janeiro, to Frevo, Maracatu, and more in Recife and Olinda. Be ready to test your party endurance; these intense festivities last for at least four days, with some celebrations spanning a week and the two weekends surrounding. Don a mask and celebrate Carnival! For many people, a vacation in Brazil means many late, exciting nights out on the town!

Vacation Spots in Brazil

You can’t miss the jungle in the North region of Brazil; the Amazon rainforest happens to be the biggest biological reserve on the globe, so the flora and fauna sightings are wonderful, especially on a river cruise. The Amazon River Basin experiences a very warm and humid climate, seeming to permeate the air. Experience the walk in Manaus to the intersection of the two rivers Solimõles and Negro. Discover more about the Amazon through museums located in Manaus. Belém has a famous market called the Ver-o-peso Market, where indigenous arts and crafts may be purchased.

Great Brazil beach vacation rentals await the vacationer in the northeastl! Northeast is also an area of culture, though -- from the lambada dance to the caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. The town center of Olinda has been bestowed with the UNESCO designation of World Heritage site, for its heritage as the Portuguese settlement in the 1500’s. Pelourinho, a square in Salvador, retains its African music and arts heritage and is also recognized by UNESCO.

The Central West region is home to Brasilia, with eccentric architecture so interesting that UNESCO proclaimed the city a World Heritage site, unlike others. Getting back to nature includes the Mato Grosso Pantanal, or wetlands, where animal life such as anacondas, capybaras, and rheas are preserved, among other species. If fishing is to be part of the vacation, don’t hesitate to visit Araguaia River for unparalleled freshwater fishing. It seems like wherever you go, there are lots of inviting Brazil beach vacation rentals that welcome those looking for fun in the sun!

South East Brazil features the masterpiece architecture of the sculptor Aleijadinho in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Tour São João del Rei, a gold rush town circa 1699, with cobblestone streets and colonial mansions. See the Guarapari monazite sand beaches; the coast has 17 beaches in all. Try the moqueca capixaba as part of your dining experience in the state of Espírito Santo.

Get a taste of European culture in the South region of Brazil, where the colonizing German, Polish and Italian immigrants really shaped the area. Great regional treats await you in the state of Santa Catarina in the cuisine of the Itajaí Valley. The sand and water opportunities are plentiful along the entire coastline and the island of Santa Catarina Island; Joaquina holds international competitions for surfers. The São Miguel ruins hold memories of the strong presence of the Jesuit missions in the country.

Rio De Janeiro rentals are highly sought after, due to the city's cosmopolitan character, infrastructure, and sheer natural beauty. The beaches are infamous; try some soccer and volleyball on Copacabana or soak up the sun on Ipanema. For a spectacular view, visit Corcovado – Statue of Christ, at 2,330 feet above sea level. As it is the birthplace of the samba, celebrate Carnival like nowhere else in Rio Janeiro. The city is very forward thinking when it comes to fashion, and the shopping in the South Zone and Barra is special. Find your sport in Rio de Janeiro, whether it’s tennis, roller-blading, or windsurfing.

São Paulo is very serious about its arts and culture, seen in the museums and cultural centers; both international painters and national artists are featured. 368 miles of shoreline means that the beaches are many and varied. Enjoy the nightlife, and relish the days visiting preserved nature at the south shore with the Ilha do Cardoso and the Ecostation Juréia-Itatins

Are you ready to vacation in Brazil? Well, maybe you are, but what about your pocket book? If you book one of the cheap Brazil vacation rentals found here, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are not waisting money on your vacation. No matter what vacation spots in Brazil intrigue you, there are affordable accommodations everywhere. Refeshingly cheap Brazil vacation rentals can be found in Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, and even Florianopolis.

Sites and tours to see

Amazon rainforest
Town center of Olinda
Pelourinho in Salvador
Architecture in Brasilia
Church of St. Francis of Assisi
Corcovado – Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro
Praça dos Três Poderes ('Square of the Three Powers') in Brasilia
Cathedral in Brasilia
Trip by cable car to Sugar Loaf near Rio de Janeiro
Lapa Arches in Rio de Janeiro
Convento Nossa Senhora da Luz in São Paulo