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With so many Chile attractions and vacation spots, where does a traveler begin? The archaeology, mountains, coastline, desert, agriculture, food, and culture! It's nearly overhwleming. The only way to fully absorb the country is to stay in a Chile vacation rental.

Chile Food

Chile’s diversity in ecology allows for a complete variety of native agriculture and some of the best-tasting meats and seafood in the world. Seek out the barbecues (asados) and the mixed grill cuisine (parilladas) for a very pleasing meal. Who can top fresh-baked breads and the great on-the-go sandwiches? A snack or side dish may include an empanada, a turnover featuring meat, shellfish, or cheese. Desserts can often resemble that of Italy’s, with the popular helado ice cream. In addition to all of this food, there is a wealth of regional dishes to try all around Chile. To your health and satisfied palate! With Chile vacation rentals, however, you can also dine in a few nights out of the week and save money!

Vacation Spots in Chile

If you're trying to figure out what the most popular vacation in area in the country Chile is, you're in for quite a challenge. There's just too much to see and do;  you owe it to yourself to visit as many cities and attractions as possible!

North Chile juxtaposes two vastly different climactic regions: Altiplano and Atacama. Altiplano is a plateau created by the ash of hundreds of volcanoes, and receives tropical rains in the months of January and February. The Atacama Desert, in contrast, is considered to be the driest desert on the globe. The trails of pre-Inca trade routes are designated by very large petroglyphs, the most prominent archaeological artifacts. Hiking, mountaineering, and viewing archaeology are main activities in the north region of Chile.

Santiago Central Valle is a land of culture mixed with agriculture and vineyards. There are a great number of first-class beach resorts, verdant valleys, and the majestic Andes Mountains with ski areas. Santiago is the modern, well-kept capital city of Chile with many attractions to interest the vacationer. From historical Santo Domingo Temple, to the Museum of Decorated Art, to Santa Lucia Hill, to the shopping in Plaza Vespucio, to the local cuisine created from seafood, meat, and vegetables, you won’t be disappointed. If all this intrigues you, make sure to check out the Santiago, Chile vacation rentals listed here. (A Chile ski vacation condo may just be in order!)

Try your hand at many activities, including horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and birdwatching in the Lakes & Volcanoes region in Chile. Visit the culture of a strong indigenous people, the Mapuches, who struggled with Spanish conquistadors for about three hundred years. To reach the fullness of the land’s terrain from the rivers to the forests, go to the towns of Temuco and Pucón. See the preserved remnants of the Araucacia trees, dating back to the Jurassic Age. Great dining, shopping and services are located within the cities of this region.

Chilean Patagonia breathes wilderness and ice. Take ferry rides to visit the lands between the multitudes of fjords. Yacht around Tierra del Fuego to peer at the green forests, and embark on a glacier trip.

Easter Island is home to Rapa Nui National Park, preserving the archaeological sites such as the ceremonial village of Orongo, Ana Kai Tangata cave paintings, and the homes shaped like boats, called Hare Paenga. Sporting fun can be had via mountain biking and horseback riding, while the Pacific Ocean allows for scuba diving and snorkeling to see the rainbow of coral and tropical fish.

Robinson Crusoe Island is part of the Juan Fernández Archipelago, named a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. An incredible sixty percent and more of the island’s flora is completely unique to the archipelago! Enjoy a leisurely hike here, fish, bird watch, and dive on your active vacation.

Chiloé can be separated in terrain from east to west: east comprises an archipelago of protected Pacific Islands, cultivating fishing and crafts, while west collects a number of beaches, dunes, and rainforest properties. Seafood, crafts of wool, and mythology are all found here.

The Chilean Antarctic region is literally a portion of Antarctica, and has geologic similarities to southern Patagonia. It is the warmest section of that continent, and therefore tours are most often presented on this Chile-owned territory, including cruise tours.

The more you learn about the many vacation spots in Chile, the more you realize it's impossible to determine what the most popular vacation area in the country Chile is; and thanks to the many Chile vacaiton rentals out there, you can explore it all! Maybe you're in the market for a Chile ski vacation condo or perhaps you're just looking for a house with the perfect view! Whatever the case, you can find it here. Whether it's Vina del Mar or Santiago, Chile vacation rentals, your accommodations should be peaceful and private, not crowded with tourists like a hotel. 

The many alluring Chile attractions and vacation spots await your discovery; so book a vacation a home today! 

Sites and tours to see

Church of Dalcahue on Chiloé
Rano Raraku on Easter Island
Plaza de Armas in Santiago
La Chascona (home of Pablo Neruda) in Santiago
Fort Bulnes in Punta Arena
San Francisco Church in La Serena
Glacier Gray in Puerto Natales
Valle de la Luna in San Pedro de Atacama
Ascensor Artilleria in Valparaiso
Paseo Gervasoni in Valparaiso
Rock House in Vina del Mar
Wulff Castle in Vina del Mar