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China has an amazing amount of history to explore, and much character, culture, and food to enjoy. From west to east, the Great Wall itself beckons you to stay near in your China vacation rental.

China’s Great Wall

The Great Wall of China was recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987, approximately two thousand years after it was built. This 4,163-mile man-made world wonder can actually be seen from space, and it is a testament to history and architecture. Originally existing as independent walls, the walls were unified during the Qin Dynasty. A combination of soldiers, prisoners, and civilians all partook in the wall’s construction. Chinese mythology has taken hold of the structure, and culture speaks of it through texts, operas, and folk songs. The wall in its most “original” state is at Simatai, 69 miles outside of Beijing.

China Vacation Spots

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A purposeful tour of Beijing should always include Tian’anmen Square, with the Forbidden City located at the north part of the square. There is so much to see in the Forbidden City, of high importance during the Ming and Qing dynasties, that vacationers can definitely spend the day. Great temples, parks, and palaces await your arrival in Beijing, and shop in the Qianmen area.

Visit the former home of Mao Tse-tung, Qingshui Tang, in Changsha, and enjoy the historic artifacts in the Local Museum. In Chengdu you’ll find a mellow culture made extra pleasant by the Spring Flower Festival, featuring flowers and fresh fruits. Stroll down the character-laden streets of Chongqing City, with its lively and crowded port and waterfront.

Guangzhou, formerly Canton, sports many modern sounds in its nightlife, and has a strong passion for eating and cuisine. Guilin is named for the cassia trees whose aroma wafts throughout the city during autumn, and has hills of different shapes. The major attraction city of Hangzhou holds the Yuefei Mu temple and tomb, and Feilai Feng with carvings of Buddhism. Hangzhou has much vacationer interest in and around the gorgeous lake of Xi Hu, with scenes of green and multiple colors.

Modern architecture is an intensely fascinating part of Hong Kong, and shopping for brand names is highly possible. Tsimshatsui is the center in Hong Kong for cosmopolitan vacationing, and has an incredible number of shops. Take a ride on the Peak Tram, and dive into the flavorful small portions of dim sum. Enjoy the beaches and dance the night away in Hong Kong. But at the end of all the excitement, you'll want to come to one of the availalbe Hong Kong vacation rentals.

Kunming has a large square outside of the Worker’s Cultural Hall where you’ll find a wide variety of activity from shuttlecock to amateur theater. Lhasa and its districts of Potala, and Barkhor will keep tourists busy for many days in Tibet. In Barkhor, visit the Ani Tsangkung Nunnery, alive with devotion, and from Jokhang Temple comes forth the musical chant of Tibetan monks. Potala Palace sits on top of the mountain of Marpo Ri, and is beautifully ornate in architecture and jewels.

Macau seems strangely familiar to southern Europeans, since there are outdoor cafes to enjoy, and Portuguese names. Gaming is a strong draw, as are the buildings from historic times such as mansions and Baroque churches. The associated islands of Taipa and Coloane have fine beaches to enjoy.

The grand city of Nanjing benefits from the Yangtze River, and sports much history like the Ming city wall, and in the nature reserve of Zijin Shan. On the island of Hainan, Sanya has a wharf area for interesting people watching, and by night, have a bite at the main market.

Shanghai still has remnants of its European influence in attractions such as the less than one mile long Bund, along the waterfront area. Tall towers and a mix of architecture types are seen while walking, especially glitzy at night. Religious touring will lead vacationers to the most famous temple of Shanghai, Jade Buddha Temple complete with a white jade statue of Buddha.

The canals of Suzhou provide water for the famous classical gardens, worth your time in any month of the year, but springtime shows more color. See the Xi’an Bell and Drum Towers, bathe in the flow of consumer goods, and meditate at the two Goose pagodas with temples.

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Sites and tours to see

The Great Wall of China
Tian’anmen Square in Beijing
Forbidden City in Beijing
Summer Palace outside Beijing
Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai
Hills of Guilin
Xi’an Bell and Drum Towers
Tai Shan Mountain in Qingdong
Tsingtao Beer Factory in Qingdong
Ba people's hanging coffins in Chongqin